Mommy's Coming

I don't know I been really sad ever since I saw one of those movies you

See on (ion) so the movie kind of went like this….

My name is Kori Anders I had a husband named Richard Grayson, we loved each other or so I thought

Ever since I told had announced to Richard I was pregnant he became very distant

I came back home from work and had walked in on him with another girl in bed

I screamed, I didn't know what else to do. I was hyperventilating

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, I cried out in pain. Richard rushed by my side, he reached out for me

Only to be smacked my hand

He carried me to the car, and drove to the hospital

I was in so much pain I wanted it to all end

Once I gave birth, the doctors said it was a boy and gave him to me

I immediately knew the name Ryan Anders

When I turned to Richard and then back to Ryan I noticed that he was turning blue

I started crying hysterically "WHATS WRONG WITH MY BABY!?" I cried

"He losing oxygen" I heard one of the doctors say

November16th 12:42am they pronounced Ryan dead

-1 Month Later-

It's been one month since Ryan's death

Richard and I divorced three weeks later on in that month

I sit in front of Ryan's grave here in the rain without an umbrella it fits my mood dark clouds and cold rain

The worlds been so cruel X'hal what have I done to deserve such punishment

The rain mixed in with my salty tears; "why" I cry

I pull out the gun in my pocket, and put it to my head "Don't worry baby, mommy's coming" I say

And pull the trigger. A loud bang echoes throughout the city, the next day newspapers say "10.07.13 Kori Anders Reported Found Dead in Cemetery."