The night seemed harsher than before, the snow didn't to even come close to calm down. That alone kept a young man up late at night. With a stole, leaned again an undraped window, glad to see glass keep the storm from coming in. Somehow, someway, that moon found a way for the boy not to miss with it.

"Jackson, shouldn't you be sleeping? You have a busy day with your sister."

He turned to face his mother and nodded, but still found the words to speak. "I know, but the snow storm wouldn't let me rest."

"Your father was like that, as well. Always saying that the storm was mocking him in someway or another."

"Must be something I got from him." Jackson said with a laugh, suddenly seeing two cups in his mother's hands.

"I made melted chocolate with milk."

"My favorite. Thanks." Grabbing the closest cup to him, having a short sip.

His mother took the moment to sit at the table near her son. Looking out the window her son, thinking gladly that at least one of her children were asleep.

But that didn't take away the oddest thing she saw passed the storm.

"The moon seems bigger then before."

"Must be a sign, huh?"

"Still on those old fables?"

"They're too good to let go of, mother."

"I wonder though who has Man in Moon's eye this time?"

Jackson just shrugged before saying. "He speaks to those he choices, right?"

"As the stories go. Jackson, please for my sake you be careful."

"I'll be. And Margaret too."

The mother nodded, having another sip from her drink. It was then a thought came to her. Having her stand up, placing the cup down on the table, and rushing off somewhere.


"Tomorrow seems it's going to ever be its worst." The mother stated, coming back with a cloth folded in a square shape. Thus adding. "With that in mind. I made this for you." And handed the cloth to him.

Jackson finished his drink, trading the cup for the cloth. To which he unfolded. It was a cloak.

"And I couldn't wait for your birthday."

"But that's a few days away, mom."

"Yes, but I want to look at you before you become an adult. I want to see you as a child while I can. Your my baby after all."

Jackson felt a bit of blush fleck across his face and whined. "Mom. I'll be forever your baby. But, please, don't say this to anyone else. Please."

The mother just giggled and pulled her son into a hug. Breaking apart to see that storm finally calm down.

"Be care."

"Mom, we'll be fine. Remember I said I'll be her guardian."

"That you did."

To that, he kissed his mother's forehead and went off to bed. Wanting to catch up on some sleep. Though he wasn't ready for the sudden jump-on of another body came about his. Having no choice but to hurry to lake. For he did make a promise.

But somehow he was never able to keep the promise to come back home. Only seeing the moon looking down on him, as the lake of ice and cold vastly covered his body into a quiet death.

You were looking at me, weren't you?

The finally thought Jackson had before letting the darkness took him away.

With the night clear, a light frost covered the land. Chilly then ever, as there was no clouds in the sky. Only having stars and the full moon beaming brightly below all those on earth.

A lone figure stood boldly on to the treetops, holding his staff tightly, and sternly looking to the moon.

"Why did you choose me? All you'd done was give me a name and what I can do. There must be more."

His voice was light and airy, but it couldn't be missed as a shout in some ways.

"Please, tell me why? I want to know."

When the time is right, you'll know then.

"That's not fair!"

No response came his way. To he just huffed a sigh, calling for his friend the wind, and wanted to go somewhere else. To wherever his answers could be hidden. It was a good thing Sandy was there with his dreams.

Yet, Bunny didn't need to show up nor have him stuffed into a bag.

The End.