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Lindsay slammed her foot on the breaks as a white van coming from Lucy's school pulled out in front of her "idiot" she shouted as she drove round into the parking lot and found a space, checking her phone which was on the seat next to her she saw there were no messages. Hopefully that meant he was with Flack she told herself as she placed the phone in her bag and got out of the car. She made her way across the parking lot and walked up to the entrance of Lucy's pre-school. They had a pin number on the door which only the parents and staff knew, it was changed on a monthly basis. Lindsay leant against the door and was about to type in the code when the door fell open. That's weird she thought as she walked into the pre-school.

"Hello Mrs Messer" Lucy's teacher Miss Duncan smiled as Lindsay entered the class room. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I just found Flopsy at home and I know what Lucy can get like when he's not around" she replied pulling the toy rabbit from her bag.

"Ahh yes, she has been asking for him this morning"

"Where is she? I'll just give him to her and then I need to head home"

"Hmm.. I'm surprised she's not already come up to greet you" Miss Duncan looked around the room for the blonde haired little girl.

"She's probably too busy playing with someone"

"Emily, have you seen Lucy around?" Miss Duncan called to a young woman who Lindsay assumed was a student.

"Yeah, she took herself off to the toilet about..." she checked her watch "ten minutes ago"

"Ten minutes? And you haven't seen her since?" Miss Duncan asked with annoyance in her voice "What have I told you about keeping an eye on the clock when a child goes to the toilet?" She sighed and turned to Lindsay "I'm sorry, Emily's not been with us for long and she's still learning the ropes"

Lindsay smiled "It's fine, I'll just check to see if Lucy is okay"

"I'll come with you, make sure there are no other children in there"

Together they made their way to the children's toilets. "I'm so sorry about Emily" Miss Duncan repeated again as they walked down the little corridor.

"It's fine honestly, we all make mistakes and I'm sure Lucy is fine" Lindsay replied as they entered the toilet "Luce?" Lindsay called, looking around she noticed the toilets were empty. "Where is she?"

"Erm.. maybe she went off to play in the garden" Miss Duncan replied.

"You do know that the front door was already open when I came in, right?"


"It was open. I leant on it when I went to put the code in and it fell open"

"Oh, that's not good... Let's just check the garden first, before we start panicking though" Miss Duncan replied nervously. "Lucy, loves the garden"

Lindsay knew that was true, Lucy would live in the local park if she could, she loved climbing the trees, going on the swings and spinning on the roundabout. They went into the garden and saw about ten or eleven children running around but Lindsay couldn't seem to spot her small, blonde haired little girl.

"Mrs Reed, you haven't seen Lucy out here have you?"

"No, not this morning, which is strange as she is normally out here all the time. Then again, Isabel went in to do some painting not so long ago, so Lucy may have joined her? You know how close those two are"

Miss Duncan nodded "Let's just check the art room, if she's not there then I'll have to gather all the children up and do a head count"

"A head count? How is that meant to find my daughter?"

"Well it will help us first to see if Lucy is actually missing or if she is just hiding, it'll also help to determine if any other children have gone missing from the premise"

"Okay, do what you need to do, but hurry up about it" Lindsay replied sharply.

Miss Duncan nodded with embarrassment, how had she not noticed that Lucy had gone missing sooner? They walked into the art room where Isabel and a few other children were sat painting with another teacher.

"Hey Isabel" Miss Duncan smiled kneeling next to the red-head little girl.

"Hey Miss D" she grinned "You like my painting?"

"I think you're painting is wonderful, darling" Miss Duncan smiled "Isabel, have you seen Lucy this morning?"

Isabel thought for a moment "I did see her go to the toilet"

"And did you see her after that?"

"Yeah, I did"

"Where did you see her?" Miss Duncan asked calmly as to not panic the three-year old.

"She was leaving"

"Leaving? The pre-school?"

Isabel nodded "A man came and got her, he said he was her Uncle, I can't 'member which one though. Lucy's got lots of Uncle's, don't she?"

"She does, did Lucy go off happily with him?"

Isabel shook her head "No, she said she didn't wanna go with him but he told her she gots to cos her Daddy was waiting for her in the car"

"Do you remember what Lucy's Uncle looked like?"

"Erm.. he was tall but that's all I 'member"

"It's okay, Isabel, you've been very helpful" Miss Duncan smiled. She then turned and led a teary Lindsay out into the corridor, away from Isabel and the other children.

"She's gone? She left here with a strange man and none of your staff seemed to notice?" Lindsay exclaimed, tears now falling down her cheeks.

"Mrs Messer, we will contact the police and get Lucy back"

Lindsay shook her head "I'll phone my boss, I don't want just anyone working the case, I want Mac Taylor on it, if anyone can bring her back he will"

Miss Duncan nodded "Whatever you think is best Mrs Messer, should I call your husband while you phone your boss?"

Danny, What was it Isabel said. That the man had told Lucy her Daddy was waiting for her. Things were slowly starting to click in Lindsay's head. This man didn't just have Lucy, she was sure he had Danny too.

"Mrs Messer?" Lindsay felt a tap on her arm "Your husband, want me to call him?"

Lindsay shook her head "I'm sure he'll be with Mac" she replied as she picked up the phone.


"Mac, it's Lindsay"

"Lindsay, sorry I've been so busy but I've been meaning to phone you, Flack hadn't heard from Danny but he is out there now looking for him"

"He won't find him, I think I know where he is"

"What do you mean?"

"Mac, I'm at Lucy's school, I was dropping of her rabbit. She's gone missing too, some man came in, told Lucy and her friend he was her Uncle. Lucy didn't want to go with him, but he apparently told her he had her Daddy waiting for her" Lindsay leant against the wall and sighed "Mac, I think whoever this man is, he has both of them"

"Did you find out what he looked like? Anything that can help us find him?"

"No, the only one who saw him was Lucy's three-year old best friend, which I'm guessing isn't a very reliable source"

"I'll send Jo and Adam down to the pre-school, Jo's pretty good with children she might be able to get something out of the little girl"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to go home"

"Go home? No Mac, I can't go home I need to be here, I need to be doing something. My husband and daughter are out there somewhere. I need to help bring them home"

"Lindsay, you know you can't work this case now. Go home and I'll keep you posted okay? I don't want you being alone right now though so I'm going to send Flack round to sit with you"

Lindsay sighed, she knew there was no point arguing with Mac, he was right. She was too involved in the case now to be able to work it. "Okay, I'll go home"

"Good, Flack should be there soon"

Lindsay thanked him and ended the call, she explained to Miss Duncan what was going on and that Jo and Adam would be down soon to process the pre-school and to talk to Isabel. Then with the pink stuffed rabbit and a heavy heart Lindsay made her way back to her apartment.