Hey guys this is a collaboration between KaiserNight and myself.

Naruto and his class are older than in the manga/anime, they are around 14-15.

Pairing: Naruto x Fem Kyuubi

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any other Anime references that may appear


"Damn it! Why is it always clones? I just can't get it down!" Naruto screamed in frustration glaring at the scroll in front of him.

After failing his genin exams, Mizuki came to him to him offering another chance. If he could sneak into the Hokage's tower, take the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing and learn at least one jutsu from its context, then he would be able to become a registered genin.

There was only one problem. The first jutsu was Shadow Clone Technique. From what he could understand, it was an even more complex version of the Clone Techniquewhich was his worst had been practicing for a while but he wasn't making much progress. Standing back up, he was about to make another attempt when he heard someone land behind him. Looking over his shoulder, his eyes widened a bit when he saw Iruka looking at him. Disappointment could be clearly seen on his face.

"Here you are Naruto." The scarred chunin said.

"Oh, hey Iruka-sensei. What are you doing here?" Naruto asked casually causing a tick mark to form on the older man's head.

"What am I doing here? I'm here because you just cause some serious problems!" Iruka shouted.

"How am I causing problems? I've been here working on my make-up exam." Naruto said with a confused look causing Iruka to blink as he registered his words.

"Make-up exams?" Iruka repeated as Naruto nodded in confirmation.

"Yea, since I failed earlier today Mizuki-sensei told me about a make-up exam. All I have to do is find this secret scroll and learn at least one jutsu from it and I would pass and become a genin." He answered shocking Iruka.

'Mizuki told him this? But why? Why would he…' Iruka thought before he heard something from behind. Before he could open his mouths Naruto spoke first.

"Iruka-sensei, look out!" the blonde shouted pushing Iruka away before jumping back as a bunch of kunai embedded themselves into the ground where they were previously standing.

Iruka looked at Naruto surprised but Naruto wasn't paying attention. Instead the blonde was staring at the kunai in confusion.

'How did I do that? One minute I'm talking to Iruka-sensei and the next minute I see us getting attack by a bunch of kunai. What happened?' Naruto thought trying to figure how he did that.

"So you were able to dodge huh?" they heard a voice from above say. Turning towards its direction they saw Mizuki perched on a tree branch with a smug expression.

"Mizuki-sensei? What's going on? Why did you attack us?" Naruto asked but Mizuki ignored his questions.

"Hand over the scroll Naruto." He ordered.

"What the hell! I'm just doing what you told me and now you attack me?!" Naruto asked angrily.

"Don't listen to him Naruto. Protect that scroll. It holds all of Konoha's forbidden jutsu. Mizuki tricked you into stealing it because he wants it for himself." Iruka explained glaring at the man he once called a friend.

"What?" Naruto said shocked. Mizuki used him? Clenching his fist he glared at him anger evident in his eyes.

"How about a deal?" he asked catching them off guard.

"What the hell are you talking about? Why would I make a deal with a traitor?" Naruto shouted but Mizuki just smirked.

"Tell me Naruto…aren't you just the least bit curious on why the village hates you?" Mizuki asked causing them to widen their eyes.

"No! Don't do it Mizuki!" Iruka shouted but was silenced as he coughed up blood. Looking down he saw his body stabbed by multiple kunai.

"Iruka-sensei!" Naruto shouted in concern seeing his sensei fall to the ground coughing up blood before the scarred chunin passed out.

"N-Naruto…r-run…" Iruka struggled to say.

"Don't listen to him Naruto. After all, I still have some information for you." Mizuki said as he jumped from the tree and landed a few feet away from Naruto.

"Bastard! Why did you attack Iruka-sensei!" Naruto shouted but Mizuki paid no attention to it.

"Like I said earlier. Don't you want to know why the villagers hate you?" Mizuki asked. Despite the situation Naruto couldn't help but feel curious. He always wanted to know what he did to earn the disdain of Konoha.

"Why?" Naruto couldn't help but ask quietly. Hearing this Mizuki allowed a cruel smirk to grace his face before answering.

"It involves the Kyuubi no Yoko. You've heard of it right? Fifteen years ago, the Kyuubi attacked Konoha but the Yondaime was able to defeat it." Mizuki said causing Naruto to frown in confusion.

"What does that have to do with anything? I already know about that. The Yondaime fought the Kyuubi and was able to kill it." Naruto said causing Mizuki to laugh. "What's so funny?!"

"The truth is, the Yondaime didn't kill the Kyuubi." Mizuki said with a sinister grin.

"What are you talking about? Back at the academy we learned about how the Yondaime killed the Kyuubi." Naruto said confused.

"I suppose you wouldn't know since the Sandaime passed a law that the older generation had to follow." Mizuki mused although on the inside he was laughing insanely. He couldn't wait to see Naruto's reaction when he learned the truth.

"Law? What law are you talking about?" Naruto asked trying to think about what Mizuki was talking about.

"The law saying that you are the Kyuubi." Mizuki answered causing Naruto to fall silent as he digested this.

"What?" he asked finally breaking the silence.

"Instead of killing the demon like the books said the Yondaime sealed the beast in you! Once that happened, whatever chance that baby had at being human was destroyed! Instead there's only you! An evil demon pretending to be what it's not!" Mizuki shouted.

"You're lying." Naruto whispered in disbelief trying to ignore the ache he felt in his heart.

"It makes sense now doesn't it? All the looks of disgust, the hateful comments, the fact that no one will give you the time of day. It's all because you are the Kyuubi! You're the demon who took so much from this village! You caused us so much grief and sorrow!" Mizuki shouted glaring down at Naruto.

"Shut up." Naruto growled glaring at the ground trying to reign in his emotions.

"How does it feel now that you know the truth demon?! How does it feel knowing about all the sins you have committed?!" Mizuki shouted with a crazed look in his eyes.

"I am not the Kyuubi. I am Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto said defiantly looking Mizuki straight in the eye, his once blue eyes that used to be filled with so much mirth and playfulness were now cold and emotionless. Mizuki was a bit taken back by this. He expected the blonde to lose it and get pushed over the edge but it looked like that wasn't the case.

"You're tricks won't work on me you demon! It's about time that someone finally ends your accursed life!" Mizuki roared as he threw a large shuriken at Naruto. Narrowing his eyes Naruto ducked down to avoid the shuriken as it flew right about his head.

Mizuki cursed when he saw Naruto dodge his attack but raised an eyebrow when he saw the blonde raise his arm so it was aimed right at him. The chunin had no idea what he had planned. He remembered that Naruto had basically no skill in the shinobi arts, so what was he doing? Before he could even blink, a silver chain shot out of Naruto's hand and wrapped itself around Mizuki's neck.

"W-what…t-the…" Mizuki struggled out as the chains hold tightened.

"I already told you…I'm not the Kyuubi." Naruto repeated.

"Wh-What…is…th-this…chain…" Mizuki choked out his face starting to turn blue do to the lack of oxygen.

"The chain? I guess you can say it's a secret jutsu. As far as I know, I'm the only one who can use them." Naruto answered.

"H-How…" Mizuki said his vision starting to blur.

Naruto was silent as he remembered the day he first discovered this ability.


A ten year old Naruto was running for dear life. Why because it was October 10th, his birthday. But unlike any other child who spends their birthday with their loved ones, Naruto spends his birthdays alone hiding so that the villagers can't find him. Unfortunately that didn't go as planned as a few villagers spotted him. So here he was now trying to escape from their wrath.

'Why is this happening? What did I ever do to them?' a distraught Naruto thought as he ran for dear life.

"There he is!" one of the civilians shouted.

"Looks like the little demon is trying to run away!" another added.

"I don't know why the Sandaime continues to let that abomination live but I think it's about time to get rid of the little beast." Another member of the crowd suggested getting a roar of approval from the rest.

'Jiji, I don't know where you are right now but please help me!' Naruto thought desperately as he cut through an alley way hoping to escape his pursuers but it looked like luck wasn't on his side since he reached a dead end.

"Oh no." the young blonde said turning around but froze when he saw the group blocking the only way out.

"Nowhere to run demon." A man said smirking at the frightened Naruto.

"P-Please, just leave me alone!" Naruto screamed as he took a step back from the crowd.

"You want us to show you mercy? Where was our mercy when you attacked our village ten years ago?!" one of the crowd members spat.

"I don't know what you mean by that!" Naruto shouted. He always heard these people saying about how he attacked the village and killed so many people but he was just a little kid. How could he do that and more importantly, wouldn't he remember if he did something like that?

"Enough words demon! It's time to finish what the Yondaime started!" a crowd member shouted as they staled towards the blonde who closed his eyes waiting for it to begin.

It was at that moment that something odd happened. He felt a strange power surge through his body before he felt something shoot out of his body. Actually he felt multiple things shoot out of his body. Opening his eyes he stared in disbelief as he saw chains wrapped around each crowd member's neck. He followed the chains to see that they were coming from him.

"This must be some kind of weird jutsu." Naruto muttered as he tugged on one of the chains that came from his chest. He looked at the small mob in front of him and saw them pass out from lack of oxygen and he began to panic.

"Oh no what do I do? I wanted to stop them not kill them!" Naruto said eyes wide with panic. He didn't want to kill anybody. There was no need in giving the villagers any more reasons to hate him.

"This is bad how do I make these chains go away?" Naruto asked himself but blinked when he saw the chains release their hold on the victims before retracting back into Naruto. Naruto just stood there trying to figure out what just happened.

"That was weird…" the young blonde said before running away.

End of Flashback

Ever since that day, Naruto practiced on how to call out those chains. For the past five years, he trained in secret learning how to use these chakra chains in battle.

"How am I able to do this? You don't need to know. All that matters is that you just lost." Naruto said looking back at Mizuki before pulling on the chain forcing Mizuki to come flying towards him. Cocking his fist back, Naruto punched Mizuki hard in the jaw, sending the chunin flying until he couldn't go any further due to the chain. When this happened, Naruto pulled again forcing Mizuki to come back to him where he nailed another punch, only to repeat the process until the chunin lost consciousness. Calling the chain back, Naruto sighed as he ran his hand through his head in frustration as he recalled Mizuki's words.

The Kyuubi. The force of destruction that almost wiped out Konoha…and it was sealed inside him. So many thoughts ran through his mind. Why him? Why was he chosen to have the beast sealed into him? Why didn't anyone tell him? The Sandaime Hokage, a man he considered a grandfather, had to have known about this. So why did the old man lie whenever he asked about his treatment from the villagers.

"Naruto?" a hoarse voice asked breaking Naruto from his thought. Turning around he saw Iruka standing up looking at him in concern.

"What happened?" he asked noticing Mizuki's prone form. Naruto spared the man a glance before showing Iruka a fake grin.

"Oh nothing really. The bastard was saying some crazy lie about me being the Kyuubi, but we all know the Kyuubi was killed by the Yondaime. While he was running his mouth, I snuck up on him and kicked his ass." Naruto answered, but he noticed how nervous Iruka looked when he mentioned the Kyuubi.

"He said you were the Kyuubi?" Iruka asked carefully.

'So he knew the truth too?' Naruto thought but just put on a confused face.

"Yeah, but he was lying right? I mean there's no way I'm the Kyuubi right?" Naruto asked naively.

'Too bad this village is just too blind in the hate and ignorance to see the truth.' Naruto bitterly added in his mind.

"Yea, you're right. What a silly idea." Iruka said with a nervous chuckle as the two fell in an uncomfortable silence. It was during this silence that Naruto went back to thinking.

'Kyuubi brat.'

'No good demon.'

'Go away you abomination.'

'Look at that awful monster.'

'Stay away from that thing kids.'

Naruto's fist clenched tighter and tighter as he remembered all the hateful words people threw at them. Who knew that in one knight your whole world could change? He remembered that it was earlier today that he wanted to be a Konoha shinobi and defend the lives of those he cared for. To become the Hokage and earn the respect and acceptance he always craved for.

But now. Now was different. He had no idea how to feel. People thought he was a demon. How could they be so blind? There was no way he was a demon. Didn't the villagers know that if he really was a demon he would have snapped a long time ago and kill them all? Apparently not.

"Hey Naruto, I've been thinking. You were able to beat Mizuki which is a pretty impressive feat for." Iruka said talking off his forehead protector wrapping it around Naruto's head.

"I think that is proof enough to show you are more than qualified to be a genin." Iruka finished looking at Naruto with a proud smile.

As Iruka tied his forehead protector around Naruto's head, tears began to leak out of the blonde's eyes as the adrenaline finally wore off. Seeing this Iruka smiled softly mistaking them for tears of joy.

The truth was they were tears of pain, tears of sorrow, and tears of realization. After years of not knowing he finally understood. He finally knew why he was so hated. The truth filled him with unbelievable pain. They thought he was an actual demon. But now that he thought about it, it made so much sense. But eventually the pain began to disappear with every tear shed until he felt nothing. Until he felt…hollow.

End of Prologue

Little heads up. Naruto is not going to be evil or plot on how to destroy Konoha. He simply doesn't care about Konoha anymore.

Also Naruto will hear the Kyuubi speak every now and then but he will not actually meet her until much later.

Naruto skills so far:

Chakra Chains

Haki: is unaware what it is but he can subconsciously use it.

Shadow Clones: he knows what to do to perform the jutsu but he was interrupted before he could master it. The reason for this is because KaiserNight and I wanted him to develop skills other then Shadow Clones