~Chapter 1~
The Native assassin weakly walked into the tavern, overcome by
the smell of beer and sound of drunk partying men and redcoats. The man was
dressed in white and blue bloody robes, with a red belt wrapped around his
waist, holding the strange assassin emblem the colonists feared and a bloody
tomahawk. He was terribly weak and bloody from a stab wound he revived from a
chase in a burning ship. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a bloody man
sitting alone, taking sips from a beer bottle. The man was Charles Lee, Connor's
main target ever since he had killed his father. Charles was a templar,
recruited by Connor's father, Haytham. Connor weakly walked to Charles, putting
a hand over his wounded side. He sat next to Charles, and the man greeted him
like an old friend and offered him a drink. The assassin took a drink and looked
at Lee, the man looked at Connor blankly, no fear or emotion on his face, ready
for what was coming. Connor reached over to Lee and stabbed him with his hidden
blade, blood seeping out of Lee's clothes and onto the table creating a small
pool of blood. His head fell, and he died, no one in the tavern realized. The
men kept celebrating who knows what and drinking to their hearts desire. Connor
pulled on the amulet around Lee's neck, snapping the string. He took the amulet
and held it in his hand tightly. Moments later a bright white light filled the
tavern, blinding every man in sight. Screams filled the room and Connor stumbled
back, shielding his light brown eyes. He opened an eye to see three men standing
in front of him, looking around like they were lost. The light dimmed, and
Connor could see that they were no ordinary men.