Previously on Night Terrors...

Logan felt an icy trickle enter his veins. He took off running towards the patients wing.

Something very bad was going to happen to Mira, he could feel it.


Logan raced through the patients wing, frantically checking the room numbers

110... 111... 112...

113! He cursed himself when he realized he'd forgotten his master key. Logan quickly knocked on the door.

"Mira are you in there?" He called hopefully. No answer.

The icy trickle re-entered his veins.

"Um why are you knocking on my patients door?" A voice called from behind him. Logan whirled around to see Carlos, his brain helpfully supplied, standing there a confused look on his face.

"Open the door! Something's wrong," Logan barked at him. The Latino hurriedly did so and both were aghast to find the room devoid of life.

"Mira come out come out wherever you are," Carlos called hopefully. No such luck.

"Where could she be?" Logan asked Carlos desperately.

"Terra's room?" Carlos suggested. Both rushed out of the room only to be stopped by a heart-wrenching-gut-roiling-blood-curdling scream coming from down the hall. They rushed down the hall and found Abigail standing there shaking like a leaf, her mousy brown eyes wide with terror.

When she saw them she burst into tears and cried "The Night Terrors got Mira and Terra!


Jo puttered about the school's kitchens checking the stocks to make sure they had enough for dinner that night. Out of the corner of her eye she saw an approaching shadow.

She turned around and screamed, her heart almost stopping in terror with what she saw.

And so I leave you with cliffie! Muahahahaa! Jo's head of the school kitchen staff in case you were wondering.