So here it is the finale chapter. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read and/or reviewed this story it really means a lot to me and an extra special thank you goes out to GeorgeAndrews who has read over every chapter for me, correcting all my mistakes and helping me when I've got stuck :)

Lindsay sat on a park bench and watched Danny chase a giggling Lucy around the park. It had been six months now since their ordeal and things were slowly going back to normal. Danny had started back at work over two months ago. He couldn't go back before that as he was still struggling to sleep, which was making him tired during the day and unable to concentrate on his work. After a word with his counsellor though and a prescription for sleeping pills he had finally got his sleeping under control.

He still suffered from the occasional nightmare, Lindsay would wake to find him shouting for Lucy or herself in his sleep. She hated seeing him like that, her big, strong Danny shouldn't have to suffer with these awful nightmares. Thankfully though they were getting less and less as the weeks went on.

Lindsay looked up and smiled as she watched Danny catch Lucy and spin her around, causing her to squeal in delight. Looking at Danny now you wouldn't know that he'd broken his nose six months ago, it had healed nicely as had the cut on his arm, all that was left was a small scar. Which he hated, said it was a constant reminder of his ordeal. Lucy liked to run her finger up and down it and tell him it was his 'brave scar' because according to her, that's what he'd been when they'd been together in the basement, brave.

Lucy was still struggling with her own demons. Strangers were still a big problem in her little life. Danny and Lindsay had talked about enrolling her in another pre-school but as soon as she heard the news she screamed the place down saying schools were bad, scary places and she didn't want to go. They'd then tried to hire a babysitter to watch Lucy but as soon as Lindsay went to leave for work, Lucy had grabbed hold of her leg and refused to let go. So in the end Danny's Mother would come over every day to sit with Lucy while Danny and Lindsay had work.

Danny and Lindsay had looked into the counselling that Doctor Small had suggested and decided that it was probably a good idea to send Lucy, so about three months ago, Lucy had started visiting a play therapist once a week. Lindsay or Danny had to stay for each session as Lucy refused to let them leave but she was slowly getting to know her therapist and an attachment was starting to form. Her therapist, Rosie was slowly trying to help Lucy put the past behind her but she'd explained to Danny and Lindsay on the first session that it wasn't going to be easy, what Lucy had been through was very traumatic for any child, but especially as one as young as Lucy.

Things had slowly started to improve though since the therapy had started, Lucy's bed wetting had stopped for one. This had been something that Lucy herself had been very proud of, the first morning she'd woken up with a dry bed, she'd gone running into her parents room and dragged them both out of bed so they could see her dry bed. Lindsay had started putting little red stars on the calendar every time Lucy woke with a dry bed so that the three-year old could see her progress. Lucy's face would light up every morning knowing that the bed was dry and that she could add another star to the calendar.

Lucy and Danny hardly talked about their ordeal now, it wasn't something that wasn't allowed to be spoken about in their house, because it was, it was just something that the both of them chose not to speak about and Lindsay understood why. She hated talking about the night her friends were murdered, she'd spoken about it a lot at the time to counsellors, therapists and the police just as Lucy and Danny had done. After a while it was just something she had wanted to put to rest, which she guessed after six months it was something Danny and Lucy wanted to do as well, although Lucy did still mention bits of it to Rosie.

The others at the lab had been fantastic to the whole family during the last six months, Mac had allowed Lindsay to take all the time off she needed to be with Danny and Lucy, which had only been a month at the beginning before Danny told her he was okay to look after Lucy himself. Jo had been great, her Mothering instincts had come in full force after everything happened and she'd brought them round food they could warm up for the first week and would ring every day to make sure the three of them were okay. Hawkes had been round a few times to check Danny's nose and his stitches when he had them in. Flack had been round daily, just to keep Danny company or to play a game with Lucy, Adam had popped over as well to play some Xbox with Danny and Sid had also come over once or twice with cakes that his wife had baked to see how the family was getting on.

Lindsay fiddled with the necklace around her neck as she watched Danny slide down the slide with Lucy on his lap. Adam had found the 'L' shaped necklace under the small mattress at the crime scene and at first Lindsay had been reluctant to wear it, feeling it had now been tainted but what had happened but Lucy had begged her to wear it, saying she'd kept it safe for her so that she could wear it again one day.

Lindsay smiled as Danny and Lucy got up from the slide and made their way over to her "Mummy, I'm hungry"

"What would you like to eat?" Lindsay asked lifting the three-year old up and sitting her on her lap.

"Ice cream!" Lucy grinned.

"What do you think, Daddy? Do you think Lucy has been good enough to get some ice cream?" Lindsay asked her husband.

"Oh, I should think so" Danny smiled as he lifted Lucy from Lindsay's lap, sitting her on his hip.

"Yay ice cream!" Lucy exclaimed "Can I have some 'nilla ice cream with a flake and sprinkles?"

"I'm sure we can stretch to that" Lindsay smiled as she stood up and took hold of Danny's spare hand and gave it a squeeze. "Come on, let's get some ice cream"

Together the three of them made their way from the park to the ice cream parlour where they all had vanilla ice cream, with a flake and sprinkles.