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My Name is Brayden Miles

Journal Entry #1

To Whoever May Find This,

My name is Brayden Miles. If you're someone who knows who I am, then I beg you please read what I have to say and then send this along to my family. If you're someone I've never met, then read my story anyway. Someone needs to know, no matter how strange it might sound.

You're probably wondering what is going on, and frankly, I had no idea either. But anyway, let me try to explain. My current situation is something that would seem crazy, or pulled out of a fairy tale- but it's happening. I don't know where I am, nor do I find myself in any familiar that could even bring me home. But I know I'm here, whatever this place is, and not dreaming. And man, I don't know what I have got myself into. What I do remember of what took place before I got here was that I was on Earth. Yes, I get to say that. Where I am now doesn't even begin to classify as the planet that I know.

It was just another drawn-out shift at this small run-down restaurant a few blocks away from my apartment. It was a quiet night thanks to the rain we had been getting for weather the last couple of days. It made every hour take forever, and I already didn't expect to get a lot of customers to begin with. The business was making its way to bankruptcy, which meant sooner or later I would have to look for another job. What did this make, job number twelve at this point?

"Hey Miles? Miles!"

I jerked my head up towards the sound, looking into the face of my supervisor, feigning interest. "Yes sir?"

"You got a few minutes left. Mind cleaning up out back while I get someone for the dining room?" he said, slacking off around one of the refrigerators.

I shrugged, keeping silent so I didn't rudely respond. I ignored my hope that for once I was allowed to leave early. I was one of the five people on shift, and I know that they didn't really need me to stay until the end; my super just wanted to be a dick. Typical. I grabbed a couple of clean rags and a spray bottle, trying to quickly get things cleaned up so I could go. I was stuck inside the kitchen to hide my messy appearance for most of the day after a drunk customer spilled her drink all over me while I was serving another table. That meant a third trip to the laundromat this week, damnit. It was sooner than I wanted it to be, don't think that I had the funds. Didn't get much for tips lately either; possibly by the fact I was ready to lose my cool at some of the teenagers that would come in and sit, grab something small to eat, dirty up the area beyond description and leave without cleaning up afterwards. It didn't sit well with me, even when I was their age I wasn't like that- great, now I feel old.

When my parents said that getting an education was to further excel my prospects of getting better paying jobs were incorrect. I did my time, got a degree, but still get paid minimum wage to scrub toilets and wash dishes. Some benefit it turned out to be, eh? It's not like I had a bad track record with employment. Sure, I had a bit of an attitude from time-to-time, but at least I did fill what the job required of me, relatively with a smile. Anyone who considered to hire me were low wage jobs, which would be seasonal or close up shop after a few months. That's how my luck was.

Once I did what was asked, I was able to leave. I grabbed my jacket and left, saying a short goodbye or a wave to the other co-workers. I plodded through the rain down the quiet, empty streets. Everything looked dingy and bleak as the sky was a void of darkness above me. Even the moon seemed to be swallowed up in the inky black abyss. The shower of tiny droplets was escalating to a torrential downpour above me, which made me only grunt in frustration. I was only able to pull my long coat closer to my body as the dampness began to seep into the fabric, my umbrella left on the floor at my place where I had forgotten it before I left for the day. This will suck if I start getting a cold, which meant no work for the next couple of days if that happened. I begin to walk quicker to my apartment, knowing that it wasn't helping me prevent me becoming completely soaked to the bone.

I fumbled for my keys and unlocked a side door to a large house nestled between a couple of buildings. I walked up the stairs to my apartment, which was one of the top sections of the house. The owner decided to cut the up place into sections and renovate it into small apartments. There wasn't anything wrong with my place, it was just really tightly cramped. I knew that I was trailing water and dirt on the way up, but I didn't care. I'd worry about it tomorrow. I turned on the light, pulled off the coat and kicked off my shoes. I saw my umbrella on the floor by the door, making me slightly more irritated at myself. I tossed my keys onto the small counter in my kitchen before making my way into my dungeon.

The light flickered on inside the bathroom and I noticed how dishevelled I looked in the mirror: dull dirty blond hair dripping down my face, sunken blue eyes, my drenched, stained work clothes clinging to my tall, thin frame. There wasn't much for muscle tone or fat, I was really skinny- quite homely for the moment to be honest. This was what I am at 27; living in a small apartment by myself, limited in a social network, working a crappy but paying job, living each day just to make a paycheck. A sorry excuse for a life, right? I continued looking into the mirror, rubbing my face as a new layer of stubble had grown throughout the day. This is how my life was going to be, huh?

I shivered as the cold started to sink in, and I began to undress. The warm water from the shower greeted me when I turned it on and I jumped inside, quickly washing up before what ever was left of the precious water from my small hot water tank was going to run out for the day. I had already showered before in the morning and the tank that was in my apartment was old and preferred to malfunction once in awhile. I called the landlord several times about it, and he says that it's, "on the list". There were times that I wish I could take that proverbial list and shove it right down his...

But I'm getting off topic. I continued in the bathroom and looked out the window that happened to be where they installed the upright shower. Poor planning, thank you renovators. It was low enough that I had to keep it covered, except for a small part of a corner at the top where I could look up at the sky. Coming home after the night shifts I got well acquainted in watching what stars I could see in the smog of the city. I especially loved watching the moon. Where I had the opening I had a clear view of it some nights, especially when it was full. There was something about watching it that gave me a moment of peace. Unfortunately tonight wasn't one of those times. I could hear the rain pelting at the glass outside; hopefully the rain will stop sometime soon.

I could feel the temperature of the water beginning to lose its heat and had to finish up my hair before things went icy on me again. I turned off the taps when I was done and grabbed a towel, drying off as best as I could. I made sure to have some extra clean clothes in a basket I kept near the door in case I was late for work. Everything was quiet as I dressed. Usually there's someones bass booming underneath me or a TV blaring next door. It made things eerily silent not hearing anything. It was possible that people were smart and actually slept for once instead of partying in the early hours of the morning before passing out. Thinking like that made me feel even older than I was, which never helped my cause.

Going into the kitchen, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and some leftovers from a couple of nights ago, rice and vegetables. Normally I get something to eat from work before I head home, but money was tight, and it's a few days until my next pay. I heated up my late supper and cracked open the bottle, taking a swig of the bitter liquid. I had grown accustomed to drinking the stuff, something that was cheap and had alcohol to take my mind off of things. I heard the rain beating down on the roof, it was lighter now, and I started to hear the sound of cars driving down the street. It looked to be a calm night, and I humbly took it.

I sat down in my small space I called a living room. It had a small couch and a coffee table, my laptop resting idly on top of it. I didn't own a television, there wasn't much to watch that interested me. And if there was, I could find it online. The internet was good for that at least. I flipped the machine open and the fan whirled to life, the screen lighting the dark space. A few clicks and I loaded up something to watch in ambiance while I ate, hearing the rain becoming faint trickle in the background. I took another long drink of my beer, feeling my body relax without resisting. Thanks to my form, it doesn't take many bottles for me to be intoxicated, which in a way helped me financially.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, the food half gone and my beer nearly empty. Whatever I had playing continued to ramble on, my mind now becoming a drawl of thoughts as my fatigue and the liquor settled in. I must have stayed on the couch for a good hour, the rain had stopped and so did my computer. The apartment went dark when the laptop went on standby. Everything was still as I started to drift off to sleep, but my mind continued to wander. Was this really going to be it? Living on my own trying to be a responsible adult with dead-end jobs and a little to no income? What a sorry life to have.

The clouds must have began to clear in the night sky. I opened my eyes to see slivers of moonlight began to filter through the blinds. I groaned, not wanting to get up off the couch and into my bed. The alcohol made my body feel heavy, not wanting to be disturbed. Reluctantly I got up, leaving my unfinished dinner and my laptop to deal with in the morning. I walked passed the kitchen and stopped back at the bathroom, seeing the moonlight shining brightly from the gap in the window. It made me smile, leaning on the door frame for a few seconds, seeing parts of the tile lit up within the darkness. I was entranced by the light, walking inside and opened up the shower door, the floor still wet from before, my socks slightly damp as I looked out the window, peeling back the cover to let more light in as the moon shone brightly in the sky. The light cascaded through the glass shower onto the wall behind me to the floor.

"Hello Moon." I said out loud, my speech slightly slurred. "Glad to see you're out and about again."

Talking to a moon in the sky, don't ask me why I did something like this. I did it often when I was alone, usually when I was sober. It's not like anyone else could hear me. And it wasn't like it was going to respond back to me. It was just a ritual that I did, something to distract me from the world. As much as my life seemed boring, dull, and uneventful, at least I had something that was always fixed, seeing that it was the Earth's moon after all.

I was just about to leave when I noticed something...different. I narrowed my eyes to focus on the moon, the beer in my system not helping my efforts. The usual patterns on the moons surface was different from before. It's possible that asteroids may have hit the moon recently, but I wasn't too sure. There seemed to be a different shape on the moon, almost like a head of a creature. A horse maybe? I shook my head, trying to get my bearings.

'I must be really tired for me to start seeing things.'

I left it at that and began to leave. As I turned my foot slipped in a puddle of water and I fell backward. I slammed hard and the back of my skull collided with the bathroom tile on the wall. I cursed loudly and was about to feel if I damaged anything and hopefully still had brain matter left when I felt a resistance on my left arm. I blinked a few times and tried to pull the limb free to no avail. I looked down to see what was going on in the darkness.

Where my arm had landed was on the tile that was illuminated in the moonlight. At first I thought my elbow and impacted had damaged the wall. I tried to pull again, only to stop dead when the rest of the moonlit wall rippled at my movements like water. Once it got to the edge of the cascading light to the darkness the ripples disappeared. My eyes went wide, looking in disbelief. I figured I must have hit my head pretty hard for me to be seeing things. I grabbed my wrist with the other hand and gave a hard pull, managing to free my arm with a loud splash as the wall reformed, continuing to ripple slightly.

"What the...?"

My heart sped up in my chest and took a few steps back away from the moonlight, checking my arm first. There didn't seem to be any damage while the rippling of the tile went still. I checked the back of my head as I continued to stare at the wall dumbfounded. There was going to be a major lump on the back of my skull from what I could feel. I looked up at the moon, which still glowed brightly in the night sky, then back to the lit wall. I raised my hand and noticed that no shadow seemed to appear when my hand was in the light, which was extremely odd. I went and touched the surface of the strange anomaly, seeing ripples form from my touch. It felt creepy, but not life threatening- at least not to me just yet.

"I must be dreaming." I said out loud. However, the throbbing pain in the back of my mind wanted to prove otherwise.

I continued to look, the wall staring back at me. It almost looked like the air twinkled in the moonlight, but that wasn't at the forefront of my thoughts at the moment. I was surprised, and increasingly afraid. What ever was in those leftovers were making me hallucinate, that's it. I start to move my my hand away and felt the resistance again, pulling hard and broke free, watching the ripples appear and then fade away once more. I didn't know what to make of the situation. Was this real? Or was this a really vivid dream and I was still back on my couch? I wanted to leave the bathroom but I felt strangely drawn to it. I was worried, but also curious. What was I supposed to do with this?

An idea popped into my drunken thoughts and I looked outside the bathroom to where the light was hitting the wall, seeing the other side being completely solid on the other end. This posed more further questions. What could this be? A portal? Where would it lead? And then my heart sank...

Am I dead? Was I poisoned instead?

No. I had to think about it for a second. That's just the beer talking. Hopefully if I did die this isn't the way things were going to go, at least I hoped. I wouldn't be going through my bathroom wall into the afterlife. That's retarded. I figured there would be something like a light or something. Must be the alcohol, or I'm that really out cold. Nevertheless, I had to do something about this.

I went out into the hallway and found my wooden sword I had purchased a long time ago. At first it was part of a small collection I once had when I was hooked on samurai films when I was a kid, but then I left the rest with my family and kept one in case someone tried to break into my apartment if I was home. It was the only sturdy thing I could think of this late. I brought it back and the moonlight continued to shine on the wall. I gripped the handle tightly and poked at the tile a little bit.

It would have been very idiotic sight if someone were to find me like this; an intoxicated grown man looking like he was attacking his wall with a wooden sword in the middle of the night. I'm sure it wouldn't go over well. But here I was, the tip of the sword going into the wall with no difficulty with me holding on to the other end. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary from my previous test and tried to pull the sword back out. It was then when I felt something pulling it into the wall, not letting go. I looked down and saw what looked to be a midnight blue aura spreading over the wooden blade towards me. I tried to let go but I wasn't quick enough, the aura engulfed my hands and was pulling me closer to the wall.

'Crap...come on. Let go!' I thought to myself.

I began to panic, grunting as I tried to pull free at the force that now had its hold on me. I did my best to brace my feet, but the floor was still damp and so were my socks, making gripping impossible. My heart pounded in my chest, my breathing quickened. I was helpless to what was happening. I felt my hands going into the wall, feeling a warm pressure around them as I was getting sucked in. I tried to shout but it felt like I had a giant lump growing in my throat, unable to make a sound. The wall continued to pull me in, but now there was a increasing fear inside of me as I stared, unable to do anything while a new problem was occurring. The moonlight on the tile began to shrink around me. I looked behind me to see out the window that there was a cloud beginning to cover the moon once again, making my heart seize inside my chest.

'What do I do? What do I do?!' I screamed in my thoughts. 'If this thing disappears I'm going to

be stuck like this!'

The darkness of the night was getting rather close to me, half my body already swallowed into the wall. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, gave a prayer to any God that was listening, and dove in the rest of the way into the wall. It was dark as warmth and pressure enveloped me completely, my hands still gripping the sword as best as I could. I kept my eyes closed, afraid to open them to what might be happening around me. I felt like I was moving, but held in place at the same time.

And then suddenly, there was a burst of light I could see behind my eyelids. I covered my eyes with one of my hands, my mind snapping to attention-

Wait, I could move my hand!

Opening my eyes I then found out something rather quickly...

I was in the air, and I was falling.

The lump in my throat was gone, and I screamed at the top of my lungs as I plummeted downwards towards the ground. How I ended up outside was one thing, in the air was another. The wind whistled in my ears as I tumbled. It was night and I couldn't make out anything familiar. But that wasn't the point at the current state I was in. I was descending quickly towards the ground, closing my eyes once again as I awaited the collision. I could almost see my life flash before me- it was pitiful.

But I didn't hit the ground, I was met with the sound of a resounding splash as my body hit water. I assumed that the impact should have broken every bone in my body, but I had managed to hit without killing myself. My body screamed in pain and my lungs burned, not taking in enough air in time as I was thrashed about by the current. My mind clouded as I was being swept away, flailing aimlessly to pull myself to the surface. But it seemed that my body was unwilling to do so, my lungs filling with water and I completely collapsed, my world going dark.

.o~End of Journal Entry~o.

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