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Chapter 2

It was strange but I felt like I saw a story or read a book and all I knew was that book was the life I had before or is it we?

Our name was Naruto but I don't like the name also I feel too different to be Naruto.


Riku? That is odd but I feel like that name is going to fit me some how. How I know this I will never know. Also I feel like I know more than Naruto did. I know that me and my brothers were created from Naruto's mind that was collapsed due to torture.

What am I?

I don't know? Maybe I should be a ninja of the Hidden Village of Leaf. It may not feel like a home but what would I know about a home?

I once read a home is a place you fell safe and that you belong...

But why is it that my home makes me feel nothing of the sort?

But I only have Naruto's memories it's like a part we played in a play all at once me and my brothers...I wonder do I have a sister? Perhaps but that would be strange.

Am I Naruto? How do I feel about that?

Lets see... what makes Naruto him?

1) he loves pranks.

I don't love pranks that much and the reason he did it was pay back and to get attention out of doing something he enjoys.

What do I enjoy?

I do think that painting the Hokage Monument was good but it wasn't because it's funny but because I liked the colors...

So I like painting.

2) Naruto liked watching the sun rise over the forest or was that set?

I don't really like the bright colors all that much too intense but it was a nice blend but I really did like that forest.. Now that I think about it flowers are a kind of art. I like the way flowers blend together to make a piece of art.

So plants are cool.

But I don't like weed killers. They smell bad and poison the flowers too at times.

3) Naruto liked to fight

Why do I want to fight? What way should I fight?

It is nice hitting a target and felling the impact. The thrill of the fight. I think I should be a kick boxer like Naruto saw a studio one time not much but he biased his style too much on the academy.

4) Naruto was loud

...Nah I don't think that sounds like me. Loud noises irritate me and what if we are in battle and need to sneak up on someone after all we are ninja sneaking is apart of the job.

5) He like Sakura a lot.

...Don't know about this one maybe we could be friends but she doesn't give me a rats ass while she licks the ground Sasuke steps on.

Also she hit him, me, or is it us? I don't like being the one hit without reason or for stupid ones.

I like being in control of a situation so being hit will not help me with that.

6) He wants to be Hokage

He wants it for respect and to take control of his life.

I don't think he thought that through. However I like the part of taking control of our life.

I am not Naruto I am Riku, ninja of the hidden leaf. I will have control of my life. I like to paint and I like plants. I am a calm person but I do like to help others within reason. I like looking at the night sky. I am going to live my life my way! I will truly live to the fullest! This is because I am Riku Uzumaki, and I will do things my way!


My name is Onix? Strange name but I am a reborn part of a boy named Naruto Uzumaki.

Lets see I know we are going to life again. Good I want to see the man who caused this to bleed dry as I slit his wrists and hang him by his toes than in the fleeting moments life I will remove his arms than legs, and finally his head...maybe his tongue before that? Nah it will kill him too fast. Duck tape his mouth shut? That sounds like a plan.

But first I need to get a sword.

If anyone tires to stop me I will gut them myself.

My name is Onix. I do what I want when I want. Get in my way and I will end you.


Yes! I'm alive!

Lets see what this book can tell me.

Ok Ramen sounds good but fish look cool to me and they taste good in Ramen.

Those people casing me, or is it Naruto? Are bullies! They are jackass...no that's an insult to donkeys.

Swimming is cool I like the feel of water and it makes me fell like a fish.

Onions! Gross!

Forget you needles I know you and your friends are more than likely poisoned!.. than again that doesn't work on me. Or is it Naruto? Oh who cares.

This book is good I need to read more. Maybe I can ask the open pervert for Jutsu scrolls.

Oh what's this?

Who ever this Bruce Lee guy is, he is a badass!

I need to work on this Jeet kune do stuff it sounds like a good style for me. It's mostly reactions to a situation and is a style without a style. Sounds fun.

Oh defiantly need to read up on my element if this book says I can find it I should as the Cyclopes for a way to find out.

I am Yuki! I love Ramen, Swimming, Fishing, and I will become a master of Jeet Kune Do! The style without a style sounds right to me.