This is a second part of trilogy of Disappeared of Emily Prentiss. Remember, Hotch is the only one knew about Emily. This will be chapter 6. JJ is not in the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own CM and characters. I own Abbigail, Carina and Madison.

Rating: PG

Summary: The team is going on vacation. The team learns about Hotch and Emily are married and has a triplets.

Part 1:

Chief Strauss walked in the bullpen and went up to Rossi's office, knocked on the door and heard Rossi's voice.

"Come in."

Erin walked in his office and Rossi looks up and said "What do you want, Erin?"

"Director wants me to tell you and your team are on stand down for a week and a half."

Rossi was in shocked to hear what Strauss said.

"Dave, did you hear what I said."

"Yes, Erin. I heard you. Good I haven't been on vacation for a long time. I don't know about the team."

"Tell them the good new."

"Tell the m the good." Rossi mocked.

Rossi walked out of his office, saw his teams, told them to meet him in the conference room. Before he could speak. Garcia raised her hand.

"yes, Kitten." Rossi asked.

"Before you tell us the news." Garcia looks around. "Where's Hotch?"

"He is at home. I will tell him when I get done talking. Now you got anymore question you want to asked?"


"What's the news, man?"

"Strauss told me that we're on stand down for a week and a half."

"All right. We're all going on vacation!" Garcia excited. "Where are we going?"

"I don't care, pick one," Rossi said. "It's my treat."

"Okay. How about Paris, France?" I don't know about you guys, I always wanted to go to Paris."

The teams like the idea to go to Paris and now they have to convince Hotch to go with them.

They arrives to Hotch's townhouse then they heard something inside the apartment, so Rossi knocked on the door. Hotch opened he door with his baby in his arm.

"What you guys doing here?" Hotch asked.

"We have some good new," Rossi said. "Are you going to invited us in?"

"Oh, yes. Come in."

The teams walked in the room and saw Jack and two more babies beside the one Hotch is holding. They cannot believe what they saw.

"You got three babies?" Rossi asked in shocked. "Are they girls or boys? What are their name?"

"Can I hold your baby?"

"Sure." He hand baby Carina to Garcia. She went to sit down on the couch.

"They are triplet girls and their name are Abbigail, Madison and Carina who Garcia is holding."

"Ooh, Carina, you got a pretty name." Garcia excited. "Mr. Boss man, you got a pretty girls."

"Thanks. What's the good news?"

"We are going on vacation for one and a half weeks, that included you."

"That's great. Where are we going?"

"We are going to Paris, France!"

Hotch's eyes widen and he can't go to Paris. Because he got nobody to watch his kids. He would love to go but he can't.

"I'm sorry that I can't go."


"I got nobody to watch my children, Jessica is out of town.

"Don't worry, I'll get somebody to watch your kids while we gone." Rossi pick up his cell phone to make a call.

Morgan looked at the wedding picture of Hotch and Emily and thinking to himself, 'When did they got married?"

So he asked Hotch, "When did you and Emily got married?"

"We've been married for six month before my wife was killed by Doyle," Hotch explained.

He hates lying to his friends about Emily. Rossi finally got off the phone.

"Ok. We're all set. Hotch, you're going, pack up your things and Emily's mother will be here in a little while."

Someone knocked on the door. Rossi siad that's probably Emily's mother. Reid open the door and let her in. At the same time, Hotch was coming down the stairs, they look at each other and spoke at the same time.

"Elizabeth, Thank you for doing this."

"Hotch, we're family, if you need me. I'll be there."

They had tears in their eyes. He smile at her. Rossi come up and said, "Are you all ready?"

Hotch said, "Give me a minute, so I can show Elizabeth where everything is."

After that, they all left to go to the airport.