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Arms raised above their heads as they dance through the halls, half digested breakfast forgotten. They had eaten quickly, eager to get to the day. Kendall, Carlos and James hurried after them, worried about what they might get up to if not watched. The two girls exchanged smirks.

If all went well, they wouldn't be watched at all today.


Something felt very off today. And Logan felt very bad. As though he had just done something very very wrong. But why? All he had done was turn in his report on Mira.

His report on Mira...

Logan felt an icy trickle enter his veins. He took off running towards the patients wing.

Something bad was going to happen to Mira, he could feel it.


Kelly stared at the report in front of her, dread curdling in the pit of her stomach.

A new power. New powers were always messy during development and very hard to control. The powers came in usually one of two ways.

One: Messy and temperamental and so very hard to control and keep out of others minds. Two: Quick, easy and no difficulty. And it was usually the first one rather than the second one. Kelly sighed at the thought of a new mind reader.

Hopefully Mira would turn out to be better at controlling her mind reading capabilities than her brother.

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