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Chapter 2

"Damn it Uchiha, why can't you just leave me alone?!" Naruto asked pissed beyond belief as he blocked a punch from Sasuke before throwing the Uchiha over his shoulder.

"Fight me seriously dobe!" Sasuke roared as he got back to his feet rushing towards him. Sighing in annoyance, Naruto leapt into the air to doge another attack from Sasuke. Landing behind him he performed a sweep kick that caused Sasuke to fall on his back before he rolled away as Naruto's foot stomped the ground he was previously on.

Glaring, Sasuke threw a handful of shuriken, but Naruto countered by creating a chakra chain blocking them before they could hit. Cursing, Sasuke went through a series of hand seals as he took a deep breath.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!" he yelled as he released a large fireball. Rolling his eyes, Naruto took out a kunai and attached an exploding tag to it before throwing it at the fireball. Once it was close enough, the tag detonated creating an explosion that snuffed out Sasuke's fireball.

"Come on Uchiha, this was supposed to be a simple spar. Don't you think you're taking it a bit too far?" Naruto asked in a bored tone which only served to anger the Uchiha more.

"Damn it! You were the dead last! The most pathetic one in our class, how did you get so good all of a sudden?!" Sasuke asked enraged. He could not believe that he and Naruto were more than less even when it came to fighting. Sasuke with his fire jutsu and his fighting style, while Naruto had his chakra chains and while he didn't have an actual fighting style he was very adaptive, resourceful and creative. He didn't even know someone could create chakra chains and whenever anyone asked Naruto he would just tell them to mind their own business.

"When it comes to book smarts, then yeah I'll admit that I'm pretty bad. But when it comes to battle and survival instincts, well as you can see I have that in spades." Naruto answered.

"Alright then that's enough. Naruto was right; this was supposed to be a spar. Take a moment to rest and then we'll head over to get a mission." Kakashi said from the side where he watched his students.

"Oh joy, are we going to look for that damned cat again Hatake-san?" Naruto asked rolling his eyes just thinking about catching the infamous Tora.

"Who knows what mission we'll get assigned to Naruto, and shouldn't you be calling me Kakashi-sensei." The jounin asked with an eye smile.

"I don't feel close enough to you yet to address you on a first name basis. As for the sensei part, you haven't really taught us anything yet." Naruto explained.

"What do you mean? I've been teaching you how to work as a team for the past few weeks." Kakashi pointed out.

"No, you've been talking about teamwork to a team that refuses to even consider it." Naruto pointed out causing Kakashi to sigh. It was true no matter how much he wanted to deny it. Naruto was the only one who was willing to work as a team, but he was losing patience with his teammates' attitudes. Sasuke refused to work with anyone thinking that being an Uchiha made him invincible and Sakura agreed with whatever Sasuke said.

"Alright, let's just get a mission." Kakashi said a sudden feeling of tiredness washing over him.

"You were just amazing out there Sasuke-kun." Sakura praised as the three genin followed their sensei.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted not even sparing her a glance. He remembered when he used to mop the floor with Naruto during their early academy days, but all of a sudden, the dead last was able to fight him on even grounds.

"If only Kakashi-sensei didn't stop the fight. You would have beaten the baka easily." Sakura continued causing Naruto to grow a tick mark. Now a days there was only a few things that could anger him and being underestimated was one of them.

"What the hell are you smoking Haruno? Are you blind or something? The fight was more or less even and that's only because his royal Uchiha-ness realized that underestimating me resulted in getting his ass kicked." Naruto said in a dry tone.

"What did you say?" Sakura shouted glaring Naruto who gladly returned.

"Either watch the volume or keep your mouth shut." Naruto growled.

"Settle down everyone." Kakashi sighed as they reached the Hokage's house. Finally reaching their destination, they walked into the room where they saw the Hokage and a few other shinobi going through different requests. Hearing the door open, Hiruzen looked up and smiled when he saw who entered.

"Ah Team 7, how nice to see you." He said as they approached them.

"Hello Hokage-sama, we've done our training for the day and were wondering if you had any missions for us.

"Of course, let's see what we have available." Hiruzen said as he began to rummage through the papers in front of him. "Oh here we are. You can choose from painting a fence, babysitting, help picking vegetables, help picking up litter-"

"Enough of this! We are shinobi! Give us a real mission not some menial chores." Sasuke demanded his frustration getting the better of him.

"I think he's right Hokage-sama, I think we're more than qualified for a higher ranking mission." Sakura added in a polite tone.

'With Sasuke-kun we can handle anything! Shannaro!' Inner Sakura ranted in her mind.

'Uh, be quiet and be grateful for what you can.' Kakashi thought tiredly.

'What's with them? I mean yeah, some of these jobs are stupid but in the end its easy money. Then again, those two have never really had to worry about money before.' Naruto thought, the attitude of his teammates starting to really get on his nerves.

"Don't act like fools! You're genin rookies! Everyone has to start at the bottom!" Iruka shouted showing his displeasure at their disrespect to their village leader.

"We've been at the bottom for weeks. How are we supposed to excel if we aren't given the chance?" Sasuke responded. Hiruzen was silent as he looked at the genin before him before sighing tiredly.

"Kakashi, do you feel that your team is qualified for a C-rank mission?" the elderly man asked, getting a surprised look from the rest while Kakashi studied his team.

'Their teamwork is practically non-existent, but maybe this will open their eyes a little to the real world…plus if I say no they would annoy me to no end.' The silver haired jounin thought before addressing the Hokage.

"I think they should be able to handle it." He said, causing Sasuke to smirk, Sakura to grin, and Naruto…was looking out the window uninterestedly.

"Very well, you're mission is fairly simple. You will be escorting this man to his village and protect him from any bandits that may be around." Hiruzen explained as the door opened.

"What's this? You expect a bunch of brats to protect me?" an old man asked in a slurred voice as he took a swig of sake from the bottle in his hand. "They don't look like much."

"If you prefer, we could just deny the request and you can walk back home on your own." Naruto offered causing the old man to fall silent.

"Yes, well this is Tazuna. You will be bringing him to the Land of Waves." Hiruzen said.

"I happen to be a very important bridge builder so make sure you protect me even if it means giving up your life."

"Please, like your life is worth the life of an Uchiha." Sasuke scoffed.

"No one gives a rat's ass if you're an Uchiha. You have a job so just do it." Naruto said as he left the room to gather his things leaving behind an angry Sasuke and a glaring Sakura.

"Ha! I might have been wrong about you kid, I'm starting to like you." Tazuna laughed as he followed the blonde out the room.

"Naruto meet us by the gates in one hour." Kakashi said, earning a wave of acknowledgement from Naruto.

Village Gates

"Hatake-san you're early?" Naruto asked surprised when he saw that he was the last one in his group to arrive at the gates.

"You make it sound like I'm always late Naruto." Kakashi said with an eye smile.

"That's because you are." Naruto deadpanned.

"So let's get the show on the road. Let's move out." Kakashi said acting like he hadn't heard Naruto.

As they were walking Naruto took a deep breath from his spot at the rear before adopting a peaceful expression. While he didn't show it he was actually excited. Not about the mission, although he was happy about getting a higher ranked mission, but the fact that he left the village. This would be the first time he ever took a step out of Konoha and he was looking forward to it. He knew he had a job to do but he also thought about this as a vacation away from his village. It was chance to explore the outside world a bit and perhaps meet some people who don't know about the Kyuubi.

As he was walking he thought about the people around him. Just like he thought Sasuke was as arrogant as always and Sakura followed his words to the letter. Kakashi though, was a pleasant surprise. He never looked at him with his eyes full of hate, instead he treated him just like he did the rest of his teammates. But even still he did not feel close enough to the man to address him in a familiar way. He did not want to be lied to anymore so he became wary of who to trust.

Pushing those thoughts away he looked at the sky as a small smile grew on his face.

'This will be my first taste of freedom, a chance to see what life would be like outside of Konoha.' He thought to himself. But pretty soon the peaceful quiet was interrupted by Sakura.

"Excuse me Tazuna-san?" she asked gaining everyone's attention.

"What is it?" came the gruff reply from the bridge builder.

"You're from the Land of Waves right?" she asked.

"Yeah so?" he asked.

"Are there any shinobi there Kakashi-sensei?" she asked turning towards her sensei.

"No there aren't any there. Ninja villages, like Konoha, represent an aspect of military might. All Daimyo's have a standing army, mostly composed of Samurai. It's a requirement for being a Daimyo since like any leader you can't be a leader without some way of enforcing your less popular laws. A ninja village, on the other hand, is more like the 'special forces' of a country's military forces. A ninja village requires considerable backing in order to remain hidden, and that's not even considering the sort of capitol that it takes to fund to the start up of a ninja village. So, only the larger, stronger, and wealthier countries can start and maintain a ninja force. The land of Waves doesn't qualify." Kakashi explained as they passed a puddle, something that only Kakashi noticed.

"So other than a few bandits we shouldn't have to worry about any enemy shinobi." Kakashi finished.

"That's a relief." Sakura said relieved. Once they were a few feet away two masked figures emerged from the puddle.

Suddenly Naruto's eyes widened when he felt his instincts go wild and images struck his head. In his mind he saw an image of himself getting sliced by a bladed chain. Reacting on instincts he quickly ducked as two figures passed right above him, the same chain he saw in his mind passing right by him before they weaved around until their chain was wrapped around Kakashi. With a simple pull the chains dug into Kakashi's flesh cutting him to ribbons.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura cried out eyes wide in fear. Naruto cursed looking towards the offenders only to find them gone. He scanned the area before another image assaulted his mind, an image of a pair of clawed gauntlets attacking him from behind. Naruto leapt into the air as the sound of metal clashing filled the air. Landing back on his feet he saw the two masked shinobi wore a Kirigakure forehead protector.

'Mist? What are they doing here?' he thought before he heard one of the masked men spoke.

"It seems like we have a slippery one here huh brother?" he asked as the other spoke.

"Then we should skip the fun and get our target." He said before they charged at a frightened Tazuna. Before they could get him Sasuke charged and landed a kick right on one of the brothers faces but unfortunately he left himself open.

"Time do die!" the other masked man aiming his gauntlet at the Uchiha. But the hit never came as Naruto shot a chakra chain that wrapped around Sasuke's leg before pulling back as the gauntlet sailed right past him.

Seeing this Sasuke pulled out a kunai and a shuriken before launching it at the chain that connected the two brothers, pinning them to a tree. Naruto released his hold on Sasuke before wrapping the chain around his knuckles making makeshift brass knuckles. Cocking his fist back he charged at one of the brothers.

"Iron Knuckle" he said as his fist connected with his opponents jaw. Sasuke, not one to be outdone, attacked the other one with a hard heel kick aimed at his opponents face sending him crashing head first into a nearby tree.

"Well now, that was pretty good." A voice from above praised. They looked towards the voice to see Kakashi jump of the branch he was on. Blinking in confusion the genin looked at what used to be the remains of Kakashi only to see a cut up log.

"Kakashi-sensei, what happened? I thought they got you." Sakura asked pointing out the obvious.

"Not really, I used a substitution and then I stayed back so I could observe how far you've gotten. Both Naruto and Sasuke did very well and Naruto good job looking out for your teammate." Kakashi said with his usual eye smile.

"Hn. I didn't need the dobe's help." Sasuke scoffed.

"Yeah! Sasuke-kun could have taken them down by himself." Sakura added the surprise of her sensei's survival gone in an instant.

'Tch. I knew I should have let the hit get hit.' Naruto thought.

Kakashi sighed at his genin's behavior before turning towards Tazuna who was sweating nervously.

"If I heard correctly…those two said you were their target. Would you mind telling us why the Demon Brothers, a well known pair of chunin, were after you?" he asked staring at the bridge builder seriously. Tazuna fidgeted under his stare before sighing in defeat.

"Gato, it was him who sent these shinobi. He wants me dead before I can finish the bridge." Tazuna said causing Kakashi to raise a brow.

"Gato? As in Gato of Gato Corporation?" Kakashi asked carefully while Sakura just looked confused.

"Wait, why would anyone want to kill you for building a bridge?"

"Because, he's trying to stop us from getting any kind of hope." He said gravely. "About a year ago, a businessman named Gato came to Wave and started buying companies. Once he owned most of them, he started using strong-arm tactics to drive everyone else out of business. Pretty soon, Gato owned just about everything. He's been crushing us into nothing ever since. Nobody knows what he's doing."

"But…with the completion of my bridge it could all change. With it we could connect to the mainland and a new hope." He finished a look of determination in his eyes.

"So this Gato person is sucking Wave of its funds?" Sakura asked.

"And because of that he had to lie about the mission rank because he couldn't afford the price for the actual rank." Kakashi concluded before thinking about what they should do.

"Yeas, I apologize for lying but you have to understand. Thanks to Gato we only have enough money for the supplies needed to complete the bridge." Tazuna explained.

"That may be but you still lied about the rank. Because of that you have an underpowered team for the task. I'm afraid we'll have to go back to Konoha." Kakashi sighed causing Tazuna's shoulders to slump in defeat before turning around.

"It's alright, I understand. I'll just have to continue on my own. Hopefully I'll be able to make it their in one piece. I'd hate for my daughter to cry her heart out if her dear father died and as for my beloved grandson…hopefully he won't hold a grudge against Konoha for leaving me on my own. You guys go and do what you have to do. Who knows maybe I'll see you around some day…maybe." He said as he began walking away from the Konoha shinobi.

Kakashi flinched slightly with each word and looked uncomfortable. It only increased when he saw his genin looking at him expectantly.

"I say we go. I refuse to let my first c-rank mission end in a failure." Sasuke said.

"I agree with Sasuke-kun!" Sakura added.

Naruto was smirking the whole time looking at Tazuna with amusement.

'He really knows how to play the guilt card.' He thought before he began to follow the bridge builder.

"Where are you going Naruto?" Kakashi asked since he hadn't made a decision yet.

"I plan on going no matter what decision is made Hatake-san." Naruto informed. Kakashi just sighed before he began following them as well.

'Become a sensei they said. You'll be a great sensei. I knew I should have turned down the offer to teach a genin squad.' Kakashi thought feeling a headache coming. None of the shinobi noticed Tazuna's smug grin.

Eventually they took a ferry so they could cross the sea the separated Wave from the mainland. Once they reached the docks the ferryman said his goodbyes before leaving as quickly as possible.

"Alright now that we're here all that's left is getting to my home." Tazuna announced.

'Chances are Gato's next attack will be happening soon…and they'll be sending in someone much stronger.' Kakashi thought to himself.

AS they were walking Naruto heard a rustling sound. Not wanting to take a chance he quickly pulled out a kunai and launched it at the direction of the sound startling the others around him.

"What was that for you baka! Don't scare us like that!" Sakura shouted.

"I definitely heard something over there." Naruto said as Kakashi walked over to inspect. Moving the bushes away he saw that a rabbit was passed out in shock as the kunai was lodged into the tree about an inch away from the rabbits head. Seeing this Sakura continued to berate Naruto.

"See that?! A rabbit! It was a harmless rabbit!" she shouted as Naruto looked back and forth from the rabbit to Sakura.

"Oh…my bad." He said blankly.

"That's all you have to say for yourself!" Sakura shouted enraged.

'It was a harmless mistake. Why is she being so dramatic?' Naruto thought to himself while Kakashi appeared to be in deep thought.

"A snow rabbit? It's fur is the wrong color for this time of year." The masked jounin muttered. Naruto was about to asked what he meant when an image flashed into his mind. It was an image of himself being cut in half by a large sword that resembled a butcher's knife. Like always Naruto acted on instincts.

"DUCK!" he shouted at the same time as Kakashi though Kakashi looked a little surprised that Naruto knew to duck as well. The others, obviously startled at the sudden order, did what they were told just in the nick of time as a large sword sore through the air its line of path would have cut their heads clean of their shoulders. The sword kept going until it started to rise higher into the air until it was embedded into a tree.

"K-Kakashi-sensei…what was that?" a shaken Sakura asked as they got back on their feet.

"It seems like we have a guest." Kakashi said as he gazed at the sword only to find someone standing on the flat end of the sword. The man looked down at them before he began to laugh.

"Well what do we have here? I came to see what kept the Demon Brothers so long and I find none other than Sharingan no Kakashi. I don't suppose I could convince you to hand over the old man. If you do then I promise I'll let those little brats of yours run on home." The man taunted smirking underneath his bandaged mask.

'Did he say Sharingan?' Sasuke thought in shock.

"Momochi Zabuza, Demon of the Bloody Mist. While your offer sounds tempting I'm afraid I can't let you kill this man." Kakashi said casually but the look on his face was serious.

"I see, then I look forward to killing someone with a reputation such as yours." Zabuza said.

"Team 7, guard Tazuna do not let him out of your sight. We cannot let Zabuza get to him." Kakashi ordered as he reached for his forehead protector.

"What's this? Bringing out the legendary Sharingan out so soon? I feel so honored." Zabuza said as Kakashi moved his forehead protector reveal a red eye with three tomoe marks around the pupil.

"I don't plan on going easy on you Zabuza. Prepare yourself." Kakashi warned as he pulled out a kunai.

'How on earth does he have the Sharingan?' Sasuke asked himself in shock as the other two genin wondered what was up with his other eye.

"Um Hatake-san…do you have red eye or something?" Naruto asked causing the others, including Zabuza, to face fault.

"Red eye? Don't tell me the brat doesn't know what the Sharingan is." Zabuza said in slight disbelief.

"Dobe that's not a simple case of red eye. It's one of the 3 great dojutsu." Sasuke said.

'A dojutsu that belongs to my clan.' Sasuke continued in his mind.

"Oh…so it's some kind of super eye?" Naruto asked confused.

"I guess you could say that." Kakashi said getting into a fighting stance watching Zabuza intently.

"Alright enough talk, time to get started." Zabuza said pulling his sword out of the tree before disappearing.

"So fast, where did he go?" Sakura asked scanning the area.

"Over there." Sasuke said pointing at the water where they say Zabuza standing one arm raised while the other made a hand seal.

"Prepare yourself. Hidden Mist Technique." He said as the fog around them began to spread and thicken. The three genin immediately took their positions in protecting Tazuna, Sasuke in the front while Naruto and Sakura flanked Tazuna, as their vision was blocked and the tension rose. The genin couldn't hear a thing other than their breathing as they tried to see through the most to no avail. Then they felt it. They were hit by a sudden wave of killer intent as the disembodied voice of Zabuza reached their ears.

"Eight targets. Larynx, spine, lungs, liver, jugular vein, collarbone, kidney, and heart. Such a tough decision. Tell me…do you have a preference of how to die?" he asked as the genin began to tremble under the killer intent directed at them.

"Calm down. We are dealing with a master of the Art of Silent Killing. If you let your guard down against him then you will be killed before you even realize it." Kakashi said, eyes scanning the area. "Besides, I don't plan on letting you die anytime soon. I will protect you guys with everything I have."

Once he was done the genin visible relaxed though you could tell they were sill tense. They tense further when they heard Zabuza laughing.

"Those are some bold words Kakashi. Are you sure you can back them up." And just like those times before an image flashed into Naruto's mind. He saw himself and his team getting cleaved in half from Zabuza's sword. Biting back a curse Naruto grabbed Tazuna's wrist and pulled him away just as Zabuza appeared inside their defense. The two jounin were a bit surprised by this.

'Looks like the gaki was able to feel my presence…not bad.' Zabuza admitted.

'This mist is too thick and Zabuza is a master at stealth. How did Naruto find him?' Kakashi thought as he quickly rushed at Zabuza stabbing him with his kunai.

"Not bad but not good enough." Zabuza said as he turned into water.

'It was just a water clone.' Sasuke thought in a panic knowing that the original was still out there.

"Time to die Kakashi." Zabuza said from behind swing his sword cutting the silver hair in half. He smirked as blood flew in the air but the smirk turned into a frown when the blood turned into water.

'He was able to copy my water clone even in this mist?' Zabuza thought as he realized what happened.

"Game over Zabuza." A voice from behind said as a kunai was placed over the mist shinobi's throat. Glancing over his shoulder he saw that it was Kakashi.

"I didn't even see him make any hand seals." Naruto whispered to himself.

"Looks like its over." Sakura thought as she released a sigh of relief but they tensed when they heard a low chuckle coming from Zabuza.

"Do you honestly think I'd go down this easily? Please, it will take more than some simple monkey tricks to bring me down. But I'll give credit where credit is due, you are good. Copying my jutsu while you were comforting your genin and then switching places with it without being detected…you used my own mist against me." Zabuza praised before his eyes narrowed.

"It would fool a lot of people but not me." A voice from behind said, shocking them. Kakashi looked in time to see another Zabuza standing right behind him as the one in front of him turned into water.

'He used another clone.' Kakashi thought as he ducked to avoid a swipe of Zabuza's sword. Seeing this Zabuza countered with a hard kick with enough force to send Kakashi flying until he fell into the water. Quickly focusing his chakra into his feet Kakashi stood on the water and looked back at Zabuza only to find him missing.

"Bad luck that you landed on my playing field, eh Kakashi?" Zabuza said from behind as he went through a series of hand seals.

'When did he get behind me?' Kakashi thought as he made a move to get away but it was too late.

"Water Release: Water Prison Technique" Zabuza said as the water around Kakashi began to surround him until he was trapped in a dome of water.

"You won't be able to escape from this." Zabuza said once his jutsu was completed. "Now that I have you where I want, I can take care of your little brats and the bridge builder. Once I finish them off your next."

"Water Release: Water Clone Technique" he said as the water in front of him turned into an exact copy of himself.

"Alright you little brats, it's time to see what happened when you face a true shinobi." The clone said looking at the three genin like a predator about to pounce at its prey.

"Everyone listen, get Tazuna and get away from here. He has to stay here if he wants to keep a hold of me in this prison. His clone can only go so far before dispelling. Get out of here." Kakashi shouted from his prison.

Naruto was silent as he watched the Zabuza clone warily. Should he listen to Kakashi and try to escape? Naruto clenched his fist as he thought about his times with Kakashi. While he didn't know a lot about the man, as he tended to avoid talking about his personal life, he held a certain respect for him. Whenever he looked at the masked jounin's eye he never saw hate or disgust. Kakashi never once mistreated him but instead he treated him like he did the rest of his team.

'Those who break the rules are trash but those who abandon their comrades are lower than trash'

He didn't know why Kakashi's words floated in his mind but they applied nicely in this situation. While he didn't feel close enough to the man to call him a friend he was still a part of his team.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Hatake-san. When we first formed this team you told me that only those lower than trash abandon their comrade. As long as I wear this forehead protector then you are a comrade." Naruto said taking a step forward keeping a watchful eye on the clone.

"Now's not the time to play hero Naruto! Get out of here!" Kakashi shouted from his imprisonment.

"I already told you my decision. Besides, what's the point? Zabuza could just kill you and then come after us." Naruto pointed out.

'My best bet is to find a way to separate him from the water prison and free Hatake so he can defeat Zabuza.' Naruto rationalized.

"This kid has guts, I like him." The Zabuza clone said as Naruto raised his arm and shot out a chakra chain that was heading right at the clone at high speed.

"What's this?" The clone asked curiously as he titled his head avoiding the chain. But the chain kept going heading for the original.

"So you bypass the clone and aim for the original. Pretty smart gaki but it's not enough." The original Zabuza said as he grabbed the chain before it hit him. He then pulled it back, the strength pulling Naruto towards the clone as it prepared its sword to cut Naruto in two. Seeing this Naruto raised his other hand and shot it at a tree wrapping it around the trunk stopping him before he was within range from the sword as it crashed into the ground in front of him.

Naruto then raised his leg and surprised everyone as he shot another chain out of his foot as it wrapped around the clone's neck. Smirking Naruto made a hard sweeping motion with his leg pulling the chain with it causing it to tighten with enough force that crushed the clone's neck before it was reduced to a puddle of water.

"Oh ho ho, what's this? Looks like you have more skills then I though." Zabuza praised as he created another clone. "But you'll still have to do better than that." And with that the clone charged.

"Don't forget about me. Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique." Sasuke said launching a large fireball at the clone. The clone was about to dodge before it un-intently glance at Naruto.

"Temporary Paralysis Technique" Naruto said causing the clones body to freeze up before turning to water as the fireball dispelled it.

'When did Naruto learn that?'Kakashi thought as he observed his students feeling a touch of pride as they finally seemed to use teamwork but it seemed to be unintentional if the scowl of Sasuke was anything to go by.

'The dobe knows another jutsu? Damn it, where did he learn it.' Sasuke thought with narrowed eyes as he Naruto pulled out a shuriken and threw it.

"Shadow Shuriken Technique" Naruto said as the single shuriken multiplied into 20 that were heading right for Zabuza.

"You think that this will hit me?" Zabuza scoffed as he waved his sword and smashed it against the water he stood on creating a giant wave that washed the shuriken away. Once the wave was away he saw Naruto looking at him right the eye as he made the necessary hand seals.

"Temporary Paralysis Technique" he said and just like earlier with the clone Zabuza's body froze.

'I won't be able to hold him for long so I better make this count.' Naruto thought as swung both arms with four chains shooting out of his hands.

"Chakra Chains: Octopus Strike." He said as the eight chains smashed into Zabuza right arm, shoulder and side the moment that he was freed from his temporary paralysis.

"Grah!" Zabuza grunted in pain as he was forced to pull his arm out of the water prison. Now that he no longer had any contact with the water prison it turned into normal water freeing Kakashi.

"Good job Naruto, go back to the others while I finish this." Kakashi said as he stared at Zabuza who was waving his arm a bit trying to wash the pain he felt, those chains could pack a punch.

"Got it." Naruto said as he walked back towards the others keeping one eye on the battle in front of him and the other on Tazuna.

"Dobe, where did you learn those jutsu?" Sasuke asked taking his spot.

"Now is not the time for your petty jealousy. In case you've forgotten we have a skilled jounin with a giant as sword trying to kill us." Naruto said not even sparing a glance at the Uchiha. Sasuke glared at him a bit before grunting in annoyance as he looked back at the fight in front of him.

"Your kid isn't half bad Kakashi. But I won't be falling for that again so once I finish you off I'll get back at him." Zabuza said.

"You talk like you'll be able to defeat me. I won't fall for the same trick twice." Kakashi said.

"Whatever, it's about time for you all to die." Zabuza said as he went through a series of hand seals, an action that Kakashi copied.

"Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique" they both said as the water around them began to rise into the air until it turned into the shape of a dragon. With a ferocious roar the two dragons charged at each other as the water rained down on the genin and Tazuna. As the dragons charged Kakashi pulled out a kunai while Zabuza wielded his giant blade. The two charged at each other sparks flying and the sound of metal clashing filled the air.

From his spot Naruto couldn't help but watch the fight with wide eyes. He's never seen a fight like this before.

'The speed of the hand seals…the strength of their jutsu…the speed and strength they fight with…I knew it took a lot to be jounin but this is…' he thought as he watched Kakashi block Zabuza's sword strike before punching the missing-nin in the face who countered by kicking him in the chest sending them flying away from each other. Naruto clenched his fist and a determined look crossed his face.

'One day I will reach this level and then I will surpass it.' He thought to himself.

During his fight Zabuza began to notice something. He began to go through another set of hand seals and noticed that Kakashi was doing the same.

'He's using that damned eye of his to copy my movements.' He thought bitterly. 'In the end it won't matter just copying me-'

"Won't be enough to defeat me." Kakashi said surprising Zabuza.

'What? Don't tell me-'

"That he read my mind." Kakashi stated as he picked up the speed on his hand seals after noticing Zabuza's slight pause.

"You're mind tricks won't work on me!" Zabuza said as he went back to his hand seals but stopped completely when he saw a human figure form next to Kakashi.

"What the hell?" he said to himself when he the figure form into himself.

"Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique" Kakashi finished as the water surged around him before charging at Zabuza who grunted in pain as it crashed into him. The water kept pushing him away until he crashed into a tree. Gasping for air Zabuza barely blinked before his arms and legs were stabbed by kunai. Looking around he saw Kakashi on the branch on the tree he crashed into pinning a kunai around his finger.

"It looks like it's the end of the line for you demon." Kakashi said. Zabuza was about to speak but his words died in his throat and his vision blackened as he fell to the ground.

"What happened?" Naruto asked confused until his noticed two needles lodged into the missing-nin's neck. Looking around he raised an eyebrow when he saw a masked boy who looked about his age standing on the tree branch.

"Thank you for helping me deal with him. I have been after him for some time but he proved to be a difficult target." The masked boy said his voice soft and gentle. Kakashi nodded before walking towards Zabuza's fallen form before checking his pulse. Not feeling anything he stood up and turned towards the masked boy.

"You mask…If I had to guess I would say you are a hunter-nin from Kiri." Kakashi said.

"You would be correct." The masked shinobi said before jumping towards Zabuza. He picked up the corpse and turned to the Konoha group. "Now if you'll excuse me, I must dispose of the body."

Kakashi covered his sharingan as the boy vanished in a swirl of mist as a few nearby leaves scattered in the air.

"Well now that that's over with we can be on our way." Kakashi said with an eye smile. He took one step forward before crashing towards the ground face first.

"You trip or something Hatake-san?" Naruto asked he walked over towards the silver haired jounin.

"Ugh, that battle took a lot out of me. My body is too worn out." Kakashi groaned.

'Guess I'm not used to using the sharingan for prolonged periods of time.' He thought to himself tiredly.

"Come on. You can rest once we get to my house." Tazuna said as he helped Naruto pick the man up before dragging him away.

Tazuna's house

"Tsunami I'm home!" the bridge builder shouted as he opened the door to his house. The heard the shuffling of feet before a young woman appeared before them.

"Father you're home!" she said with a large smile as she embraced the elderly man who happily returned the hug. Tsunami looked over her father's shoulder and saw the shinobi just standing there.

"Who are our guests?" she asked releasing her father and looking at the group curiously.

"These are the shinobi from Konoha that I hired to protect me." Tazuna explained as bowed to them in greeting.

"Thank you for keeping my father safe." She thanked with a smile.

"No problem but can we come in. Not to be rude or anything but he's a lot heavier then he looks." Naruto said as he gestured to the still tired Kakashi who was leaning on him.

"Now why would you say something like that? That really hurt my feelings." Kakashi said in a weary tone.

"Oh of course, please come in." she said as she let the group enter the home where Naruto proceeded to dump Kakashi on the couch.

"Thanks for that." Kakashi said dryly.

"Don't mention in Hatake-san." Naruto said with a shrug as he found a chair to sit on.

"I wasn't expecting any guest so if you'll excuse me I'll have to prepare extra for dinner." Tsunami said as she left the room.

"And I think I'll go look for my grandson." Tazuna said as he left the room. Once gone the exhaustion left Kakashi's face as he looked at his genin.

"I've been thinking about it for a while but there is very high chance that Zabuza is still alive." He said seriously.

"What? But we barely beat him?" Sakura shouted eyes wide in panic.

"We? Please all you did was stand there." Naruto scoffed causing Sakura to glare at him. She was about to say something but a look from Kakashi kept her silent.

"I have reason to believe that the hunter-nin is actually an accomplice of Zabuza's." Kakashi explained.

"What makes you say that?" Sasuke asked with a raised brow.

"When a hunter-nin captures a missing-nin they are supposed to dispose of the body right away." Kakashi answered.

"So? Maybe he just took him away so no one else had to watch him when he did it." Sakura said hoping that she was right. She did not want to face Zabuza again.

"Did you notice what the hunter-nin used to finish off Zabuza?" Kakashi asked.

"Those needle things." Naruto answered causing the jounin to nod.

"Yes but their called senbon. If used properly that hunter-nin could have used them to put Zabuza in a death like trance so we would think he was dead while he took him away so he could recover." Kakashi explained. The room was silent as the genin absorbed this.

"So we'll be fighting him again?" Naruto guessed.

"Yes, only this time he'll bring a friend." Kakashi said. "If the hunter-nin is really an ally of his he'll be joining in the fight next time we face Zabuza."

"T-Then what are we going to do? You're bedridden and we're just genin. There's no way we can take on a jounin." Sakura said but Kakashi shook his head.

"I should be up and running in a week's time. Based on the injuries that Zabuza suffered he should be the same as well. In the mean time I think it's about time we up your training a bit." He said getting a surprised look from his genin.

"Training? You mean you expect us to fight someone like Zabuza?" Sakura asked incredulously.

"Have a little more faith Sakura. By the time your training is done you should be able to hold your own." Kakashi said with an eye smile before turning towards Naruto. "By the way Naruto, where did you learn those jutsu?"

"I figured adding more to my arsenal of jutsu would help up. My chakra chains are pretty strong when used right but it never hurts to have a backup plan. I went to the library to pick up a few scrolls. I only learned a few d-rank jutsu though." Naruto explained leaving out the part where he had to use a henge to go to the library to get the scrolls.

"Decided to take things into your own hands huh? Pretty good. If you have free time then you may as well spend it improving yourself." Kakashi said nodding in approval.

"Well now I guess we should get a start on the training after all we have a dangerous bloodthirsty shinobi to deal with." Kakashi said with an eye smile causing the genin to sweat drop at his casual tone.

End of chapter

To some that are questioning Naruto's fighting style. He can basically use his chakra chains as whips but their main strength right now is capturing and detaining opponents so I gave him a few d-rank jutsu. Temporary Paralysis to freeze his opponents so he can capture them and Shadow Shuriken to add some offensive abilities.

Also for those who are wondering about Kyuubi don't worry, she will appear in the next chapter or the one after that.