This my new story, I've been working on it for a while now and have a few chapters already written. I want to thank the lovely and wonderful GeorgeAndrew for reading over this for me and making sure everything was correct :)

I really hope you all enjoy this story because I think it's definitely the best one I've done. Let me know what you think :)

Lindsay stuffed Lucy's pyjamas into the washing machine. She was annoyed, why couldn't Danny just get up and do his morning routine quietly. She'd got home late last night and today was her only day off this week. She had planned to have lie in but Danny had got up, got Lucy up and together they had made an awful noise in the kitchen, dropping spoons, turning the radio up too loud when Lucy's favourite song came on, Lucy had bitten her tongue eating her cereal and ended up screaming. So in the end Lindsay had decided to just get up. She had ended up arguing with Danny, telling him she was always respectful to him when he was sleeping in, so why couldn't he do the same for her? He had argued that it wasn't his fault, a lot of it was to do with Lucy. In the end he had left to take Lucy to pre-school and go to work without giving Lindsay a goodbye kiss.

Lindsay turned the washing machine on and made her way to Lucy's bedroom. It was a mess, toys scattered the floor, her duvet laid diagonally on her bed with one pillow sticking out between the wall and the mattress. Her drawers were pulled open with clothes sticking out of them, a few laid on the floor. Lindsay expected this sort of mess when Lucy was a little older, but surely a three-year old should be able to keep their room tidy? She knew this was a trait that Lucy had inherited from her Father. She made the bed and put the pillow back where it was supposed to be. Picking up Lucy's toys she put them back where the belonged, the dolls back into the cot, the Barbie dolls into their dream house, crayons back into the cup on Lucy's desk and then all the other toys went into the purple toy box.

Lindsay pulled all of Lucy's clothes out of her chest of drawers, deciding that today was as good as any to start sorting them out. She went through them and put all the ones that were too small or ones that Lucy refused to wear because they were to itchy or to tight to one side. She held up a white t-shirt with pink ballet slippers on the front which read 'dance like nobody's watching' she knew how much Lucy loved it, but it was to small for her now. Lindsay chucked it in the pile with the other clothes that were going to the charity shop and hoped that Lucy wouldn't notice it was missing.

Lindsay stood up to get a black bin liner to put the clothes in so she could take them down to the charity shop. Walking into the kitchen she noticed something pink on the side, going over to it she realised it was Lucy's pink rabbit, Flopsy. Sighing Lindsay knew she'd have to drop this off at Lucy's pre-school before she dropped the clothes off at the charity shop. Lucy hated being without Flopsy and he was the only thing that could calm her down if Danny and Lindsay weren't there to cuddle her. Lindsay carried the toy rabbit over to her hand bag and placed him inside so she wouldn't forget him when she left.

Grabbing the black bin liner from under the sink Lindsay made her way back into Lucy's room and placed all the clothes in it. She decided while she was going to the charity shop she'd sort out hers and Danny's clothes as well. Placing the bag on her bed she began to sort through her clothes, she threw away a couple of skirts she never wore, a few tops and a pair of jeans which were to tight on her. Going over to Danny's drawer she knew she couldn't throw away his clothes without his permission but there was one item she was definitely getting rid off. Opening up his underwear drawer she routed through till she came across his ratty green boxer shorts, the elastic from the waistband had gone a long time ago and a few holes were starting to appear. Lindsay was fed up of seeing Danny parading round the apartment in the horrible things, so she chucked them in the bag. She knew that the charity shop couldn't sell them but if she chucked them in the trash then Danny would find them and pull them back out.

Tying the bag up at the top Lindsay carried it and dumped it by the front door ready for when she went out. She went to the bathroom, showered and dressed. Slipping her black leather jacket on, she went to pick up her hand bag when her phone rang, pulling it from the bag she answered it "Messer"

"Lindsay, its Mac, is Danny there with you?"

"No, he's supposed to be at work, is he not?"

"No, no, he was here. He came down to a crime scene with me in the Bronx. I sent him back to the lab with some evidence forty five minutes ago and I've just noticed its still here"

"And Danny's not?"

"His kit's still here, but no he isn't. I've tried to ring him but he's not answering his phone. I've phoned the lab to see if he arrived there, I thought maybe he just forgot the evidence or something but Jo said he isn't there either. So I thought maybe you'd phoned him and he'd come back home?"

"No... I haven't seem him since he left this morning"

"Okay, well I'll try Flack, maybe he's heard from him"

"All right, I need to drop Lucy's rabbit off to her at pre-school then I'll head down to the lab"

"No, take the rabbit and then go back home Lindsay, in case Danny shows up there"

"Okay Mac" Lindsay replied "I'm sure he can't of gone far"

"No, I'm sure he's around somewhere, we'll find him Lindsay"

Lindsay ended the phone call and sighed. She knew Danny wouldn't of done anything stupid, he'd probably taken a few hours off to think, he did that occasionally. She knew that the argument they'd had before he'd left for work would probably of been playing on his mind. Lindsay grabbed her handbag with the stuffed rabbit in. She decided to leave the charity bag, she could do that later, she needed to get down to the pre-school and home again in case Danny showed up, which she expected he would with flowers and an apology.