~Chapter 3~
Connor followed quickly behind Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, only
to hear the screams from the terrified colonists. He saw strange looking
creatures brutally killing innocent people with their swords. Blood poured out
of the bodies of the creatures victims, creating shiny pools of blood on the
streets of Boston. The one named Gimli charged at the monsters without
hesitation, along with Legolas and Aragorn following from behind. They attacked
the monsters, slashed their swords and axes at them, firing arrows at their
hearts, painting the town red and black. Once Connor processed the situation in
his head he ran full speed at the monsters. 'Nobody else will die tonight.' He
thought as he sliced off a monsters head, spraying black blood onto his robes.
Connor had forgotten about the agonizing pain of the stab wound he revived not
long ago, and was lost in killing the monsters that had invaded Boston. He
stabbed and slashed at every monster he came across, protecting the citizens of
the new and free country they called America. He plunged his hidden blade deep
into the last monsters face, watching the blood pour out of his face and onto
the ground and his hand.
"Orcs.." Said Gimli, with a disgusted
Connor walked over to the three warriors, demanding the answers to his
"What were those...monsters?!" He asked with an almost angry
"They are a race called Orcs. They must have followed us here.."
Explained Aragorn with a slight confusion in his voice.
"Or we brought them
here." Legolas replied and looked at Aragorn.
"What ever they are, we need to
stop them. Kill them. What ever it takes. They killed many innocent people, and
I can't let that happen. Not here. Not now. They must leave. Soon." Demanded
"No doubt they have set up camp not far from here.. We need to
either kill them all, or somehow bring them back to Middle Earth with us."
Aragorn replied and placed a hand on his chin.
"Figure out something quick.
My brotherhood is far too small to take them all out alone."
"Who said we
weren't gonna help?" Replied Gimli, a bit offended.
"Alright," Connor said
with a hint of worry laced around his words. "The Fellowship of the Creed it