(10)Baba Yaga ran into the house. She saw that the boy was gone, and the started hitting the cat and yell at him - why didn't he scratch out his eyes?

"How many years have I served you," the cat said, "you never even gave me a bone, and he gave me some ham." Baba Yaga became furious at the dogs, the gate, the birch, and the maid, and she started hitting and beating them.

The dogs told her: "How many years have we served you, you never even gave us a burnt crust, and he gave us some bread."

The gate said: "How many years have I served you, you never even poured water on my hinges, and he poured oil on them."

The birch said: "How many years have I served you, you never even tied a string around me, and he tied a ribbon."

The maid said: "How many years have I served you, you never even gave me a rag, and he gave me a kerchief."

They barely made it out of the woods before the questions. The demands on the deal started so it wasn't surprising when it was Chris who finally got upset.

"Enough!" Chris roared out startling everyone but Stiles and Peter who'd been watching the man get angrier and angrier. "She had every right to ask and I have every right to answer. Alison I am your father. I am the only one who can say yes or no to this. I agree with Stiles that it can not be her It's far to reckless and the creatures left red and green fur not black like the dogs and the cat we saw."

"It still doesn't mean she's innocent! She eats people!" Scott protested making Chris sigh and Stiles smack the other hard on the back of the head.

"So?" Stiles hissed at Scott's hurt look. "Chris and Allison are not innocent either. Does that mean we should kill them? Run them out of Beacon Hills? Your hands are not clean either Scott Daniels McCall. Does that mean we should put you down like a rabid dog?" each word was filled with venom and anger making Scott look more and more like a kicked puppy whimpering but it was clear Stiles wasn't going to stop. "No it doesn't. You are not going to do anything to my Babushka. If I catch you anywhere near here with the intent to hurt her I promise there will be nothing but your skin flapping in the breeze if even that."

To hear the younger male talk the way he was..it was shocking for most of the pack. They never thought Stiles..skinny...defenseless (in their minds) Stiles could sound so cruel or cold.

"I think it's time you all went home." Stiles said once he paused to take in a deep breath to calm his self down as he turned and headed for where he parked his jeep not turning to look at the pack or any of the others. Chris shook his head sighing.

"Of all the times for the boy to grow a backbone it had to be during a time of crisis." Peter muttered making Chris snort. The two older men sharing a look before looking away from each other a faint smile on their lips.


Stiles tried to scream in frustration once he was home. He just threw his bag down and then his self onto his bed. He hadn't seen Vasilisa or his dad so he was sure he was home alone.

"You do know that they aren't going to listen to you right?" A female voice said making Stiles yank his self up before seeing who it was and frowning.

"what do you want?" he growled but was happy to see her none the less.

"You visit everyone but me.." the woman, who had light green hair and pure white skin that was spotted in places by patches of skin that look like wood melded in varying shades of gray, white, black, sliver and yellow, pouted dropping next to him.

"Brzoza." Stiles said with a sigh but reached out to stroke her green hair before reaching for his bag and pulling out a ribbon which he tied into her hair. It was easy to forget her sharp talons on her fingers that would feel like a thousand splinters if slapped with them.

"I miss little tree." Brozoza said with a smile at the ribbon. "I bring warning..friend of a friend..not friend..just enemy."

"That makes no scene." Stiles muttered

"I'm not suppose to make scene." she teased poking him in the cheek before dragging her fingers through his hair, he relaxed into the touch. It never dawned him he spent his whole like around creatures ten times more powerful then him and twice as dangerous as the werewolves and yet he feared the wolves more in ways.

The sound of the door downstairs opening and closing made both of them tense up and before Stiles bedroom door opened Brzoza was out the window and gone.

"Stiles?" It was Vasilisa with a sharp smile that unnerved Stiles more than he wanted to admit. "I thought you were home..I need some help and I have someone I want you to meet."