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Chapter 5

Battle for Trost: When Push Comes to Shove

For Naruto tension is nothing new.

He has been experiencing it for most of his life. It comes with the trade of being a shinobi.

That didn't mean that the situation he found himself was comfortable. No it was extremely uncomfortable, with everyone staring at his back. Well it wasn't really him, but who was on his back.

He was carrying Eren on his back since he was still unconscious from his... exit from the Titan killer's neck. Mikasa and Armin were staring at him worriedly, while everyone else that witnessed the event were staring apprehensively.

They were on the inner wall of Wall Rose and preparing to take the elevator down the wall. What made it really uncomfortable was the silence. No one was willing to comment on what they had just seen. So deciding to try and break the tension, Naruto acted.

By whistling a tune.

Let it be known Naruto was never known for his tact.

His whistling gradually faded out to a stop as he began to sweat under the incredulous looks he was getting.

"What? It was getting really awkward with the silence!" he defended.

"Eren comes out of a Titan alive and was probably controlling it or could turn into it at anytime and you just whistle?!" yelled Jean.

Naruto pouted and looked to the side while muttering, "At least I broke the silence..."

Soon enough, the elevator stopped and they moved off it and onto the safety of the ground outside of Trost. Only for them to turn around to see that they were surrounded by dozens of soldiers with swords drawn.

Naruto noted in annoyance that Captain "Coward" Verman was at the center of the formation with a terrified look on his face.

"Trainees! Leave Eren Yaeger here while you go to your posts! You are refrained from repeating the events that you have witnessed under threat of treason! Dismissed!" he yelled while his voice wavered in fear.

The Trainees looked conflicted for a moment, but eventually decided to leave. The soldiers parted way for them warily, but then they noticed not all of the trainees left.

Naruto still had Eren on his back nearly snarling at the Captain, Armin was trying to wake Eren up, and Mikasa was beginning to draw her swords.

"Trainees! Why have you not followed my orders?! We will execute you! Along with that monster!" Verman shouted hysterically.

"Fuck you! You piece of cowardly shit!" Naruto shouted back - no one noticed that his pupils shifted into slits and his canines elongated. "You abandoned your post! You left the supply team to die! You should be executed for deserting your post!"

"Shut up!" Verman yelled while glancing to the numerous soldiers that were muttering amongst themselves and looking in his direction with suspicion.

It was then that Naruto began to hear something, it was low at first, but it grew louder until he could hear it clearly: "I'll kill them all..."

Naruto turned to the voice and was surprised to see that Eren was... smiling. Disturbingly he kept muttering, "Every last one... I'll kill all of them... More... More..."

Everyone was silent, staring in shock.

Eren's eyes were open, but you could tell he wasn't conscious. The smile though, was still there.

Armin with his eyes wide in disbelief, hesitantly prodded, "E-Eren?"

Everyone watched as slowly he lifted his head off of Naruto's shoulder. Life seemed to return to his eyes as he lost the smile. He nearly fell off Naruto's back when he gasped in shock. He clearly didn't know where he was or how he got there.

"Eren!" Naruto heard Mikasa cry while keeping her front toward the soldiers and her swords out.

"Eren, can you stand? Can you understand what I'm saying? Tell them everything you know! I'm sure then they will understand!" Armin said desperately.

Eren just looked around from Naruto's shoulder, "Armin? Naruto? Why are you carrying me? Mikasa? Why do you have your swords out?" the uneasiness in his voice was not lost with Naruto, he clearly had no idea what was going on.

"Did you hear that?!"

"Yeah, he said 'I'll kill them all'. He's going to devour us."

Naruto took his gaze off of Eren to glare at the soldiers muttering nonsense. Eren wouldn't, he never did as a Titan earlier! He only went after Titans! Right?

Naruto saw Captain Verman's face and nearly snarled once more at the relief on the man's face. Eren's outburst distracted everyone from the man's cowardly desertion.

The Captain shouted once more, "Trainee Yaeger, Ackerman, Arlert and Uzumaki..." he finished bitterly. "What you are doing is an act of Treason! We may decide to execute you right here!"

"YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO DECIDE THAT COWARD!" Everyone turned to Naruto in shock,not expecting him to get this angry. Once again, no one noticed the red beginning to bleed into his irises turning them slightly violet or the darkening of his whiskers.

"Uzumaki! If you make a single move, or if any of you lie to us, we will fire an HE (High Explosive) round at you. We will not hesitate!"

"You son of a-" Naruto muttered angrily while Eren looked on confused.

"Answer me at once! Eren Yaeger, what are you?! Are you human? Or are you a Titan?!"

"I-I don't understand the question!" Eren replied.

Verman recoiled in shock and said hysterically, "H-He's pretending to not know anything? MONSTER! Try that again and I'll blow you to pieces! It just takes an instant! You won't have time to reveal your true form!"

"T-true form?" Eren questioned.

"Plenty of people saw you!" he screamed incredulously, "As you emerged from the Titan! Humanity has permitted an unknown creature like you to infiltrate Wall Rose! Even if you are trainees given to us by the King, the safest course is to eliminate the threat immediately! My thinking is correct!"

"It is not you deserter!" Naruto yelled back in fury causing Verman to flinch and the soldiers to look on in confusion.

"You left your post at the HQ! I gave you a chance to redeem you cowardliness, but you spit on it by acting like a hysterical toddler who just saw a ghost!" Naruto's features continued to subtly grow more feral as a second well of chakra began to bleed into him with his anger. "I had to defend HQ while you ran to the inner wall! If anyone has to be executed, it's you shithead!"

"ENOUGH! The Armored Titan could appear any minute and destroy the inner wall, humanity is on the brink of annihilation! Do you understand? We can't waste anymore time or troops on you!"

"And you shouldn't be in charge of any of them! You are too stupid and scared to lead them!" Naruto fired back.

"I will fire an HE round without hesitation!"

"Naruto stop! You aren't making things better!" Armin pleaded to the angry blond.

"This fucker doesn't know what he is talking about though! He is a coward who is too scared to think or see what is right!" Naruto shot back turning to Armin.

A silver haired woman name Riko to Verman's right then said, "It is true that they aren't being cooperative. And they aren't being forthcoming with information. You are right sir, you are wasting time and troops."

Naruto heard her though and yelled, "We have no information TO GIVE! We don't even understand what is going on! How can we explain it to you, dumbass!" causing her to gain a tick mark and his angry blunt comment. In his initial jinchuuriki state, Naruto isn't very rational.

"Captain, this is our chance!" a random soldier shouted, "If we dissemble him while it is pretending to be human..."

Mikasa then chose to step forward and said darkly, "My specialty is... tearing through flesh." she raised her swords slightly and continued, "If necessary, I am willing to demonstrate at anytime. If anyone would like to experience it firsthand, I invite them to be the first to approach."

Verman visibly recoiled and a soldier on his left named Ian informed, "Captain, Mikasa Ackerman was in the rearguard with us. She is worth a hundred other soldiers. And Naruto Uzumaki is sponsored by the Scouting Legion so his skill is recognized by them. Corporal Levi was the last to be sponsored by them. Losing them both, would be a critical blow to humanity."

Eren then asked once more, "Guys what is going on here?"

He was ignored as Armin pleaded once more, "Mikasa, Naruto, you can't fight another human! Where would we run within these walls?"

Mikasa answered him, "It doesn't matter who I fight. I won't let anyone kill Eren. I do not need another reason."

"And I won't abandon my comrades!" Naruto answered as well.

"We have to talk this through, just forcing our way through won't work!" Armin shouted, "No one knows what is going on, they are being ruled by fear!"

"I'll ask you once more!" Verman yelled drawing angry glares from Naruto and Mikasa, "Eren Yaeger! What are you?!"

Naruto felt Eren tense on his back and shake slightly before he stopped and raised his head above his shoulder and shouted,

"I'm a human!"


Silence was the reply for a few seconds before Verman said gravely, "I see..." he began to raise his arm, "then don't hate me for this." this drew shocked gasps from both the trainees and the two lieutenants beside him.

"There is no avoiding it. No one can prove that they are not monsters." he raised his arm fully upright at that statement.

Naruto snarled, "You can't just decide this on a whim you cowardly shit!" his eyes were now fully red, but it was ignored in favor of the desperate situation.

Mikasa hurried to Eren and said, "Naruto carry Eren, we are going up!"

Eren quickly denied though saying, "Wait- Stop!" Naruto was surprised when Eren flinched violently and fell off his back clenching his head. But he suddenly stood up and grabbed Mikasa and Armin standing in front of Naruto, shocking him. But he noticed in the corner of his eye that Verman brought down his hand signaling the cannon to fire.

A cannon shot drew his attention to his right. Just as Naruto went for a kunai to possibly throw and strike the HE round to detonate it prematurely, a familiar flash of pale yellow-green lightning stopped him. Suddenly he was shadowed by figure, a blend of noises too loud and numerous to decipher occurred, and a great amount of hot air surrounded him.

He felt and heard the shot explode away from them, but what stopped it?

Steam filled his vision, but it wasn't thick enough to block the sight that was above him.

With shock and horror filling his features, Naruto gawked at the rib cage that surrounded Mikasa, Armin and himself.

Above him was a torso more than a couple meters high, a skull with a single eye, and a single arm outstretched toward the recently fired cannon. It was an incomplete Titan with no skin and barely any form. Muscle surrounded the outstretched arm, but even that was beginning to decay.

"Oh my god. You guys are seeing this right? This a part of a Titan..." Naruto said softly to the other two as his features returned to normal in his shock.

"I remember hearing cannon fire... And then there was a horrible sound, a shock wave and heat..." muttered a shocked Armin. "Are we inside a huge skelton-"

"Eren protected us." Mikasa interrupted "That is all we need to know right now."

Armin and Naruto nodded, 'The arm must have blocked the HE round...' Naruto thought absently.

Suddenly Eren appeared running around the rib cage from the back and into it to talk to them, "Hey! You guys!"

"Eren! What is this? What did you do?" questioned Naruto.

"I have no idea, but this will decay like any other Titan corpse." Eren replied and like he said, the construct of Titan flesh was already decaying. This gave them a few more minutes of cover from the steam. "Let's get away from it!"

"And go where Eren? They are still out there waiting for us." Naruto countered. "They are probably getting ready to fire on us again, and after this..." he gestured to their surroundings, "We don't have much hope for negotiations. Not when that coward of a Captain is too scared to even think." Naruto finished with a glare in Verman's direction.

"...That's true..." He conceded, but then he gripped the key on his necklace and said, "But I still have the basement! The basement of my house. My Dad said if I'll go there, I'll learn everything. This happened to me because of him, too." Naruto stiffened here. If he was implying what he thought he was, than him and Eren have something in common, Fathers that gave them unwilling "gifts" to use.

"If I go to the basement, I'll probably learn what the Titans really are." Eren gritted his teeth and punched a decaying bone nearby, "Damn it! If he had that information, why did he hide it?! Isn't that what thousands of soldiers died to find out? Isn't it humanity's last hope?! And he has been keeping it in the basement of our house? What the hell was he thinking?!"

He then narrowed his eyes and said, "Where the hell has he been for five years anyway?"

Naruto was drawing his swords as he went to face the direction of the soldiers, but he then said, "Eren, I don't know your father's reasons for doing this. But he must have a reason. If what you say is true, then he gave you this power to fight and defend what you hold dear. Don't doubt him unless you find out more," he thought of his conversation with his father and said, "Its the parents job to have faith and believe in their kid."

He hardened his eyes glaring past the steam and said, "But, right now we have other priorities."

Eren nodded hesitantly, "... Yeah."

They had to move back however when the Titan began to fall further apart and the skull collapsed lifting dust and steam into the air. Mikasa, Armin and Eren kneeled down into a circle while Naruto kept his swords drawn still standing and facing the direction of the soldiers.

Eren suddenly said seriously, "I'm getting out of here." Much to Mikasa and Armin's shock.

"W-what? Where will you go?" asked Armin.

"Away from here and over the wall. I have to get to the basement." Eren replied. "Once I become a Titan again."

"Can you do that?" Armin asked unsure of his plan.

"I don't know how to do it myself. But I still think I can! It's like you don't know how you move your own arm. Back there, my only thought was stopping that shell. So that body rotted away having no other function and served its purpose."

He started to pant heavily as exhaustion began to show, "This time I'll turn into something stronger! Like a 15 meter class, like the one that tore apart those Titans!"

"Eren! Your nose is bleeding!" Mikasa interrupted him. And true enough blood was flowing out of his nose. His body was too strained.

"Eren you aren't in any condition to do anything, your body-"

Armin was interrupted by Eren, "How I feel doesn't matter! I have come up with two options:..."

Naruto tuned out the conversation at this point. He already decided what he would do a while ago.

He began to walk toward the soldiers in a methodical pace with his hands on his grips, and the swords attached and by his sides.

The soldiers began to gasp in fear as a shadow began to be seen in the smoke. Some aimed their rifles, others backed up a step in fear, others clenched their swords. Their hearts quickened when they saw Naruto step out of the smoke and into view.

His eyes were shadowed by his blond hair and had an emotionless look on his face. With his passive aggressive stance, the drawn swords, the past events, and the smoky background, he made quite the intimidating figure.

"So you finally show yourself, monster!" Captain Verman shouted frightened beyond belief, "I'll do it! I'll give the signal!"

Naruto began to walk slowly toward the soldiers, "My name... is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Don't come any closer!"

"And I am a soldier."

"I'm warning you!"

He released the swords from his grips startling everyone from the sudden clang and the action, "I am a loyal human being with humanity's best interests at heart."


He unlatched his 3DMG from his hips and caused everyone to flinch once more at the loud clang that reverberated once it fell. "I was found and sponsored by the Scouting Legion and given purpose. I will always protect my comrades, never abandoning them."

He finally stopped in the center of the square a few meters from the soldiers and without his 3DMG he pulled out a kunai. "I am a human." He then stabbed his hand unflinchingly, drawing gasps as the blood splattered the floor. "Bleeding the same red as you all."

He glared forward with determined blue eyes causing Verman to flinch in fear, he brought his profusely bleeding hand to his heart into the Military's salute and shouted,

"Almost two years ago, as a soldier I decided I would dedicate my heart to humanity! I would offer it up if it meant others would live and humanity would survive!" His shirt began to stain from the blood flowing from his hand over his heart.

"With his powers Eren can save humanity! I can save humanity! You just have to look past your fear and you will see the truth!" he finished.

"Prove that he isn't a threat or I'll be forced to eliminate you all!" Verman shouted back causing Naruto to grit his teeth while keeping his salute going.

"There is no need for proof!" a shout drew everyone's attention to Armin who had just come out of the smoke. "The question isn't what we think of him!"

"What did you say?!"

"I'm told that many of you saw him, that many of you saw him fighting the Titans! And that the Titans swarmed him! That means the Titans consider him food just like us! That is the TRUTH! No matter what we may think or believe!" he finished.

"Eren is a human that can create and control a Titan's body, imagine what he could do fighting for us! That is better than any cannon, than any sword!" Naruto continued.

"Maybe he is right..."

"A Titan as an ally?"

"That's impossible..."

"But if we could control a Titan..."

The soldiers began to lower their guards and their weapons at that information, trying to wrap their heads around what they had just been told.


"Prepare to attack!"

The call shocked everyone in the square.

If Captain Verman looked frightened and hysterical before, now he was beside himself in fear.

"Don't let them fool you with their clever lies!"

"And don't let him drown you in your fear!" Naruto interrupted. "We have no reason to lie! This captain is a coward who would abandon his fellow soldiers if it meant he would live! He is not fit to lead you! He is consumed by his own fear and is too scared to even think! Do not follow his example! Only look at him and you will see the fear all over him."

Sure enough those that tensed before to attack glanced at their captain and saw what Naruto saw. A frightened man, who didn't know what to do other than destroy what is scaring him.

"We don't understand anything about the Titans! It could be possible for them to sneak in and imitate humans! Don't let your guard down!" Verman shouted once more.

Armin hesitated once more when he saw some of the soldiers but not all lift up their weapons again.

But then he imitated Naruto and saluted with him.

"I am a SOLDIER!" he shouted.

"I swore long ago to dedicate my life to the revival of humanity! If that pursuit were to cost me my life I would be glad! If we use his Titan powers and the forces we still have, we could take back this town!"

"With my final breath, I shall wish for humanity's glory, and try to persuade you of his strategic value!" Armin finally finished out of breath and his eyes closed.

Naruto smiled proudly. He couldn't have said it any better. His hand still bled in the salute over his heart, but he didn't care. A lot more was at stake here.

"Captain Verman, I believe we should consider-" his lieutenant Ian began to advise.

"SHUT UP!" he shouted looking more and more fearful.

As he began to raise his hand up, everyone looked on with wide eyes, he wasn't even considering the options.

As he went to bring it down, he found it stopped by another gripping his hand and a voice saying, "Stop."

The voice behind him continued, "As big as you are, you've always been as delicate as a newborn fawn."

"Commander Pixis!"

The Commander of the Southern Garrison Troops was an old bald man with a gray mustache and hazel eyes. He looked pretty relaxed and casual. Though he wore the normal Military uniform, he had a special sash identifying him as the commander.

He continued ignoring the surprised stares, "Do you not see their splendid salutes? One even stabbed his hand and held it in the salute making it pretty damn poetic and awesome. I can respect that dedication. I've just arrived, but the messengers have kept me abreast of the situation."

"You are dismissed Captain. Go organize the reinforcements. I think we should listen to them..."

"Thank you sir. But please excuse my offence." Naruto stated in relief as Armin collapsed to his knees happily.

"Oh? What offence?" Pixis asked amused.


Verman grunted in pain and closed his eyes from the shock. He opened his eyes to see a fist in his gut.

Naruto had angry slitted eyes glaring into his and a fist in his stomach lifting him slightly off his feet.

"Assaulting a cowardly deserting officer whose dumbass shouldn't be in charge!" he finished as Verman collapsed holding his gut wheezing in pain.

"Hmm... Eh, why not? I like guys like you anyway." His reply got sweatdrops from many and a grin from Naruto.

He then motioned to the trainees and said,

"You four, follow me."


The group of Naruto, Eren, Mikasa and Armin watched as High Commander Dot Pixis walked near the edge of the inner wall of Trost. He looked down at the Titans below trying to reach up at him far below and sighed as he took a swig of his drink in the flask he carried in jacket.

"No luck, huh? I wouldn't mind being eaten by a really beautiful Titan woman."

'Reminds me of something Ero-Sennin would say.' Naruto thought with a sweatdrop as he wrapped up his hand from his self-inflicted wound - even if it was for just appearances since it was nearly healed.

After an explanation of all the information they knew, including the basement, Pixis finally said, "I see. And if we reach this basement we'll understand everything?"

Eren still on a knee from exhaustion replied, "Yes... will you believe me?"

Pixis with his back to them overlooking the smoking city of Trost answered, "As long as you, yourself, lack the absolute conviction, I can't promise more than that I'll keep it in mind." He finished turning toward them with a smile.

"But I do take pride in being able to recognize the truth of what I see. I'll guarantee your safety." his words brought sighs of relief.

"What about you Trainee Uzumaki, sponsor of the Scouting Legion? What was your angle?" he questioned with a swig of his flask.

"I don't abandon my comrades. I was told as a kid that those that break the rules are trash, this is true." Everyone looked to him in questioning when he paused and the contradicting statement to his actions, "But those who abandon or betray their comrades are worse than trash. I may be trash to some, but a man like that Captain is worse than trash. I wasn't gonna let my comrades get killed by that coward who abandoned the supply team."

"We need to stand together if we want to beat these Titans. Not run away and stay scared of our own shadows accusing each other of the blame." he finished looking back at Pixis with determination.

"Heh, you keep showing why I like guys like you." he chuckled.

"Trainee Arlert, was it?"

"Yes sir!"

"Back there, you said we could use the Titan's power to reclaim the city. Did you really mean that? Or was it just a plea to save your life?" he asked simply.

"Well..." he thought for a moment before answering, "Both. What I meant was to have Eren become a Titan and move that boulder in the square, and seal the gate." he looked down, "But it was just an idea. I thought I could at least get them to consider using Eren's power to find a way out of our predicament."

When Pixis turned back around with a grunt to face the city, Armin continued to explain himself, "But of course I wanted to survive!"

"You wanted to survive. I can trust those words more than any others." he echoed with cynical amusement.

Pixis then turned to Eren and kneeled down to his eye-level and said, "Trainee Yaeger."

"Yes?" Eren answered hesitantly.

"Can you seal that hole?" he asked ignoring the surprised gasps.

"Well... Well... I don't know." he answered truthfully, "I don't know much more than everyone else here does. So... whether I can do it or not, I can't answer for sure when I don't know."

"That's true." Pixis laughed "I'm sorry. I asked the wrong question." he got serious and asked, "Will you do it? Or won't you?"

At Eren's shocked visage, he looked behind Eren indicating for him to do so as well. Everyone looked and saw the vast countryside of the inside of Wall Rose. Or better yet, what will be lost if they do nothing to take back Trost.

Eren turned back and said, "I-I'll do it." He then steeled himself and said with determination, "I'll do it! I don't know whether I can seal the hole... But I'll do it!"

"Well said!" Pixis complimented as he patted his shoulders and stood up, "You're a real man. I'll call my strategists, we'll develop a plan."

"No way! But it depends on so many assumptions!" cried Armin in disbelief at the spontaneous Commander. "And he is just going to run with it?"

"Have some faith in yourselves guys. That is the only thing holding you all back. Pixis is willing to go all out to save Trost, I can tell. You all have to put forth the same determination. If you do, it will work." Naruto cut in as he looked out onto the ruined city.

"I think there is a bigger issue though before the plan can be executed..." Eren stated, "And the Commander fully recognizes it."

"What do you mean?" asked Armin.

"The Titans aren't our only enemy."

"Ah, you realized it Eren?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, I could see it looking back, but now with it all coming together..."

Suddenly Pixis returned with his second in commands and said interrupting them, "There is no time to waste. I will need your help young soldiers."


A couple of minutes later, Naruto was sitting cross legged on the top of the wall directly above the inner wall's gate. He had his arms folded over his chest and he was staring over at the outer wall of Trost. He could just barely make out the breach.

"Yes Commander?" Naruto acknowledged Pixis who was standing a few feet away from him also looking at the breach.

He then sat next to Naruto and took another swig from his flask. He offered it to Naruto who shrugged and took a sip. It was definitely some strong stuff. Nothing like the toad's sake or Tsunade's, but it was damn close. He handed it back to Pixis who nodded.

Pixis finally asked, "So sponsor of the Scouting Legion. Why did Erwin really take an interest in you. I have read your story, and even though many buy it, I don't. Erwin is known for always having a plan A, B, and C. He has a reason for all of his actions. So why you?"

Naruto kept looking out toward the smoking city before he finally replied, "... I can't answer that here. But, I can show you in the coming fight."

"So you have special abilities like young Eren?"

"Not like his, I can't turn into a Titan. But I do have fighting abilities that Erwin thought was extremely important to humanity."

"What would you do if I gave you free reign to do whatever it takes to take back this city?" Pixis asked seriously never taking his eyes off of the breach.

Naruto asked, "Eren is gonna carry the boulder right? Well he is gonna need some escorts, since he won't be able to fight back. However, I could go directly toward the breach and clear a path for the escorts and hold off the Titans at the breach to prevent anymore from coming in to distract them."

"So you want to go and clear a path to the hole and hold off the Titans from coming in so Eren can plug it? By yourself?" Pixis questioned to make sure he understood.

"Yes sir. The less people that know outside the Scouting Legion the better. People are already gonna be frightened by Eren, if my powers go public things will get worse. Plus, I won't have to hold back." Naruto finished simply.

"Hmm... Very well. Come with me." Pixis stood up and motioned for Naruto to follow him.

They met Eren at the center of the wall overlooking the numerous troops that were left from the invasion. With Eren on his right and Naruto out of view behind him, Pixis stepped forward and coughed into his hand.

With his eyes closed he suddenly bellowed, "ATTENTION!" silencing the anxious and frightened soldiers yelling and talking.

Proudly and loudly, he continued to bellow for all to hear, "I will now explain the plan to retake Trost."

"For this mission, our objective is to seal the hole where the gate was destroyed." He paused to let it sink in and continued gesturing to Eren, "Let me introduce you to the one who will seal the hole for us..." Eren stepped forward and saluted, "From the Trainee Corps, Eren Yaeger."

"He is the result of a top-secret project to turn humans into Titans. He can create and control a Titan's body. He will become a Titan, pick up the giant boulder by the gate, carry it over and seal the hole."

"Your job will be to protect him from Titans while he moves the boulder."

Murmurs broke out at the information given when Pixis paused, it was mostly of disbelief, but then it descended into anger and terror. People began to leave not wanting to die facing the Titans. Some officers threatened to execute the deserters, but then Pixis bellowed once more,

"HERE IS MY DECISION! I shall pardon anyone who deserts now!" much to everyone's surprise.

"Once you succumb to the Titan's fear, you can never fight them again. Those who have learned that fear should leave."

"And anyone wishing their parents, siblings, and loved ones to feel that fear, SHOULD ALSO LEAVE!" Right then those that turned to leave turned back around and into formation and silenced everyone who still wanted to leave.

"Let me tell you what happened four years ago." Naruto perked up at this considering he arrived two years ago.

"About our attempt to retake Wall Maria. As I'm sure you are all aware, that operation was no more than the government's way of dealing with it's inability to feed all of the refugees. It was a culling! The reason no one speaks of it, is because by sending them outside these cramped walls, we were able to survive within them!"


"Because so few escaped Wall Maria, there was never an open rebellion. But what about now? If Wall Rose falls, the sacrifice will be more than just twenty percent. The territory within Wall Sina won't support even half of the current population!"

"If humanity falls, it won't be because we were devoured by Titans, it will be because we killed each other! We must NOT fall even deeper within the walls."


"Since the Titans appeared, humanity has never won against them. Their continuous advance has meant humanity's continuous retreat and loss of territory. But when this mission succeeds, humanity will have retaken its territory from them for the very first time. This will be humanity's first victory against the Titans!"

"Compared to all that humanity has lost, it may seem insignificant. But for humanity, that step will be a great advance in our attack on the Titans!"

Naruto could feel the shock of those below. But he turned around and faced the breach in the distance once more.

'I know what I have to do. Even if Eren can't lift that boulder, I have to give them the chance to make something happen anyway. Pixis wants Eren to be the focus, make him the hope of humanity. To turn him from the supposed bane of existence, into the hero.' he thought to himself.

Naruto hardened his eyes and thought once more, 'But that isn't my job. I am a shinobi. I fight in the shadows to serve the light. So I will fight behind the scenes to make sure Eren succeeds. I can't hold back now. If this wall falls, its the first of many stones to topple humanity permanently like Pixis said. I can't be worried for my well being and whether people will find out my secret when so many lives are on the line.'

He clenched his fists determinedly and muttered, "This fight ends today. No more ground lost."

"No regrets."


"Are you ready?" Pixis asked seriously.

"Yes sir. While everyone is getting ready I will head out now and clear a path for the Elite forces to the breach and hold my ground there." Naruto replied as he checked over his 3DMG and equipment including his hidden shinobi tools.

"Good luck son. We will start the operation in five minutes." Pixis stated as he began to walk away to his strategists.

"Yes sir." Naruto saluted and jumped down into the city.

Creating two clones, the trio scaled a tower and began to meditate. A few seconds later, the tell tale signs of Sage Mode appeared. Orange shading and yellow horizontal pupil toad like eyes and a calm face.

Naruto left his clones and sped forward on his feet with his arms flowing behind him. Little more than a blur, Naruto was at the boulder in less than a minute.

"Alright, time to plow the road..." Naruto muttered. He crossed his fingers into the Shadow Clone handsign and created two more clones who were in Sage mode.

They fanned out and prepared to cut a swath to the breach. Immediately, several Titans came into view and began to stumble toward them.

All three brought out their swords and charged. Too quick for them to follow, they slashed and hacked, spraying steaming Titan blood over the streets. Limbs were slashed and rendered immobile for the time being, tendons were cut collapsing the giants. And necks were cut open, ending their existences. Seven Titans killed in two minutes. Hundreds more to go.

The trio continued to move forward killing Titans as they passed them, doing this drew the attention of nearby Titans as they neared the breached gate. A gate that he stood over just that morning.

Naruto directed his clones to hold off certain areas leading up to the gate once it was in view. He would hold the gate, the first clone would hold the area in between the gate and the boulder, and the last clone would defend the area near the boulder.

As they left he faced the four Titans walking toward him. He hardened his eyes and dashed forward slicing the achilles tendon toppling the first. Using that falling Titan like a step ladder he jumped on its back and jumped once more to the closest Titan that was reaching for him midair. He activated his gas as he began to spin turning him into a human buzzsaw. Continuing the motion, he sliced and spun his way up the arm to the neck, cutting half of the neck open.

Still midair but slowed down, he whipped his hands around and detached his swords causing them to be thrown at another Titan. With it distracted and moaning in pain from the swords embedded in its eye and chest, Naruto launched his cables toward its torso and latched on. He swung around to its back and hauled himself in to the neck ending that Titan as well.

With one still struggling to stand and crawling toward him and another attempting to grab him, Naruto sheathed his swords and dashed to the standing Titan. He punched the outstretched hand causing it to stumble back from the unexpected blow. While it was still reeling, he jumped and gave another Sage mode punch dropping it to the ground. On the ground Naruto quickly drew and slashed the neck open with his sword before sheathing it again as he dashed to the crawling Titan. With both hands, he formed a Rasengan of basketball sized that only grew larger as he neared the 10 meter Titan with slashed tendons. With a leap and a yell Naruto descended onto its vital point.


Naruto finally paused for a moment to look around and confirm the four steaming corpses.

"Alright Time to hold the gate." he muttered to himself as he dashed to the breached gate in sight.

Finally on top of the rubble at the hole, Naruto gaped at the sheer size of it. The boulder was big enough, but it was still a damn big hole.

The flash of lightning Naruto was beginning to associate with the transformation of Eren into a Titan drew his attention to the direction of the boulder. Followed by a large crash.

"Good. They are getting started."

Looking out into the area beyond Trost through the breach, Naruto admired the fact that no Titans were in sight or coming. It was strange, but not unwelcome. Suddenly a clones memories, plus some new natural energy flowed into him. Eren went berserk and nearly killed Mikasa. He knocked himself out of commission in the process, but the elite forces are defending him until they can extract him anyway. Or until he gets a hold of himself. Which ever comes first.

A low growl caught his attention however. Standing out in the plain before the breached gate was a small figure compared to the taller Titans, but still tall compared to Naruto. It was about 3 meters tall, but hunched over. Its shaggy blond hair covered its facial expressions on its proportional head, which was strange considering most Titan heads are a lot bigger than their bodies proportionally. But it did not hide its menacing growling. It was also bulky and muscular around the torso and arms, but very lean in the leg area.

The most intimidating thing about this Titan was the fact that at the end of its longer than normal arms that hung to its shins, was that instead of the normal human like fingers, there were sharp looking claw appendages. Almost like talons. On top of that, Naruto noted that there were similar appendages on its feet, but shorter. On the elbow, the bone protruded from there as well, but it was sharpened like the talon-like appendages.

Wearily Naruto took in this new foe. He has never seen nor heard of a Titan like this. It must be another special type of Titan like the Colossal and the Armored. Question was, what could this one do? It looked like it had blades on its fingers, toes and daggers coming from its elbow.

He got his answer as it suddenly roared rearing its head back revealing a face with a murderous expression. It suddenly broke into a run straight at Naruto.

Naruto got into a stance waiting to see what it will do. Suddenly in a burst of speed, the Titan dashed forward. It ran up to the breach and into the hole, but not directly at Naruto. It suddenly shifted at surprising speed to the wall near Naruto and jumped. It planted its feet into the wall to brace itself and sprung.

The boost of speed from its powerful legs and sudden changes in direction caught Naruto off guard. Suddenly on the defensive he barely dodged a slash from the talon like hands by falling flat to the ground. Naruto watched with wide eyes as he felt the air get sliced by the speed of the strike as the Agile Titan zoomed over him.

Quickly getting to his feet after it went by, Naruto drew his swords in time to block another slash after the Agile bounced again off a wall to launch itself at him. Even with chakra sent to his feet to hold his ground and the extra strength from Sage mode, Naruto was still pushed back slightly from the force of the blow and his blades were ruined.

"G-Geh! Y-you!" Naruto gritted his teeth as he tried to hold off the Titan. His eyes widened when he saw the other hand rear back for a slash. Naruto then pushed forward and then stopped pulling his swords back causing the Titan to stumble forward due to it still pushing down leaving it open. Naruto took advantage and gave a hard kick to the midsection.

"Take that!" he yelled out as the Agile was sent flying into a building away from the breach.

As Naruto replaced his swords and sheathed one to keep one hand open for other attacks, he felt the rush of memories and more natural energy. His last clone defending the middle area between the breach and the boulder was just dispelled. It had defended the elite squad from advancing Titans and taken down six Titans before being struck out of the air by a seventh and dispelled.

The only good news, is that this strange Agile Titan scared off other Titans from entering the breach so no more are entering. The aura of the thing is pretty intense. It gives off the vibe of a predator, the top of the food chain. Like a jungle cat over snakes and other predators.

A shift in the rubble from where it was sent drew Naruto's attention. He waited for it to move when suddenly a large part of the rubble was thrown at him. Naruto dashed out of the way, but was forced to block another slash from the Agile's talons as it got in his face once more. A fierce flurry of strikes from both sides occurred slashes and parries, punches and kicks, The hunched 3 meter Agile versus the shinobi Sage lasting over a minute.

Naruto parried an overhead slash and formed a hasty rasengan and shoved it into the chest of the Agile Titan, sending it into another building.

Naruto huffed a bit as he felt his Natural energy dip. He already used one of the meditating clones during that exchange, leaving him with one left. His clothes were ripped and slashed and he has several cuts on his body. He groaned when he saw his adversary shift and stand once more. It wasn't in any better shape than him though. Along with the new spiral shaped scar on its chest, it has several bruises and slashes on it's muscular body - one across the face - but it still moved like nothing was wrong. There wasn't going to be though if he kept healing if the steaming wounds were any indication.

Suddenly he felt the ground shake as if a thundering step was just taken. He jumped to the roof of a nearby building and noted that the Agile jumped to the one across from him. He saw in the distance the top of the large boulder beginning to move. Meaning Eren finally picked up the damn thing. Which also means he has to finish up.

It was uncanny how the two figures stared at each other across the streets and at each others eyes. Like they knew this was the final blow. Mentally dispelling the last clone, Naruto breathed in as the energy flowed through. He sheathed his sword and held out his right hand. A clone appeared next to him and began to wave his hands around his own as a ball of swirling chakra appeared.

The agile Titan hunched forward even more tensing its legs and flexed its talon like fingers, it could feel the danger of the blue ball of energy. It was almost instinctual.

A piece of rubble crumbled of a building and fell into the street creating a loud crack in the street.

It was their signal as both figures dashed forward to meet in the middle of the street.

Time seemed to slow for Naruto as he saw the murderous looking Agile Titan's face. He watched as it brought its left hand toward him in a piercing position that reminded him of the Chidori.

Even as he was dashing, he he began to lean back with his left shoulder while thrusting with his right hand and Rasengan. He watched as the gleaming talons brushed past his face barely leaving the thinnest of cuts diagonally from his forehead between his eyes to his cheek.

The Rasengan collided with the forearm thrusting it toward its owner and the talons with it. The Agile Titan's own talons pierced it's chest, collar bone, and throat.

They both fell to the ground, though Naruto rolled into his fall and into a crouch. The Agile was heaving and twitching on the floor from being stabbed. Steam was billowing from its wounds as they attempted to heal despite the talons blocking the way.

Naruto stood up once more and walked over to the tough opponent. He held out his hand once more as another clone appeared to create another Rasengan. This time with wind.

Around the grapefruit sized swirling white ball were four small shuriken like blades of wind. With the three meter Titan now at his feet, Naruto stared for a moment, but then thrusted the deadly technique into the nape of the neck. Slicing and grinding away, the Wind Style: Rasengan did its job ending the abnormal Titan.

Naruto stood up straight over his now decaying opponent as the blood that splattered from the finisher began to steam and evaporate away, but the thin cut across his face began to bleed slightly and of course not evaporating.

Eren's towering Titan figure with numerous soldiers escorting him came into view as he finally stepped into the street to the breach.

Naruto launched a cable and pulled himself up to the roof from the bloody street to watch the show and let Sage mode disperse. He plopped down and sat with his knees up and his arms loosely wrapped around them.

Despite the exhaustion, he felt immediately, the feeling of relief was much more potent. He starred as Titan Eren slammed the boulder into the breach, sealing it and preventing from anymore Titans from entering Trost.

Humanity won.

They stopped the invasion.

All that was left was to get rid of the stragglers within the city.

But why did he feel uneasy?

Was it because of the strange Titan no one has ever seen randomly appearing?

Was it because of its strength and ability?

Or was it the fact that the Armored Titan never showed up?

Or maybe it was the fact that there was a headless soldier on the roof next to him.

Maybe it was the fact that he couldn't save everyone.

That even with his clones many of the Elite soldiers died.

They may have won the fight, but to Naruto it felt hollow.

How many families will never see a loved one today after this battle?

How many will simply be forgotten?

With blood dripping down his face, Naruto stared mournfully at the boulder that plugged the hole.

Tears began to mix with the blood as they flowed down his face amongst the choked sobs.

Even when he saw Levi arrive as the first of the Scouting Legion to come back he didn't stop.

"D-Damn it!" Naruto choked out the curse as he grit his teeth in frustration, slamming his hands to his head and gripping his hair.

After a few more seconds he stood up woodenly and wiped his face with what was left of his sleeve. Blood and tears stained it, but his face was now determined.

There were still Titans left to kill and lives to be saved.

Crying won't bring the lives of those he failed to save back, all he can do, is prevent more from dying.

Because when he first came here that is what he promised to do.

And he always keeps his promises.

Chapter end!

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