Supernatural: Saved by Breakfast

The table was quieter than Death although he really wasn't as quiet as people would think. Sure there were some awkward moments considering the two brothers at the table were formerly killing each other. Wasn't it odd that they were now eating breakfast together? The shorter of the two angels was very confused and showed it on his face. He leaned forward in his chair to try and see the taller and older of the angels who had a menu up and was humming "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. The younger angel stared at his older brother with his brows furrowed in deep thought. That's when the older brother stopped humming and said, "you look adorable when you are confused. Is it the choices? I know they are hard to pick from Gabe, but I think you can manage between bacon or sausage right?" This unexpected comment made Gabe look down at his menu suspiciously and after inspection pick it up and read the contents. "Mmmmm... Syrup." Gabe thought. Dern his brother for knowing his weakness of sweets. It was almost peaceful sitting in the little cafe, surrounded by humans who were oblivious to the fact that they were in the presence of two angels. The male waiter (to the disappointment of Gabe) came up and drew Gabe out of his haze, asking if they were ready to order. His gaze flicked towards his older brother for any sign of aggression, but to his surprise found quite the opposite. "Luci?" Gabe asked in a teasing manner, and was flabbergasted yet again when his brother didn't attack or anything. Luci just looked up at the waiter and said, "Black coffee with a steak. Rare." The waiter was taken aback at the request but didn't say a word out of the intimidation the man was radiating. The waiter then turned his attention towards the shorter of the two men who wasn't as scary. "Chocolate chip pancakes with the strongest drink you have." Gabe then leaned back in his seat as the waiter looked around confused, mumbled something to himself and walked off with their orders. "Nothing bad has happened" Gabe thought and this was either really bad or infinitely worse. Luci on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber, (which was frankly funny because he was naturally cold) and this bothered Gabe to where he got uncomfortable. It wasn't everyday you get to dine with the brother that supposedly killed you yesterday. "That reminds me..." Gabe thought but really it stumbled out of his mouth also. He actually couldn't remember getting to the cafe. The last thing Gabe remembered was getting stabbed, then he was suddenly having breakfast with Satan like he did it everyday. "What the...?" Gabe started to say but was cut off by his brother. "I really don't think you would be able to understand the end of that statement Gabe."