Chapter 1 (more like a Prologue)

Larry sat at the side of the stage, fixing the amp head for his bass. He grumbled, trying to fix the chord into the amp's input. Sitting down, he started to practice a few arpeggios on his bass as a warm up, making some soft cool blue tones echo around the garage.

"I can't wait until my new eyeshadow pallet from Sephora gets to my house soon," Larry heard Kim say from the other side of the stage. He pursed his lips in small aggravation. Sure, he liked to listen to the many things the gals talked about, but sometimes he felt he can't really grasp the conversations when it's about girly things such as makeup or new hair products.

"Same. Anyways, who do you have your eye on, Carrie?" Konnie's voice ripped through the bass' undertones. Larry's ears perked up. He wondered if he should eavesdrop on the conversation. But none of his thinking really matter because out of instinct, he started playing a little quieter to here what's going on.

"Shut the fuck up, dude!" Carrie playfully pushed Konnie by the shoulder, making all the girls erupt with playful laughter.

"Well, I mean, anyone will do I guess, only if they really like me." Carrie said truthfully. Larry eyes widened as his ears turned a slight shade of pink. One of the things he hated about his pale skin is how easily he blushes. Larry bit his lip, excitement bubbling in his chest. This was probably a gateway to ask Carrie out.

"Larry?" Kim said. He turned his back away from them with wide eyes.

"What?" He asked, trying his best not to show his masked excitement.

"You stopped playing all of a sudden. Your bass, I mean." Carrie pointed out. She stood up and began walking towards him with a questioning look before asking, "Is there something wrong with you amp head again? I can help with it,"

"No! No, I mean, it's, uh…" Larry tried to explain. He stopped and shook his head, puttinghis bass down onto the guitar stand.

"Actually, I think I gotta go to the music store to get a new cable for that new distortion pedal we bought," He forced a smile.

"See ya," and he sped walked out of Carrie's garage before any of the girls question him or tells him otherwise.

A/N: Feels so good to be back. Some stories I won't be continuing sadly, but I'm excited to see what you guys will think about my new projects. Let's keep Grojband alive.