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18:30 EST

The White House was lit up for a grand event, the first of its kind. The President was hosting a gala for two very important people and several key guests had been invited along. Cars drew up to the security gates to be searched and then waved in once they passed the checks. A large black Rolls-Royce pulled up to the gate and went through the mandatory checks. Once the guards were happy, the car pulled away and up the drive towards the main door where the guests were entering.

The car stopped and the driver got out. He was an elderly gentleman in his mid-seventies and dressed in a coat and tails with a white shirt and black bow tie. He went round to the back passenger door and opened it, allowing a tall well-built man to step out. The man nodded his thanks as the driver proceeded to shut that door and then go and open the other back passenger door. This time a teenage boy stepped out wearing a matching outfit with the other gentleman. They both headed up the steps of the White House and handed their tickets to the waiting attendant. With a nod they were let in to take part in the festivities. The driver went and parked the car and hurried to take his place with his employer. Alfred Pennyworth was allowed to accompany Bruce Wayne at this event, because his former employer was to be there and Alfred wished to say hello. The event was celebrating the American's association with Britain by hosting the Queen and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Inside the White House and behind the press barrier stood another teenager with a camera around his neck and his press pass sticking out of his top pocket. An older, angrier looking man stood behind him barking orders into his mobile phone. Peter Parker had been drafted in to cover this event for the Bugle with none other than J. Jonah Jameson on his heels. Celebrities were arriving in anticipation of the main guests who were yet to arrive. This was the first time Peter was going to meet royalty and it was silly to say he wasn't excited, because he was trying to stop himself from jumping around with excitement. The next person to walk up the red carpet was Bruce Wayne. Peter brought up his camera and began to get some shots.

Outside the White House sat a car away from the party. The occupant stared at the building with malice and evil intent. Next to him on the passenger seat sat a laptop with a special program loaded ready to take his commands. The occupants and attendees of the White House were going to get a big surprise tonight he thought. Tonight, the President, Prime Minister and Queen will die; tomorrow the world will be in chaos.

Oblivious to the plan of the mysterious individual the guests assembled in the dining room ready to welcome the VIP visitors. A fanfare sounded as the Prime Minister and his wife accompanied the President and her husband. They passed by the press area and stopped for a few photos. They then stood to one side as another fanfare welcomed the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. They too walked along and posed for some photos with the other leaders before being guided into the main dining hall to a loud round of applause.

"Did you get that Parker?!" Jameson barked. "I want a good photo on the front page tomorrow. Just think, Bugle meets Royalty, it's the best headline ever. That should sell some more papers. I'm just glad that retched Spider-man isn't here to wreak the party."

"I have the photos you want Jonah," Peter said as he passed over the film to his boss. "And I hope Spider-man doesn't have to meet you tonight either," he added under his breath.

Bruce, Alfred and Dick sat at the table surrounded by other distinguished guest including American senators and government's representatives as well as British business leaders and Secretary of States for the various UK governmental departments. Their table was just next to the royal party so they had a good view of the VIPs. A waiter walked over to Bruce with a covered silver platter in his hand and with the other, he removed the cloche to reveal a note underneath, which he presented to Bruce.

"From her Royal Highness," the waiter said.

"Thank you," Bruce replied.

He read the note, much to the interest of Alfred, Dick and the rest of the table.

"Alfred it is for you. The Queen would like you to go and see her. She couldn't help but notice you and remembered you from you old employment at Buckingham Palace."

Alfred nodded his thanks and stood and the proceeded over to the Queen.

"He knew the Queen?" Dick asked.

"Yes. He worked at the palace before his family moved over here to work for my parents."

Out in the press area Jonah had sent Peter to the car to email the photos to the Bugle ready for the morning papers. He had just pressed send, when a tingling feeling ran through the back of his skull. Something bad was about to happen, something that would require Spider-man. Why did he leave his costume back at the hotel? Just because you could see the suit through his white shirt. He should have put it in a bag and stowed it in the back of the car. He would have to help as discreetly as he could.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion as a massive fireball gushed out of the side of the White House. The attack was underway.