Stiles could recall the first time he smelt that type of meat cooking. He had been lost in the woods, he had been playing with some kids. He didn't understand how little they wanted him around just was upset when they took him deeper into the woods then he was use to, claiming a game before disappearing and leaving him alone and soon very very lost. He remembered seeing a lot of webs and spiders bigger then his hand but he was already lost and scared so he kept walking, til finally he came up upon a little cabin but what made him have to look twice was the fact the house stood on two chicken legs. The woman who said on the porch sat at a little table working with a mortar and pestal almost as big as he was. She was humming as she worked not bothering to look up at him as he approached.

"Excuse me," he said softly still sniffling.

"Yes little one?" she said lifting her head up from her work. Stiles nearly gaped in surprise, when he saw her white hair he expected her to be old but she looked younger then his momma.

"I'm lost." he said softly. "An hungry." he added when he realized he could smell something cooking.

"Well that seems to be a problem." she chuckled. "How did you get here?"

"I walked." he replied

"Well I certainly would hope you walked, it would be strange to see a little boy fly." she replied standing up. She held out her hand which Stiles took. He remembered how his Dad had always told him not to trust strangers but the part of him that was scared and hungry didn't care just let her lead him inside. "You must be very special little one, since neither my spiders, my dogs or my cat tried to stop you. That or they were asleep which they will be very sorry." she added as she lifted Stiles up onto the table where she started to wipe his face and hands with a damp cloth. Stiles didn't fight her just let her clean him up before changing his clothes into a simple pair of pants and shirt. She smiled and kissed his forehead. She sat him down in a chair and fed him some bread and cheese.

"Who are you?" Stiles asked once he was done eating.

"I am Baba Yaga." she said with a smile.

"Ba..Ba..Baba Yaga." Stiles repeated. "Babushka ?" Stiles said after a moment.

"Well you can call me that little one." She said with a chuckle.

"But you don't look like a grandmother, even though your hair is white." Stiles replied then after a moment remembering where he had heard the name Baba Yaga before looked up at her in a bit of fright. "Are you going to eat me? Like in the stories momma told me?"

"Your momma is of my homeland." Babushka said with a chuckle. "An no little one I'm not going to eat you. I'm quite full and I have more then enough to feed me with."

"Will you take me home?" Stiles asked.

"In the morning, for now it is late. You may sleep in my bed tonight and in the morning I will take you home." Babushka said with a smile.

Stiles could recall her lifting him up in her arms and cradling him close before carrying up the stairs into a small bedroom. Different little trinkets and other things tangling from the ceiling as she tucked him into the bed humming an old lullaby he had heard his mother hum before. He finally drifted off to sleep not remembering doing so. He didn't remember waking in the morning, just a faint memory of broth being poured down his throat as he was held in someones lap rocking and sung too.

He remembered being found by one of the Hales a young woman who seemed to sag in relief that Stiles was unhurt. She scooped him into his arms muttering words about being grateful that he was alright. He barely recalled her saying something about how she and the others were sure he'd been devoured. It would be years later, after his mother's death and the Hale fire, of Scott being bitten and the alpha pack before Stiles understood. That he had met Baba Yaga and had lived not only lived but his mother had taken him back a few times. Just on the edge of her territory and thanked her for saving him.

Now he stood there, the pack behind him and Chris Argent as well. There had been children and people disappearing only bones being found but nothing else. No proof said it was her but the webbing that was found was what was similar to what was known of her territory, the sound of a dog who sounded more demon then normal and the yowling of a cat that could send chills down anyone's spine. He prayed that they were wrong and that she would be able to help because Stiles wasn't sure he could let them kill her, kill Stiles Babushka that had been his only comfort when he lost his momma. Gods he just hoped she wasn't hungry.