Challenge Words: Lost, Glade, Chicken and Try

Warnings/Spoilers: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR season 8 FINALE and baseless speculation beyond.

400 words per MS Word Count

Hard Landing

Ch 2 A New Day Dawns

By Swellison

Dean rolled over, still half-asleep. The sharp prodding of an exposed spring propelled him to wakefulness. Whatthehell? Memory foam shouldn't be pointed… He spotted Sam, perched on the motel room's patched sofa and he remembered. I'm not at the bunker; we're on the road again. And that's not Sammy—it's Alcibar, the dickwad fallen angel who thought Sam's body was up for grabs, so he moved in. Sam's consciousness was in hibernation, recovering from the strains of the trials while Alcibar ran things—or so the angel claimed. Dean had to take the matter on faith until Sam was Sam again. Unfortunately, being on the road with not-Sam wasn't a new experience for Dean; he'd spent months with soulless Sam two years ago and knew the pattern: like angels, soulless Sam didn't need sleep, either. Dean's gaze sharpened, taking in Sam's—Alcibar's closed eyes and loose posture. What's he up to?

Dean rose, his bare feet crossing the room soundlessly, then he stood next to Alcibar. "Alcibar?" he tried out the angel's name, but it felt wrong addressing his lanky companion as anything other than Sam or Sammy.

Alcibar opened his eyes. "I have been communicating with the others."

Ah, yes—Angel Radio. "Did you reach Cas?" Dean asked eagerly.

"I did not speak to him directly, but Joelneas saw him last night."


"Approximately five miles from the abandoned church you were inhabiting." Alcibar paused. "She said Castiel appeared to be lost."

Dean grabbed his jeans, a shirt and boots and headed for the bathroom to change. "Then let's go find him," he said over his shoulder before closing the bathroom door.


"Castiel is nearby," Alcibar announced abruptly from his shotgun position. Dean quickly pulled off the dirt forest access road, parking under one of the trees edging the road. The Impala's doors opened—creak, cr-eaakk—totally unsynchronized. Once outside, Alcibar took in a deep breath, then turned northwards. "This way." He walked into the woods, Dean trailing behind.

After seven minutes of hiking, they emerged into a glade, the cleared space ignored as Dean charged the familiar figure thirty feet away. "Cas!"

"You should not be here, Dean." Cas said.

"Why not?"

Cas remained silent.

"After all we've been through you won't talk to me? C'mon, Cas, don't chicken out on me now!" Dean tried coaxing.

Cas sighed. "I am not avian, I am human."

Dean's jaw dropped.

A/N: So I guess I'm continuing this offshoot drabble after all;-) Thanks for the encouraging words!