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Happily Ever After:
Are You Saying Hermione's a Liar?


A shill scream pierced the still silence of the night, shattering whatever peace had resided in the old Grimmauld Place. Doors opened and footsteps clattered as another terrified scream tore through the house, and like many others Sirius Black was up and running, wand in hand, long before his conscious mind caught up with his actions. All he knew was that screaming meant that they must be under attack, he could fathom no other reason for someone to be in such terror if they weren't under attack. Rounding the corner before his feet were finished thundering down the stairs, he was unsurprised to find the rest of the Order was also awake and appearing panicked as they all stood outside the room.

His feet slowed as he realized just what room they were standing in front of, "That's Hermione's room!" he stated dumbly. His eyes locked on the door as his world seemed to slow dramatically to focus completely on getting to Hermione.

An arm suddenly appeared in front of him holding him back, "That's Hermione's room!" he repeated pushing forward, surprise waking his mind up when he realized he was being held back. Looking to his left he found himself face to face with his oldest friend.

"Yes it is," Remus agreed with him, his eyes worried, "But no one can seem to get in without being hurt."

Sirius shook his head, trying to wake himself up, "What do you mean?" he demanded, moving around Remus' arm to get closer to the door.

Remus followed him cautiously to make sure he didn't proceed to do anything stupid, like try to open the door, "What I mean," he stated clearly, relaxing a bit as Sirius came to a stop just outside the door, "Is that the door has been warded to hex anyone who would try to enter the room. Charlie and Dora figured that out the hard way. No one has been able to get in, both Bill Weasley, a leading curse breaker," he added as if Sirius needed reminding, "and Kingsley, a leading Auror," again with the emphasis of the man's previous experience, "have tried opening that door, and neither one of them have even remotely made it without getting hurt."

Sirius turned his concerned eyes on Remus, "Why would Hermione have wards up on her room?" he asked, "What if they aren't her wards? What if someone else is in there with her?" suddenly Sirius snapped back around and nearly flew into the door before Remus could stop him.

"I know Sirius!" Remus grunted as he jerked Sirius back away from the door, "But no one has been able to get in unhurt! Don't you think we are all just as concerned about Hermione?! not to mention the fact that this is Ginny's room as well!" another scream split the air and everyone winced.

Sirius' face drained of what was left of its color, "I forgot about Ginny," he murmured, stunned, "Where is Harry?" his head jerked up and his eyes flicked around the group of surrounding Order members, "Where is Harry?" he repeated noticing that his godson was in fact not in the group of concerned peoples surrounding Hermione and Ginny's room "In fact, where are any of the DA members?" more screams came from the room and Sirius suddenly became aware of the fact that he was shaking, a lot.

"Someone get the bloody door open!" he snapped his attention back on the door, his mind was overwhelmed with the need to protect Hermione. Every fiber of his being was straining to get through the door in front of him so that he could sweep Hermione up in his arms and protect her.

Eyeing the door carefully Sirius raised his wand, intent on obliterating the door if necessary. Before his wand could cast the hex he had been thinking a sharp voice spoke from down the hallway, "I wouldn't do that if I were you," the voice commanded causing everyone to turn and face the tall, platinum blonde haired form of Draco Malfoy.

"What?" Sirius hissed at his cousin, "Hermione is in there screaming," another long loud scream broke through the door as if to emphasize Sirius' point, "She is being hurt, and you're worried about—"

Draco came to stop directly in front of Sirius, "She's not," he stated clearly, interrupting Sirius.

"Excuse me?" Sirius exclaimed, his eyes clenching shut for a moment as he fought with everything in him not to fall to his knees in despair as Hermione screamed again.

Draco tore his tired eyes away from the door, "Hermione is not being hurt," he clarified, his face was serious and worn looking but he appeared otherwise unconcerned, "She's just in the middle of a nightmare."

Sirius pointed at the door, "Nightmares don't make people scream like this!" he snapped, "So how can you be so sure?" his voice was tight as he attempted to force himself to stop shaking and calm down. Logically he knew that if there was anyone in the house that would be as worried about Hermione as he was it would be Draco, and if Draco didn't appear to be concerned about the screaming then he shouldn't either. Unfortunately logic didn't stop his temper from rising as each scream from Hermione entered his ears and painfully tore at his mind and heart.

Seeing Sirius struggle for control Remus spoke up, "Hermione said she hasn't had a nightmare since a year after the war was over," he stated, "Why would her nightmares return now?"

Draco snorted, "If Hermione hasn't had a bad dream since a year after the end of the war then I'm a three headed basilisk," he rolled his eyes, "Just because you don't hear her screaming every night doesn't mean she doesn't have nightmares anymore; nor does her telling you she doesn't have nightmares anymore mean she doesn't."

"Are you saying Hermione's a liar?" Sirius growled, his eyes glaring at the younger man.

Draco met him eye to eye, "If she's telling you that she hasn't had nightmares in that long then yes, I guess I am calling Hermione a liar; at least about this."

"Oh for the love of Merlin, quit being cryptic Draco!" Molly Weasley suddenly snapped, "What exactly are you saying? What do you know?"

Draco turned to look at Molly, not at all surprised by her exclamation, "What I'm saying," he stated slowly, "And what I know, is that Hermione is currently in the middle of a nightmare she is very much unlikely to wake up from anytime soon. Therefore it is pointless for all of you to be standing around when there is nothing you can do."

Molly's stance softened as she took in Draco's worn appearance, somehow it had gone unnoticed earlier, but now it was perfectly clear that the young man in front of her was tired and drained, "There has to be something we can do," she murmured softly, her worry now extending to Draco who she had easily adopted into her family once she had found out about his parents disowning him, "We can't just leave her like this."

Shaking his head Draco ran his fingers roughly through his straggly hair, "There is nothing you can do Molly," he said firmly, "Look around, do you see any of the other DA members here?" absently everyone did so, some even seeming surprised to find out that the DA was in fact not around, "Don't you think that if there was anything that could be done they would be here?"

Arthur was the first to voice the question on everyone's mind, "Why aren't any of them here?" he asked quietly, looking back at Draco.

Draco's expression clearly showed his exasperation, and the constant screaming wasn't helping; not that he didn't sympathize with Hermione's pain—he did, all too well, but this was getting ridiculous. Did they honestly think that he would be telling them to go away if they could actually be helpful if they stayed? "They aren't here because they realize there is nothing they can do. Now I would greatly appreciate it if all of you would just go. To. Bed!"

Reluctantly those of the Order who weren't exactly close with Hermione began to dwindle until only Minerva, Molly, Arthur, Remus and Sirius remained. Draco clenched his fist as Hermione screamed again, and his eyes squinted shut, her screaming brought back many memories that he hated remembering. "Molly please," he pleaded, "Both Hermione and Ginny are fine," he forced himself to give a nonchalant shrug, "I wouldn't even be surprised if Ginny was completely unaware of what was going on."

Arthur frowned, "Of course Ginny is aware of what is going on!" he exclaimed, concern evident in his eyes, "She's probably worrying about why we haven't managed to come in yet!"

All of Draco's patience suddenly floo out the window and his face hardened, "Even if Ginny is awake right now, she is fully aware that one, Hermione would have warded the door so heavily that Dumbledore himself wouldn't be able to get through without the password, and two, that there is absolutely nothing any of you can do to help Hermione. Now go. To. Bed!" Draco snapped pointing his finger down the hall, "You can rant and rave and carry on all you'd like tomorrow morning."

Molly gasped in offence at the harsh and commanding tone in Draco's voice, but reluctantly moved to return to her room with Arthur nonetheless, silently vowing that this wouldn't be the end of their conversation. Draco watched them go with impatience clear in his eyes before turning to Remus and Sirius who were the only two remaining. They were sharing a look, one where Sirius was giving a dark glare as if daring Remus to try and get him to move, and Remus was returning an indiscernible look of his own.

Draco gave a sigh and moved towards them, "Sirius can stay but you should go to bed too Moony," his voice suddenly matching his exhausted appearance, "I promise Hermione is fine, this happens more often than I think you both would like to know, and not just to Hermione."

The two Marauders stared at Draco in surprise, "What are you talking about?" Remus murmured, temporarily overlooking the comment about Sirius staying.

Draco hesitated, but realizing that no one was going to go anywhere unless he said something he gave another sigh and shook his head, "We all have nightmares," he stared, "they can get so bad sometimes that they can lead to yelling and screaming in our sleep."

"But we haven't heard any of you scream—" Sirius started.

Draco cut him off, "Yes, but that is only because we have all been warding our rooms so that no one can hear if we do. Before I go to bed at night I check all the wards in the house to make sure they are all up so that you don't overhear; Potter didn't want you to worry about him, nor did Hermione, Ginny or Weasley. I was so tired tonight I skipped my ward checks and went straight to bed. Apparently Hermione was also tired as she forgot her silencing wards."

"You all put up silencing wards?" Remus clarified, looking upset that he hadn't known about the reoccurring nightmares that the DA members seemed to be having.

The younger man nodded, "Yes, that's why no one else is out here, they don't hear anything, and therefore they aren't worried. Sometimes we don't need them, but the nightmares can be triggered by just about anything so we put them up every night just in case. Hermione gets the worst of them out of all of us though."

Draco sighed looking at the door and cringing along with Sirius as Hermione yelled some indiscernible words, "Her nightmares get so bad that nothing you can do will wake her up, waving light in her face, dumping cold water on her, nothing. We've all tried something as some point. Ginny puts up her own wards on her bed so that she can't hear Hermione," the tortured look in Draco's eyes told Remus and Sirius that he wished he could help her somehow, "We wanted to tell you two, I mean we tell you everything else so why not this right? But we all knew there was very likely nothing you could do to help us."

"What about dreamless sleep potions?" Sirius asked almost desperately, "why don't you try them?"

Draco began shaking his head the second Sirius mentioned the potion, "We did, but it got to the point where several of us were taking it every night and getting addicted; and like any drug, you only need a little for it to work when you start out, but then your body grows immune and starts craving more and more. The second Hermione figured out that the potion was addictive we all quit using it. Weasley even went through some severe withdrawals," Draco shrugged, "To be honest I really don't know how bad everyone else gets them, it's just a shared knowledge that we all have them."

"But it's been four years since the end of the war! What could possibly still be bothering you all so much that you have nightmares like this?" Sirius gestured towards the door and the now moaning woman behind it.

Draco gave a heavy sigh, "Ask me tomorrow and maybe I'll explain, but right now," Hermione's moans escalated into another round of screaming leading all three men to wince, "the only other solution I can think of to help Hermione to sleep right now is for Sirius to come with me into the room to try and calm her down."

Remus shared a surprised look with his best friend, "Why do you need Sirius to come with you?"

Draco looked at Sirius, "Because she loves him," he stated bluntly making both men stare at him, "Oh come on, you honestly think she would spend so much time trying to figure out a way to bring you back if she didn't love you?" he snorted, "Not to mention the endless hours she has spent since doing anything she could to get noticed by you. Not that she knows I know mind you," Draco added with a small sly smile, "but the point is, I would bet every last galleon I own that if anyone can help Hermione when she is in the middle of one of these nightmares it would be Sirius. Now can we stop dillydallying around and help her please?"

Sirius waved his arms at the door in a gesture to continue and Remus slowly gave a nod as he began to back away to follow his wife back to bed, "We'll talk about this tomorrow," he stated seriously as he looked Draco in the eye, "It isn't normal for you to be having such frequent nightmares this long after the fact. Then there's also the fact that Molly will be less likely to forget or forgive anything about this night by tomorrow."

Wearily running his fingers through his messy hair, Draco nodded, "I figured; to be honest I don't think any of us expected the secret to last this long," Remus nodded again and with one last look at Sirius he was gone up the stairs to his own room with Tonks.

Turning around to face the door just as Hermione began screaming again Draco reached out and muttered something under his breath before touching the knob and pushing the door open. The sound seemed to increase almost immediately and Draco winced, "Well apparently she remembered some of the silencing charms," he muttered as he and Sirius entered the room before turning around and warding the door with the charms that should have been up in the first place.

But Sirius didn't even hear him; the second he was through the doorway every part of him had honed in on Hermione as he rushed to her side. The brunette was tossing and turning, a cold sweat breaking out over her face, and her sheets tangled precariously around her. Sirius reached her bed just as she let out another loud string of panicked screams and futile jerking, "Hermione!" Sirius called as he took the last few steps towards her bed and touched one of her clenched fists urgently.

Hermione's scream died sharply and was replaced with a small whimper, "Sirius," the girl's voice was terrified as she turned on her side and cradled Sirius' hand in both of her own and pulled it close to her chest.

Numbly, as if surprised, Sirius bent to kneel next to Hermione's bed, allowing his hand to be used as a lifeline of sorts as his wide silver eyes turned to look in surprise at the blonde across the room. Draco looked up in surprise as well from where he had been checking Ginny's wards to look back at Sirius with a shocked expression that soon slid into a smirk, "That's what I thought," he murmured, his eyes flicking between Hermione's now peaceful expression, Sirius' own shocked but loving appearance, and the location of their clasped hands.

Draco finished checking Ginny's wards and came over to stand next to Sirius, "Looks like you'll be spending the night here cousin," he stated softly, "you may want to crawl into bed and make yourself comfortable," Draco gave Sirius a genuine smile as he moved towards the door, "Oh, and for the record," he spoke from the now open doorway, "She's never calmed down that fast or that completely before," he paused, "Just thought you'd like to know."

Sirius dragged his eyes away from Hermione's face to look at the cousin he had been so reluctant to accept, "Thank you," he murmured in a gravelly voice, "I just…thank you."

Draco shook his head, loose hairs flying in his eyes, "No," he stated, "Thank you. Hermione might actually make it through the rest of the night without nightmares because of you; so thank you," Draco turned and headed out the door, murmuring a soft "Good night," as he shut and warded the door behind him.

Sirius gave a deep sigh as he watched the door close before he turned back to look at Hermione. He had this feeling that she wasn't going to like waking up with him in her bed, but he really didn't see any other option. There was no way he was leaving her to go back to her nightmares, not even if his life depended on it. He shook his head gently at himself, no, he was going to take this opportunity and enjoy it; it may never happen again.

Careful not to disturb Hermione, Sirius slowly stood up and removed his hand so he could move to the other side of the bed that wasn't completely occupied by Hermione. He was surprised however, when the second the contact between their hands was severed Hermione began whimpering and calling his name softly in a terrified voice.

"Shh," he murmured, moving quickly to the other side of the bed and cautiously laying down beside her back, "I'm right here Princess," he murmured, slowly turning over on his side to touch her shoulder. Hermione's body seemed to stiffen as she felt his hand on her shoulder before she quickly relaxed and turned over to nestle into his side, placing her head on his chest.

A soft mumbled sigh of, "Sirius," was breathed out before Hermione seemed to return to her earlier state of peace.

Carefully Sirius tugged the blankets up around the both of them, before readjusting himself a little to be more comfortable. One arm snaked out around Hermione's shoulders to pull her closer to him protectively, and his fingers traced gentle circles on her bare arm as Sirius stared up at the ceiling, "I'm right here," he sighed once more before closing his eyes and shoving his worry and concern away in favor of a deep, comfortable sleep.


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