Chapter 2: No Problem

"Should we be concerned?" Yashiro whispered to Ren. "She's been talking animatedly to herself for almost fifteen minutes now, I'd stop her but it's so entertaining."

"Ah," Ren was drawn back to reality. "Mogami-san!"

"Ack!" Kyoko nearly jumped five feet in the air. "You really need to stop sneaking up on me like that!"

Ren smirked, a sight that left Yashiro in awe. "I've been here for fifteen minutes now, I could hardly call that sneaking up,"

"Fifteen?" Kyoko paled.

"Mmhmm," Ren adjusted his hands so he could easily bring them to his ears if Kyoko decided to scream in response.

"What!" She wailed, "Why didn't you get my attention earlier instead of letting me parade around like an idiot!?"

The hints of emperor that shone through Ren's mask caused Yashiro to back out of the room before his face permanently became the color of a tomato. "Idiot?" Ren inquired. "I thought it was rather… cute"

Kyoko's face lit up with understanding as she felt Ren wrap his arms around her from behind.

Ren stumbled back as a body elbow dug into his ribs. It didn't hurt, but it was definitely surprising.

"Stop joking around!" Kyoko scolded. He wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad that Kyoko thought of his momentary loss of self control as a joke.

"Mogami-san?" Any remnants of Kuon evaporated when Kyoko turned to reveal her tear stained face.

"I don't have time for your games right now!" She was practically hyperventilating.

"Mogami-san what's that matter?" Ren bent over their faces were at the same level.

"M-Moko-san's gon' be mad at me," She stuttered between quiet sobs. "W-we were going to get together on Tuesday, b-but I got a job offer and I have to cancel, what if she gets mad at me?"

Ren tried not to show awe at how two-dimensional this girl and her problems were. "W-well," He began unsurely. "You're friend Kotonami-san is very professional right?" 'Please be right'

Kyoko nodded vigorously, "She's one of the most professional people I know, along with you,"

Ren smiled, whether it was from the complement or just the fact that he had a sure fire way to cheer her up now he wasn't quite sure. "Well if she really is a professional then she won't mind will she?"

"No," Kyoko smiled gently toward the floor and shook her head. "Knowing Moko-san she'd be even more angry had I not excepted the job,"

"Well there you have it," Ren smiled warmly again, causing Kyoko to flinch.

'God! If he smiled one more time I think I might lose my vision all together' She sighed internally. 'This guy should come with a warning label'

"Ah," Ren looked at his watch, even though it wasn't working he acted as though he was taking the time on it to heart. "I have to go, I think it'll be better to tell your friend soon so she doesn't get too attached to her plans before you tell her you're cancelling."

Kyoko's eyes brightened tremendously. "Thank you Tsuruga-san"

"Hello?" Kanae answered her phone. "Kyoko? Aren't you supposed to be working?"

"I had a break!" Kyoko explained. "I called you to say that I have to cancel on Tuesday because some work came up!"

"Okay," Kanae managed to keep the disappointment out of her voice, "If it's for work that there's no problem."

"Thanks Moko-san! Oh! Breaks almost over, gotta go!" Kyoko hung up before Kanae even got a chance to stutter out a goodbye.

"No problem," Kanae repeated back to herself as she tossed the present she had picked up for Kyoko at random onto her bed. "Not a problem at all,"


A/N: Poor Kanae: First Kyoko cancels on her, now she's probably never going to be in the story again.