here's the second to last chapter, hope you all like it :)

Lucy sat up in bed, sweat was pouring down her face, her breathing was heavy and her sheets were wet, just like they'd been every night she'd woken up in the past two weeks. Pushing the duvet back, she slipped out of bed. She picked up Flopsy and padded out of her room, heading for her parents, she stopped though when she saw the light of the TV flashing. Frowning she walked around the couch to find her Father laid on it, half asleep. "Daddy" she whispered tapping his shoulder.

"Hm?" Danny asked rubbing his eyes "Luce, what's up?"

"It happened again, Daddy" she pouted "I didn't mean too"

"It's okay" he stood up and held his hand out to her "Let's get you changed"

"Kay" Lucy replied taking his hand and following him to the bathroom. "I had another bad dream"

"It's okay, kiddo, I'm still having them too"

"Is that why you were sleeping on the couch?"

"No... I was watching a film and just dozed off" Danny told her. The truth was he had been watching a film and had dozed off, but he'd done that because it was easier to sleep like that than lying in bed, tossing and turning with all the memories of his recent ordeal filling his head.

"It must have been a boring film" Lucy replied as she placed Flopsy on the towel rack.

"Yeah, must have been" Danny smiled "Take your wet pyjamas off while I get you some more, okay?"

"Will you come back?"

"Of course I will"

"You promise?"

Danny held out his pinky finger "I pinky promise"

Lucy wrapped her smaller pinky finger round her Father's and smiled.

"I'll be two seconds, Luce" he told her before leaving the room and heading for his daughter's bedroom.

"Okay" Lucy replied. She stripped herself of her wet pyjamas and then climbed up on the toilet seat to sit and wait for her Father.

Danny came back in with Lucy's favourite pink pyjamas, placing them on the floor, he turned on the shower "Ready to get in?"

Lucy nodded and slipped off the toilet seat. Walking over to the shower she placed her hand in to feel the temperature of the water "It's to hot"

"Okay, let me adjust it" Danny replied before fiddling with the temperature knob. "How's that?"

Lucy put her hand in again and nodded "That's okay" she smiled as she stepped in.

fifteen minutes later Lucy was showered and in her clean pyjamas. "Do I have to go back to my bed?"

Danny looked at his watch, it was 2:46am he didn't really fancy changing Lucy's sheets now. "No, come on, you can come sleep in with me and Mummy"

"Really?" Lucy asked excitedly as she held Flopsy close.

"Yeah, come on" Danny replied leading her to his and Lindsay's room. Lifting her up, he carefully placed her on the bed. "Get into bed and I'll be back in a minutes after I've stripped your sheets, okay?"

"Kay" Lucy whispered as she crawled up the bed and laid next to Lindsay.

Lindsay woke to the feel of hot breath on her face "Danny?" she murmured sleepily.

"It's me, Mummy" Lucy replied.

"Lucy? How did you get in here?" Lindsay asked sitting up.

"I had another accident" Lucy told her with embarrassment in her voice "So Daddy said I could sleep here"

"Did you have another bad dream?"

Lucy nodded "It was scary, Mummy"

Lindsay sighed and wrapped her arm around Lucy, pulling her close. "It's okay, sweetie. Mummy and Daddy aren't going to let anything happen to you now, okay? And Uncle Mac locked up that bad man for a really really long time"

"How long?"

"Years and years" Lindsay smiled.

"Like a hundred?"

"Yeah a hundred years" Lindsay kissed the top of Lucy's head, as she did so she noticed Danny's side of the bed was still made. "Where was Daddy when you found him?"

"On the couch, he watched a boring film and fell asleep"

"Oh okay"

"Mummy, did you know that Daddy still has bad dreams too?"

Lindsay nodded, many a time in the past week she'd been woken up with Danny shouting out in his sleep or by him violently tossing and turning.

"I wish we didn't get bad dreams" Lucy sighed.

"Well hopefully you won't tonight, being in bed with me and Daddy"

"And Flopsy" Lucy grinned holding up the pink rabbit.

"Lucy, I'm back" Danny whispered as he entered the room "Oh, sorry, Linds, I didn't mean to wake you"

"No it's fine" Lindsay smiled "If we're gonna be awake, we may as well all be awake together"

Danny smiled as he climbed into his side of the bed "I brought this in with me" he said placing a book on the bed "I thought we could have a story before we went back to sleep, Luce."

"Yeah, I like stories" Lucy replied as she snuggled up to Lindsay.

Danny switched the light on beside his bed and began to read the book he'd brought in for Lucy.

Not more than three pages in to the story and Lucy was asleep, snuggled into to Lindsay's side. "That didn't take long" Danny smiled leaning over to give both his girls a kiss.

"Danny..." Lindsay began.


"Have you been seeing the department counsellor?"

"Yeah, I got an appointment tomorrow actually" he replied

"Have you told her about your dreams?"

Danny shook his head "I guess I should really though, right?"

"Yeah, she might be able to give you something to help you sleep or something"

"I'll speak to her tomorrow"

"Okay" she smiled as she laid back down on her pillow. "Danny?"


"I love you"

"I love you too, Montana" he smiled before laying down, snuggling closer to Lucy, he laid his arm over her, resting his hand on Lindsay side and drifted off to sleep, the first peaceful sleep he'd had in weeks.