Harry Potter just found out that Lily potter wasn't his mum that his dads were Severus Tobias Snape and Sirius Orion Black and the person that carried him was his Father James Charlus Potter and lily potter was his godmother that his father's parents adopted her because her parents passed away in the muggle-world because of the death-eaters and petunia was of legal age and had custody of her sister and tried to stop her sister from going back to the wizarding world along with her husband Vernon was sexually abusing his young sister-in-law and petunia didn't know that her husband was sexually abusing her young sister and James found out about the sexual abuse and told his parents what was happening with Lilly Evans and James only loved Lilly like a sister not a lover because James Charlus Potter was gay and he was able to carry pregnancies very easily and Lilly Marie Lupin Nee Potter wound up marrying Remus Lupin who was a werewolf once a month because he was bitten by Fernier Greyback when he was only 3 years old