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Chapter 1: Goin' Places

"Mo! Get off me!" Kanae tried to free herself from her best friend's wretched grasp, but to no avail. But Kyoko unexpectedly released, from which she immediately started talking to herself.

"This can't be real," Kyoko muttered, "It must be a dream or," She paused to press her hands firmly on the sides of Kanae's face, "A mirage," She stood silent for several moments longer before placing her hands back. "No fever… Is something wrong that you're not telling me!?"

"Jeez! Don't make such a big deal about it!" Kanae lowered her head slightly so her hair would cover the pink tinge that spread across her cheeks. "I just wanted to take you out for ice-cream on Tuesday since it's the only time our schedules will let us hang out this month."

"Mo~ko-san!" Kyoko flung her arms back around Kanae's neck.

"Damn it! We can't go if you break my neck!" She made an attempt to wriggle free of the death grip.

"Sorry," Kyoko straightened up.

"Ah!" Kanae jumped slightly when her phone started buzzing. "That's my alarm, gotta head to work now, Later!"

"Bye Moko-san!" Kyoko waved animatedly. 'Today's gonna be a good day, I can feel it!' When she turned to leave she found herself face to face with a door. 'Well, maybe not'

"Ah Kyoko-chan!" Sawara beckoned her in his direction. "I've got a job request for you!" He smiled as Kyoko scampered over in a way that resembled a squirrel.

"Yeah!?" Her eyes shone with excitement.

"It's actually a modeling job,"

"Eh? But-"

"It's not uncommon for photographers to want actors instead of models to convey the expressions more accurately" (I don't actually think that's true)

"What kind of role is it?"

"You'll get to play a princess,"

Kyoko's jaw dropped so far Sawara was vaguely surprised it didn't hit the floor. She opened her mouth as if to speak but her voice betrayed her and her eyes started watering.

"So do you want me to except for you?" Sawara asked.

Kyoko couldn't find her voice so she settled on nodding vigorously.

"Great," Sawara smiled, "You start on this Tuesday."

Kyoko's face dropped, "Tuesday?"

"Yep, it looks like you don't have any other work on that day, so it should work out perfectly,"

"Right, thanks" Kyoko walked off solemnly, leaving behind a very perplexed Sawara.

'Why is she so down? If she nails this job she'll really be goin' places.'


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