Summary: Logan is the new head of the neuroscience department at The Palm Woods School for gifted Children. Kendall, James and Carlos are handlers for the children. Two teenage girls in particular, Terra Michaelson, and Mira Collins. By day they are bright happy teens with amazing gifts. But at night they are terrified by an unseen force dubbed "The Night Terrors" by the younger kids. What exactly are these "Night Terrors" and why do the kids fear what could possibly be simply bad dreams? Kendall/OC, Carlos/OC, and Logan/James!

Logan sighed as he watched the girl in front of him. He looked down at the complete file in front of him and began to read.

Subject: Mira Christine Collins.

Age: 16.

Talents: Projector and a telekinetic.

Height: 5'4.

Weight: 96.45.

Features: Eye color: Purple. Hair color: Black. Skin tone: Pale.

Logan rolled his eyes as he read the classifications they used for her. They made it sound as though her features were normal. She had a sharp angular face that reminded him of an elf. Ironically enough her haircut was a pixie cut.

Parents: Deceased, names unknown.

Sibling(s): Michael Jared Collins.

Subject is of Caucasian descent but may have roots in Egypt.

'Well that would explain the hair and eye color,' he thought to himself.

Brain functions at 90% capacity, higher than any others.

Allergies: None.

Eyesight: 20/20.

Hearing: 100%.

No chronic childhood illness.

Handlers: James Diamond and Carlos Garcia.

Subject displays extraordinary reflexes that are seen as similar to a feline. Subject displays violent tendencies when provoked by other subjects or in general. Gifted fighter but would be more useful as intelligence gathering.

'She's a teenager not a soldier,' he silently fumed. Why they spoke as though she was he would not understand.

Logan rubbed his eyes and glanced up at the silent girl who sat behind the two way mirror. Her concentration was completely on the chess piece that was eye level with her violet eyes, suspended in midair. As it had been for the past three hours with no change and the hour approached 2 AM. They grabbed subjects at random hours to see ow it would affect their abilities.

With another sigh he hit the button to call her handlers as he scrawled down the last of his notes. And now to watch them try and get her to bed.

James and Carlos entered the observation room and knelt by Mira. "Mira, it's time to go to bed," Carlos softly murmured as to not startle her.

The knight she was levitating clattered to the floor as she turned to look at him with wise yet childlike eyes.

"Is he done with his notes?"

Logan's mouth dropped open. Did he hear that right?

"This one's nice so I don't want him to get in trouble is all," she explained as though she heard him.

"If he wasn't done Mira he wouldn't have called us," James explained in a soft musical voice that made Logan suddenly glad he was sitting down. If he had been standing up, his knees would not have supported him with how weak they suddenly felt.

The tiny girl bit her lip worriedly and James sighed. "Come on Mira, breakfast is in five hours and you need sleep."

"Can you read Cinderella tonight?" She asked.

"Sure kiddo," Carlos promised.

"Okay," she agreed. "I'll go to bed!"

Logan could almost see them bite back the sighs of relief the two bit back.

"Alright Mira, lets go," Carlos said gently. The slim teen hopped up and willingly followed the two out.

Logan sat back in shock. How did she know he wasn't entirely done? One of his observations was to see how she reacted to being pulled from her environment. He rubbed his eyes again and put it down to a fluke in the mirror. It faltered and she saw him writing is what happened, he reassured himself.

And with that he flipped the file shut and made his way to his room, resolving to check the mirror tomorrow morning.

After a lot of coffee.

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