Everything is different in eyes of anew and old. Mostly seen when the eyes grow from young and innocence life into an older and somewhat mature adult. Depending on the person and choices that came out of nowhere to the being of life.

In a common thought that is freely passed from mind to mind, is what made them grow up. The answer can sometimes be their family, their future, and events that just spring harshly without warning. But, yet there is a rare moment, that children of innocence grow up because the memories of childhood fade away, leaving them no choice for adulthood to take its course and run the rest of their lives.

For a young man, a teenager to even be more correct. Didn't come close to adulthood and was forever stuck in childhood for the ends of time.

A time like this would have an odd outcome like this, it could be seen as blessing or a curse. But for it to ever be seen in shades of gray, must see it from the changes this boy took. How a simple boy named Jackson Overland, a lad living each day for his family to his dying day. To only come back as a fun-loving fool, forever dubbed Jack Frost.

Jackson Overland saw everything in past memories of his childhood that reached the brink of adulthood.

Jack Frost saw everything by living side by side the memories that once lived in his mind and dreams.

Two different names, different appears in character, but the same being.

A simple question to add all this up is the following:

How do the Guardians have to do with this?

Listen and find out.