Chapter 5: Pink Giggles, Drama Times Three, and a Nasty Case of Sabotage

"You need to leave," Kyoko said without looking back to face the girl she was talking to. She knew that if she couldn't get rid of Tina soon, all hell would break loose.

"I don't take orders from the likes of you!" Tina replied indignantly. "How do you even live with yourself? Knowing what you've done, isn't it unbearable?"

Kyoko rolled her eyes and shrugged. "I manage." she got a little bit more nervous with every step they took towards L.M.E. She already knew that Ren was going to be there, so if she just so happened to cross his path, it would all be over. She thought it might actually be better to sneak in, Yashiro had so many people set up so he knew how to get her and Ren to meet as much as possible. 'Why does he try and stick us together so much? Nothing but trouble ever comes of it. Unless... Yashiro actually finds it funny when Tsuruga-san and I fight? How rude!'

Tina tried to not grab Kyoko's attention as she watched the girl's vivid facial expressions while she was thinking about god-knows-what.

"This is where you work?" Tina looked up at the big building. She frowned momentarily, she felt as though she had heard the name somewhere before.

Sawara greeted them as they walked through the door, he handed Kyoko some offers and told her that her schedule could fit any combination of two, but not all three.

Tina could hardly contain her laughter when Kyoko left the locker room. "What are you wearing!?" She choked out between bursts of laughter.

"You seem to be having a lot of fun for someone who's out to destroy me," Kyoko glared.

"I-" Tina tried to look serious. "I am here to destroy you" her expression faltered. "I was going to destroy your pride first but..." She pressed her lips together momentarily. "But your uniform has already done that for you!" She lost all control and when back to rolling around on the floor, laughing.

"Whatever," Kyoko snarled before she sat down on the floor to review the three offers Sawara had given her.

One was for a drama called 'Unknown' she was offered the role of Sarah: The protagonist. The story followed Sarah running away from home to escape the wrath of her horrible mother and trying to gain control of an amazing power. Kyoko liked this one, she felt it was relatable, other than the magic powers that is. She was definitely going to do that one.

The second was for another drama called 'Goddesses aren't Born, they're Built' She was again offered the role of a protagonist. This one was about a girl named Aiko, who joined New York's two biggest rival gangs to take them down from the inside, all to gain the approval of her strict business man father, so he believes she's responsible enough to take on the family business.

She thought this one was nice too but it was also very centric about the girl's love story with a boy from one of the gangs. She didn't think she'd be able to do it.

She saw that the third was for a horror movie called 'The Star That Fell to Earth'. Kyoko thought that would help expound the styles she took on because she had never been in anything horror, or a movie. It centered around three girls and one boy, two of the girls, Jenna and Toby, were both in love with the boy. But she was offered the role as 'Star' The antagonist, right when they enter the house Star is swept away by a ghost, but later she returns, seeming to have escaped, but later they find out that she was hollowed out and used as a puppet for the ghost and she kills the people that were once her friends, before regaining control of her mind and seeing what she did.

She looked longingly for a moment at 'Goddesses aren't Born' But sighed and put it in a separate pile from the other two. "I can't do that one," She sighed to herself. "I don't have the skill set, surely I'll flop, it'll be horrible for my career if I take a job and can't do it, it's just a bad idea."

She decided that she'd tell Sawara which two she had picked the next day, and that at that moment, She would try and get Kanae to go with her on a late night trip to an ice cream shop.

"Hello?" Sawara looked up at the tall skinny girl that was standing in front of him.

"Um, yes, sorry," The girl replied in choppy japanese. "Kyoko was busy but I decided that I should take down her offers to you, since she already decided which ones she wanted to do."

"Okay, thank you, that was a very sweet thing to do," Tina figured that Sawara didn't realise she was older than Kyoko. She did look pretty young.

Sawara checked what roles Kyoko had picked, only after the young courier had left. 'Strange,' He thought to himself. 'I thought she'd pick the other one for sure.'

Kyoko opened up her back to find that only one of the offers was in it. It had a paper taped to it that read:

Dear Kyoko,

I gave Sawara the offers you wanted to take.



She cursed under her breath when she saw that the one left in her backpack was for the horror movie.