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Paring Unknown for the moment.

Harmen? Maybe

I asked myself what if Naruto's Mask breaks?

What if it does more than break? The mask was who he became?

What happens when one's mentality and ideas is shattered

The brain tries to create a new one

What if the shattered pieces tried to became the new persona but with the inner core mixing and mashing with the pieces?

What if Naruto had a bloodlimit?

What if his Transformation Jutsu was more than solid?


"Why am I here?" asked a man covered in a black cloak

"I have a job for you. You see there are some people I need to be taken care of."

"What about you missing nin?"

"Oh I feel they are getting to pricy and I'm not seeing results."

"Fine but this is going to be double my usual pay."


"Than we have a deal Gato. Oh and if you betray me I will end you."

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