This is it. Look for The Return of Emily and JJ. I will post it when I'm finishing writing The Return of Emily and JJ, I don't know how many chapters I'll put on it. I cannot believe after almost six years since 2013 in Sept. finally finish it. I got to learn to write quick, not take too long.

Garcia and her friends are packing their bags because they're going home today. She wishes Emily and JJ were here to enjoy it. She's going back to her boyfriend, Kevin. Her friends will go back to their life and going back to work, hopefully not too soon.

Hotch can't wait to see his baby girls and his son. He is very relaxing and maybe Emily and JJ will come home soon.

A few minutes later, the teams came downstairs to check out. They sat down in the living room and wait for the cab to take them to the airport.

Airport cab arrived at the hotel, they put the bags in the trunk and then got in the cab to heads towards the airport. A few minutes later, they finally arrived at the airport, they got out of the cab and then walked in the airport. They got their tickets and went to sit down.

A few minutes later, they heard the intercom come on back to West Virginia. They got on the plane and went to their seats.

Fifteen hours later, they finally arrived in West Virginia, they got off the plane and walked out of the airport. Garcia gave Hotch the babies' clothes then they went their separate way.

Morgan dropped Garcia off at her apartment. Garcia walked into her apartment and greeted her boyfriend, Kevin.

"How's your trip, my buttercup?" Kevin asked.

"It's was wonderful, you should see the beautiful Paris," Garcia answered. "I've brought you a gift for you."

"You shouldn't have."

"I know, but I want to."

He opened up the present, opened up the box and saw the Eiffel tower. He gave her a kiss. They went to the bedroom.

*Morgan's and Jordan's house.*

Morgan walked in the house and saw his girlfriend, Jordan in the kitchen. He walked in the kitchen and grabbed her around her waist and then she turns around, hugs and kiss him on the lips.

"How's your trip?" Jordan asked.

"It was great and beautiful," Morgan replied. "I got to take you there when we get married or if we get married."

"I like that."

They stay in the kitchen and cooks some meal.

*Rossi's cabin.*

Rossi walked in his cabin, went straight to wine cabinet, opened up his wine and pour the wine in the glass and then went into the living room and picked up the picture of a young woman who works in Washington, D.C., he works in secret to bring her back to Virginia where she belongs. He never told anybody what he is doing and he didn't tell Hotch what he doing, Hotch got an enough on his plate to worry about.

*Hotch's apartment.*

Hotch walked into his apartment and saw Jessica and his son, Jack in the living room. He put his suitcase and the packages from Garcia down on the floor. He walked into the living room.

"Dad!" Jack yelled as he runs to him and Hotch picked him up.

Jessica looked up and saw Hotch standing in the living room and got up and then walked up to Hotch and gave him a hug.

"How's your trip?" Jessica asked.

"It's was great and relaxed," Hotch replied. "How it going around here?"

"It went great. Jack is a big help," Jessica explained. "He helped me with the girls."

"Except for change diapers, Ewww." Jack doesn't like to change diapers and saw the packages on the floor, "You brought presents?"

"Yes, it for you and your sisters from Garcia," Hotch said. "I got a present for you and your sisters also."

"All right!"

"Where's Abbigail, Carina, and Madison?"

"They took a nap upstairs. They can open the present when they wake up."


Jack and Jessica opened the present and they love it. They hope Hotch is relaxing without worry and stressing.

*Outside Hotch's apartment.*

Someone is watching Hotch's apartment and wondering if FBI knows about his son is living around here or out of state. He knew he killed Emily and she's not here to tell him where his son is.

To be continued on Chapter 3 of the Trilogy.