Chapter 4: A Prince, A Pigeon, And a Pushover

Reino brought Kyoko's hands to his lips, which she struggled not to punch him in. "It would appear," He said with a smirk. "That for today, you'll be my princess" Kyoko hated the way he put so much emphasis on the word 'my' made her seemed like a possession, which reminded her of that guy, which made her mad, not that she wasn't already. She had had enough of that beagle by the end of vain-day, if it hadn't been for him, she would have been perfectly fine and safe on the fourteenth. But bastards draw more, so it all went downhill fast.

"I suppose so," Kyoko forced a smile on her face. He would not let this jerk win, he wouldn't break her, she'd be spend the whole shoot being kind and well mannered, like a princess.

"Alright!" The director raised an arm to call everyone together. "As you know I'm Director Shime and I still haven't explained you rolls very well, as I am a man of mystery." He laughed at his own joke and many of the workers did the same. All except for Reino and Kyoko, they saw no point in laughing at a joke that wasn't funny. "So," The man continued once the forced laughter had subsided. "We have a princess," He gestured to Kyoko. "Her prince," Kyoko threw up in her mouth a little bit as he waved an arm toward 'that damned beagle'. "And the seductress." Shime pointed to a third girl that Kyoko hadn't noticed before.

'Oh no,' She sighed under her breath. 'Not this again'.

"Hello, you filthy rat, but you must be flying to look down on others so well, maybe you're a pigeon instead." The girl smiled to herself, satisfied with her insult.

"Well, well," Kyoko returned the smile, though it wasn't initially directed at her. "If it isn't the pushover-reactor"

The older girl's smile disappeared as though it had been knocked off of her face. "OKAY THAT IS IT!"

People started to gather to find the source of commotion.

The girl got nervous once all eyes what her. "D-did you hear what that punk said to me!?" They all turned their heads to the lack of presence next to the young woman. "Where did she go?" She whispered furiously to herself.

"Did I miss something important?" Kyoko asked nervously as she (re)entered the room.

"You missed the unveiling of how crazy your co star is," Shime smiled to himself.

The girls face went up in pink. "That's it!" She quietly threatened into Kyoko's ear. "I will bash that pretty little head of yours in so you can't ever work in show-business again!" She took a deep breath before she continued. "I will make you suffer, I will follow you everywhere until I achieve that goal, are we clear?"

Kyoko nodded mutely. The girl smiled with satisfaction before turning to leave. 'Follow me everywhere?' She thought nervously. 'I've gotta keep Tina away from Tsuruga-San.'


A/N: So there is a mystery person, but they're not really a mystery anymore, because I said it was Tina.


Do people even know who Tina is?

I hope so, otherwise y'all are gon' be confused as all hell.



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