Twist of Fate

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Chapter 3: Reunion

The waitress heard the bell ring and walked out to greet the new customers. She quickly spotted the new girls and was just in time to see the slightly taller girl with tea colored hair stare down at the guy in a booth. That girl had sparks shooting off her bangs and a look of anger on her face.

Without any warning this girl yelled out, "You idiot!" And a bolt of lighting shot out from her straight at him filling the room with light.

Had this unfortunate boy not stretched out his right hand and had that hand not blocked the attack until it had vanished things could have been a lot worse.

The waitress gulped and stepped back into the other room and pretended she didn't see that.

Anyone who wasn't Mikoto or Touma looked in awe and wonder.

"Whoa!" Saten stuck her head out of her booth. "You really can cancel out peoples abilities."

"Huh?" Was Touma's clever response.

"Saten?" Konori spoke up. "Huh? What are you doing here?"

Saten looked at her wide eyed and crooked smile as she realized she was revealed.

The door burst open and Uiharu ran in gasping for breath. "Saten..." The suspended judgement officer had been running and struggled for breath entering the room.

When she had found out that Saten was in the same room as Touma she was about to tell her to leave not wanting to get her in trouble but then things had gotten tense and lost the call when someone discharged electricity in that room. Uiharu was on her way to her apartment when the call dropped and was close enough to the restaurant and fearing something bad had happened ran to Saten. Now gasping she found herself being stared at.

"Okay, Uiharu what are you doing here?" Konori asked her since she never got an answer from Saten.

"...I was hungry?" Uiharu tried to play it off.

Konori just stared at her with disbelief. "I'll ask later." With that she turned to Mikoto. "Why did you just try to zap him?"

Mikoto was stunned, shocked you could say if you loved terrible puns. She had walked in and saw Touma sitting in a booth with a girl and jumped to conclusions. Now knowing who that girl was made it worse.

"K-Konori... you and him?" Mikoto vividly remembered the way that the older girl had been talking about the boy and now she realized who that boy really was.

"Uiharu, you missed it!" Saten shouted. "Mikoto just zapped him and just sort of slapped the lighting away. He's the guy."

"What are you talking about?" Uiharu looked on confused.

"He's the urban legend. Remember? The one about the guy who can cancel out any powers. I just saw him."

"Huh?" Touma decided to speak up at this point. "You have a little something there." He pointed at her mouth.

Saten realized that she hadn't managed to get all the soup from off her face. Embarrassed Saten let out a squeal and turned around frantically trying to get the soup dribble off her face.

"Why did you try and shock him?!" Konori turned to the electric esper. "He didn't do anything and you shocked him. If he was anyone else you could have really hurt him."

She had a good point, who would just randomly attack some guy just like that.

"Well..." Mikoto tried to explain as her face turned beet red.

Konori believed that it was wrong to just openly attack someone, most people would agree with her on that matter.

Mikoto's lips moved but no words came out, she saw Touma sitting there and she didn't think she just attacked him. It didn't helped that everyone had turned and looked at her waiting for her to answer.

"Kuroko..." Mikoto turned to her roommate in hopes that she could help her out of her problem.

Kuroko's jaw had dropped and the color had faded from her face. She started at Touma in utter shock. Her training as a Judgement Officer had taught her to think fast and come to conclusions just as fast and she saw what was happening. Kuroko thought to herself, 'This Man! It's the same man that has charmed my precious onee-sama! Now he's managed to sway Konori's heart! My sempai! How is this possible! What could they possibly both see in him! What kind of power does he posses! What power allows him to sway the hearts of young maidens!'' A lot of people wonder that one. 'I can't let him get Uiharu and Saten too!''

Kuroko snapped out of her stunned state and grabbed Uiharu.

"Ah!" Uiharu let out as she found herself grabbed in a head lock. "What are you doing?"

Kuroko placed a free hand on Saten and yelled out, "I will save you both. Onee-sama, I will save you! I will find a way to save you from his sway!" With that said she teleported away with the two girls.

As they vanished with a wush Mikoto was sure she saw disappointment plastered on Saten's face. Things were certain to get interesting later on but overall that quick exit did not help Mikoto at the moment.

"So why did you attack him?" Konori repeated the question.

"Don't worry about." Touma sighed exasperated. "She attacks me so much I've sort of gotten used to."

"I don't attack you that much!" Mikoto retorted her face turning another shade of red.

"Yes, you do!" Misaki shouted out from the booth where she had been watching this unfold. Misaki got up and walked towards the electro master, she stumbled a little as she stepped forwards.

Misaki was probing Konori's mind when Touma touched her and cancelled out her mental out and when that happened there was a snap back which resulted in her becoming a little dizzy. Had Touma touched Konori on her head or directly canceled the mental out by touching Misaki herself and not indirectly she wouldn't have gotten the unwanted effect.

"I know for a fact that you zap him almost every time you see him." Misaki wagged her finger and Mikoto that action nearly caused her to tip over.

Had Seria not jumped up and helped steady the esper Misaki would have fallen over.

"Misaki?" Touma questioned. "Kumokawa? What are you doing here?"

Seria cringed hearing him call her that name since they used to be closer. Lately both her and Misaki had been feeling a pull towards Touma and remembering how things were did not help their longing. Seria questioned why all of the sudden they couldn't ignore his absence. Alone that feeling made Misaki act a little more bold that usual.

"What do you want?!" Mikoto yelled at her level five rival.

"Touma..." Misaki said, she gulped it down before she spoke again. "You attack Touma. Don't think that I haven't heard the rumors about the Third Level Five being defeated by a Level Zero. At least when it came to number one it was done out of eyes but my clique, as well as a number of other people, have seen you shoot your lighting at him only for him to cancel it."

Mikoto gulped hearing that, just their trip to the under ground mall there were countless people who saw her zap him. Her heart started to race and she wonder how many times had she really tried to zap him. She remembered not too long ago she did hit him and he was unable to block it because he'd been shot by a gun, she actually hurt him. She could feel everyone with their eyes on her.

She didn't have a good comeback and no reply. Mikoto started to panic and for a moment she lost control of herself and electricity surged out. The others looked away as blinding light filled the restaurant and it didn't help that the extra electricity started to cause all the lights to explode. Electricity flowed out of her into the building burning through the wires in the building and breaking the electronics that they were connected to. Seria and Misaki quickly ducked under a table and Touma quickly helped Konori under their table. Suddenly all the the glass windows shattered and their noise was enough to snap Mikoto out of it. Mikoto looked around in shock watching at all the damage she had done and was just glad that no one was hurt. She let her emotions over power her judgement and it made her lose control of her powers just for a moment.

Touma looked up as they all started to crawl from under the tables. "Oh no."

Misaki and Seria shared a look, they had kept tabs on Touma and knew as well as he did what tended to happened next.

Touma grabbed Konori's hand and pulled her along, "We have to run."

He slammed the door open and pulled her along through it.

"What?" Konori tried to ask but she was just pulled along.

"Run!" Seria and Misaki yelled together running after them.

"What?!" Mikoto yelled out.

When they were gone the door opened and revealed the scared waitress standing behind her burly manager who glared at the esper. Normally Touma would get blamed for the damage caused by and esper or a magician but since everyone else left Mikoto was left to take the blame.

Well, she did do it.

After a few minutes of running the group found themselves stopping to catch a breath, what they didn't realize was that they entered into a hotel that rented by the hour in a less reputable part of town. They quickly panicked and raced outside hopping no one would see them. A man was walking by and just stared at them as their faces turned red. His eyes clearly dictated what he assumed happened, and with a sly smile he gave Touma a thumbs up, "Lucky bastard." Mumbling that he left. Let's face it if you see a guy coming out a hotel with three attractive girls and everyone looks rather exhausted you'd think the same thing.

Touma, Konori, Misaki and Seria could have dropped dead there out of embarrassment. Misaki had half a mind to erase the man's memories but was distracted when Konori's phone rang. Konori blushing dismissed herself to a few feet away to answer the call that would tell her that Uiharu was suspended for a while.

Touma looked over to Misaki who had been gasping for breath for a while now.

"Are you alright?" Touma didn't just ask because of her tired breathing or the fact that her shirt was a mess but the fact that it looked like she was about to cry. Then he noticed that Seria was just as sad. "What's wrong?" Our noble hero couldn't help helping people.

"We miss you." Seria said as quiet as a mouse her emotions getting the better of her.

She didn't know if this was the chance to fix things or just break her heart but she had to take the chance.

"What?" Touma asked.

"We know about your memory." Misaki said with a tired breath. "The night you lost your memory you called me. You told me about this nun who was going to have her memory wiped. I being the famous Level Five that could control memories, who better for the job and we had been friends so you knew I'd say yes."

"But it was too late." Seria continued the said tale. "By the time we found you the damage had been done. You didn't know who we were. We didn't know how to tell you."

Touma looked at both of them stunned by what they had told him.

Misaki took out her cell phone and showed him a picture that was on it, "See."

Touma looked at the picture and he recognized all three figures. It was a picture of a younger Touma and next to him was a young blonde girl with stars in her eyes posing for the camera as she held him and on his other side a young dark haired girl holding onto Touma. They all smiled in that picture and it was just obvious how happy and close they were. Touma looked back the girls and saw the stark contrast of how they were then and how they were now. He hated that unknowingly he hurt them, something inside his heart stirred, maybe it was a faint memory or something else but he knew he had to do something.

Touma didn't think but he grabbed both girls and hugged them, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I hurt you. Yes, I don't remember what happened before or anything from my previous life but I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt anyone by telling them I'd forgotten but I still hurt you. Let me make it up to you and start over. If you could I would love to know about you two and who I was before."

They pulled away to see Touma's warm welcoming smile and they couldn't help but smile back.

"I think we can do that." Misaki said happily.

"Touma..." Seria said holding back tears of joy. "Call me Seria. Before you used to call me Seria."

Touma offered to trade numbers but he found in his phone their numbers were already there. They promised to get back together and tell him about the past. As they walked away Seria felt that for moment it was like he olds days when she and Misaki got along and Touma was their closes friend.

Touma watched them leave and Konori returned having called Uiharu and gotten a clarification on what happened that got her suspended. "Sorry about that. I have to deal with some Judgement work. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more."

"It's no problem we can talk another time."

"Yeah, I'd like that." Konori smiled to the young man, despite everything that happened he seemed unfazed by the strangeness. Something about him just seemed unwavering. "I'd like to get together another time. By the way who were those two girls?"

"Two old friends." Touma replied, his words were definitive.

Many things happened across the city by the end of the day. Mikoto returned to her dorm after being forced to pay for all the damage she caused and found that the Dorm Mother had been informed by the manager of that very destruction. Mikoto wasn't going to face legal trouble since it was ruled an accident but that didn't stop the dorm mother from snapping her neck. Saten searched the internet for every everything she could find out about Touma. Awaki tried on her new uniform as she prepared to starts school again.

One thing of note that happened in the city, a magician called Itsuwa had just started unpacking in her new apartment. She wanted to call Touma and tell him everything but she was busy with preparing everything for her first day of school. She looked at her newly acquired school uniform and sighed, "I guess I'll just tell him tomorrow at school."

Little did any of them know that a battle was looming towards Touma.

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