12:10 GMT

Aboard the TARDIS

The Doctor flipped some switches and levers, as he brought the TARDIS into a landing. The Time Rotor began to slow down and eventually came to a stand still, leaving the console room silent. The group stood around the room, waiting for the Doctor to initiate the conversation. He had just turned off the console screen, where they had all seen the news coming from the palace.

"Right, we need to get moving. Not only do the people of the UK need rescuing, but this will spread right through the planet and then out into the universe. This has happened once before and I am not letting it happen again."

"What happened the last time?" Robin asked.

"You won't remember it, I managed to reverse time to just before everything changed. Remember when the President was killed aboard the Valiant? Well I was there that day, I was stopping an old friend of mine from destroying the planet and becoming the Master of all he surveyed. Well not this time, I will not let another Time Lord ruin the universe."

"Doctor, if I may," Sec interrupted.

The Doctor motioned for him to continue.

"Thank you. I have some items which may be able to help us gain access to the palace without being noticed. We need to go back to the place we last met and pick a few things up."

"You mean you still have all that equipment in the basement of the Empire State Building?"

"It was automatically sealed when Dalek Caan left his post you shut off the systems, but I returned and found everything as it was in the 1930s."

"How do you know about Caan and me being there again? You were killed before that."

"Doctor, I maybe a Dalek, but I am no fool. CCTV cameras were in place."

"Well that makes sense."

"Doctor, what are we going to do?" Alex asked.

"Yes, sorry. We are going to make a quick hop to New York and then we will work out our plans from there."

The Doctor reactivated the console and set the coordinates for the Empire State Building.


12:20 GMT

Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (COBRA)

"Mr Prime Minister it is imperative we send troops in. The American President has offered us the use of his troops based here and also their drones as a last resort. We need to ensure the safety of the people."

"I understand Alastair and your role as Secretary for Defence clearly is informing your opinion, but I have information about another means for solving this problem."

"What would that be sir, we can't trust other people, we must act ourselves?"

"I understand your point James, but you must have no worry, you will still have your job in the Home Office when these people are done."

"If I may," a voice said over one of the various video feeds.

"Ma'am?" The PM asked.

The Queen sat patiently listening to her ministers debate how the problem should be dealt with.

"I can assure you that the Doctor can be trusted. He was the one that got me out of the White House that fateful night. He has helped save this country and planet so many times. We owe that man much gratitude."

"But ma'am, if I may," the Home Secretary interrupted, "My information tells me that there is a Royal decree exiling this Doctor from the shores of the UK, never to return signed by Queen Victoria herself."

"I am aware of the actions of my great great grandmother, but I am repealing that order and he is allowed on our shores again."

"But again that is my point, how can he be the same person, surely he must be a great great great grandson?"

"James the files for the Doctor are always kept secure by UNIT, but I have been granted permission to share them now with you all."

The PM handed out a file to all those present and gave them a few minutes to read its contents.

"But this is absolute rubbish surely. An alien who is over 900 years old and he travels through time and space? What nonsense."

"James may I refer you to the recent alien invasions and how only 10 years ago we would be saying they are unlikely, well this doesn't seem that radical and idea does it?"

"But Prime Minister, we need to be in control of what is going on, we need to communicate with all those involved. How are we to communicate with this Doctor?" The Defence Secretary asked.

"I have a line to him, Mr Secretary," the Queen said. "I will pass over the details to your department. Now I must leave you to your work. Thank you Prime Minister for all your hard work."

"Ma'am, when will you consider the possibility of emergency powers?" The Prime Minister asked.

"If and when the government are taken out and I am still here, I shall order the army into place and the powers which you currently hold, will revert back to myself. Until then, I have every faith in your ability to carry out the tasks at hand."

With that the screen showing the Queen faded to black, leaving the room full of government ministers and personnel sitting in silence.

"You heard her majesty, we need to keep the country going. You have all your relevant tasks, get to it. I have to speak to the President, he is waiting to take my video call in the situation room."

With that everyone stood up and shook hands before heading out to their relevant departments to coordinate the defence of the nation. The Prime Minister walked down the corridor of the Cabinet Office and down to a security door where a member of his security team was waiting. Lifting a card from his pocket, the PM and the security guard, who was holding a similar card, placed their cards into a slot by the door, which then proceeded to open, allowing them to walk through into Number 10 Downing Street.