As the group went down to the Jet room, they encountered Hank along the way. "Pietro? I see you've returned." Hank expressed his stupefaction. "Why is everyone so surprised that I'm here?! It's not like I've never been here before." Pietro said becoming vexed at everyone analyzing his return.

Scott reimbursed, "You can't really blame them Pietro. Especially since no one expected you to be back here. I have to admit that Jean and I were the main ones who doubted that much." "Well that shows what you know." Pietro retorted arrogantly and nonchalant. Scott just folded his arm while Bobby and Kitty snickered in the background. Scott lost face at that point.

"Now, now, let's not be hostile here." Hank evened things out. "Despite my being surprised, I still managed to make some alterations to your shirt Pietro." "Really?! Cool let me see." He spoke quickly. "Just wait right here while I retrieve it." "Sure thing BM."

"He's been here for what, a day and he's already getting the special treatment." Scott scowled to himself. Logan heard Scott with his super hearing. "No need to be getting all jealous Cyclops. He said he was here on a urgent matter. For all we know, he could be out of your hair once the mission is complete." Logan said trying to ease the tension further.

Hank returned with the shirt in hand. "Here we are. Let me know if you like it." He said upon handing the shirt over to Pietro. "It's actually looks better than I pictured. You're a real work of art aren't you?" Pietro complemented. "Thanks. That's the best compliment I think I've gotten all month." Beast said gratefully. "Yeah well, it's just something my mom says all the time." Pietro spoke with charisma.

He changed into the shirt immediately. "So, how do I look?" He said quickly with felicity. "Like a hundred bucks. Now let's get moving kid." Logan answered first. Beast was happy with his handiwork. "I guess I am a work of art." he admired his work. Pietro, Logan, and Kitty were the first ones to make a move toward the X jet.

"Hey, how come our clothes are never custom made?" Bobby asked. "That's because Pietro was the first to take the liberty to ask." Beast said nice and slow. "So if we ask you, would you redesign our clothes too?" He inquired. "Affirmative." Beast concluded smiling. "Good, because I have some ideas for my clothes. I was thinking about having my sleeves..."

Before he could finish, Cyclops grabbed him by the arm. "We don't have time for that Bobby. Let's just get a move on because the faster we get there, the faster Pietro can get out of my hair." He started to tug Bobby along. "Alright fine. Sheesh." Hank waved at them before returning to his lab.

Logan was in the pilot seat with Scott sitting beside him as co-pilot. Pietro and Bobby were seated next to each other. "How come you're sitting by the window?" Bobby asked in a demanding tone. "Has anyone ever told you that you complain too much? Honestly, how do you expect to grow from a tiny ice cube to an ice burg? You're just a big baby." Pietro argued back, folding his arms in a vexed manner while his eyes displayed a look of irritation.

"Could you at least swap seats before we take off?" Bobby asked with a furious expression. "Are you really going through all of this just to sit by the window? You know what, never-mind what I said." Pietro swiftly switched places. "Happy now?" He frowned. Bobby settled comfortably in the seat. "Yep!"

Logan spoke up loudly, "Alright everyone, have your belts fastened because we're preparing for take off." The next time I travel with these guys, I'm not sitting next to this clown again! Pietro said to himself. The secret waterfall entrance opened and the Jet took off in the air.

Bobby was looking out the window in the same manner as a dog peering out from the passenger's window. Pietro blew him off mentally and sat with contempt.

On the contrary, Kitty was over to the right observing the map to the satellites. "So I guess the first stop is in Australia." She informed. "Alright then, Australia here we come." said Logan. Within the next 30 minutes, they made it to Australia.

Pietro looked over at Kitty with confusion. "Hey, how did you get that?!" He yelled over to her. "While you were running that yap of yours, I phased the map out of your pocket before we got on the jet." she grinned with a sinister grin. "One day Katherine, one day." He spoke with irritation.

Throughout the entire ride, Pietro was figuring a perfect way to get back at Kitty. The thing he despised the most was being either tricked or fooled. So far, he came up with nothing because he was preoccupied within his thoughts.

"Alright Kitty, let me see the map." Scott asked once they landed and exited the jet. She handed it over to him. Scott scanned the map for the satellite's location. "Alright we move at five kilometers, 25° west longitude and then 10 meters latitude." He explained.

When he looked up, he saw that they were at a loss. "Like, in English Scott!" Kitty demanded. "We walk and then we climb, this way." He reiterated with less complications. "That's better." Kitty spoke with a better attitude. They all followed behind Scott.

Bobby made himself a hat out of ice to keep himself cool. Kitty almost wanted to snatch the hat off of him and make him suffer from the heat like everyone else. "This is taking too long. How about I get a head start and wait for you to get there." Pietro broke the silence becoming more impatient by the second. "You heard what the professor said. This place could very well be guarded. Besides, we're almost there any way." Scott retorted.

"Almost, isn't good enough for me. I'd rather be 'there' instead of 'here'." Pietro spoke with disdain. "Listen here Pietro, I understand you want this to be over just like the rest of us, but I'm the one who's giving the orders!" Scott said a bit more serious and infuriating. Pietro grunted furiously before speaking, "I think I neglected to tell you that I'm through with following other people's orders!

When I made my decisions not to be a follower, I meant it! That means I'm not taking orders from you!" Pietro yelled. Scott stood in an attacking position. "Alright Pietro, since you're so tough, why don't you figure out where the rest of the satellites are!" "With pleasure!"

Logan stepped between the two. "Shut up both of you! We'll get there when we get there okay. So enough with the chit chat! You're only wasting more time arguing senselessly with each other. So let's get a move on." He proceeded walking once he got his point across.

They took one last moment to scowl at each other before continuing their journey. "Man are those guys ever going to get along?" Bobby asked Kitty. "To be honest, I was wondering if you and Pietro was ever going to get along.

But I'm sure Scott will like, come around sooner or later. Depending on if Pietro decides to got off of Scott's bad side." she concluded. Bobby nodded his head.

They kept on walking until they reached the designated point which was through a vast of trees. But one problem surfaced, they didn't see the satellite. Only trees and even more trees. "Are you sure you were leading in the right directions? Or maybe the glasses clouded your view?" Pietro taunted. "Yes I'm sure. I now how to read maps! But the thing is, where's the satellite? It should have been here." Scott said while reviewing the map again.

"Hold on a minute every one." Logan said while sniffing out the area. "Maybe Cyclops is right. After all I do smell pounds of metal." "Well if it's here, then how come we don't see it?" Bobby asked. "I don't know. We'll just have to keep moving. But as far as I can tell, it's somewhere beyond this huge tree here." Logan ended.

"Okay. So if it's beyond that tree, I guess I can like, just phase through there to make sure the coast is clear." Kitty suggested. "There's the 'like' again Pryde." Pietro teased. Kitty rolled her eyes. She walked over to the tree and put her right arm through first. "Huh?" She said under her breath. "Hey, what is this?" She called out.

"What's what?" Scott asked. "I'm putting my arm through but the funny things is, I'm not even using my powers." Kitty informed with perplexity. Scott ventured over to see what she was talking about. He put his arm through as well and saw that he was going through the tree also. "Interesting." Scott declared.

Logan did the same. "I think this is some kind of illusion." He addressed. Bobby and Pietro tested it out for themselves. "Magneto sure does have a lot of tricks up his sleeve." Pietro stated. All of them passed through to the other side of the illusion.

Once there, they were able to see the satellite sitting on a mound. "I knew it!" Logan called out. "I told you I was going in the right direction!" Scott shouted with excitement. "Looks like you owe me big time Pietro." Scott said rubbing it in his face. "In your dreams shades."

Logan used his agility to make it to the top of the mound. He drew his claws and slashed the base of the satellite. Scott took aim from where he was standing and shot one of his laser beams in the hole Wolverine tore opened. It caught fire on the inside.

"Everyone take cover! This thing is about to blow!" Scott warned. Everyone took cover just in time before the entire satellite blew up. The explosion sent waves of turbulence through the ground. They all knew it was safe to come out once the quakes stopped.

"Well that was fun. Let's get rid of the other ones." said Logan. "Hey, can I destroy the next one?" Bobby asked. "What are you? Two!" Pietro rebutted, becoming fed up with Bobby's childish behavior. "I was just asking." Bobby spoke, obviously vexed.

The illusion that was there earlier was gone. They all made their way back to the ship. "Where to next?" Logan asked. "Asia, specifically in Russia." Scott answered. "Good, let's go."

When they boarded the jet, Pietro sat away from Bobby as far as possible. "Like, what are you doing here Pietro, I thought you were sitting with Bobby." Kitty asked, taking note that he changed his seat. "Do you really think that I'm going to sit next to that clown the whole trip?" He questioned, expecting her to know the answer. "On second thought, you have a point." Kitty related to Pietro's problem, knowing Bobby could be annoying at some times.

She took her seat next to Pietro. "Hey Pietro! How come you're sitting way over there?" Bobby inquired with confusion. "I just figured you could use the extra space. You know, so you can enjoy the view better without me disturbing you." Pietro beguiled. "Sweet! Who knew you could be so fair." Bobby responded, oblivious that Pietro was using sarcasm. Pietro brushed him off. Kitty giggled, knowing that Bobby was agitating him to the bone.

They were in the air preparing for their next destination. While they were en route to Russia, another air craft was flying by. "Is it me, or is that plane not flying straight?" Logan asked. "It isn't you Logan, because that plane looks like it's about to crash into us!" Scott confirmed. "Everyone hang on as tight as you can!" Scott warned.

Logan used most of his strength to pull up on the steering sticks. Force from the abrupt change of direction made Bobby's face smash into the window, and Pietro was tossed against Kitty. Even though they managed to evade a head on collision, the other plane smashed into the wing of the Jet and they went spiraling out of the air.

The plane exploded just before impact in the Pacific Ocean. The X jet crashed into the water as well. But the ocean provided enough buoyancy for the jet to float. "Just what we needed! To be stranded in the middle of the Pacific!" Bobby exclaimed.

"How are we going to get out of this one?" Wolverine asked. "I think I have an idea. Kitty phase us out of the jet." Scott commanded. "Whatever the idea is, my idea is better." Pietro boasted, taking Kitty's hand preparing to phase out of the jet. Scott heard his comment and grimaced a look of anger.

Now that they were on top of the jet, Scott scanned the ocean, hoping to find land. "I don't see any land out there, so it looks like we're going to have to paddle to shore." Scott advised. "Like, how are we going to get to shore? And paddle with what?" Kitty asked. "Easy, we'll just have Bobby here make an Ice boat and paddles and then we're home free."

"So how long will it take before we reach land?" Logan asked. "My guess is a pretty long time." Bobby added.

"Wait!" kitty shouted. "Pietro you can run on water right?" "Don't look at me because I'm not hauling you guys back and forth. Besides, even if we do make it to Russia, how do you expect to get around the rest of world? I'm not a pack-mule you know." Pietro informed. "But that was the only other suggestion we had." "That's not entirely accurate Katherine. Yeah traveling in a frigid boat would take an eternity, but I say we fix the jet."

Scott didn't understand why Pietro would suggest that. "How do you expect to fix a jet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!? In case you haven't noticed, this thing is going to fill up with water and then it's gonna sink!" "Well maybe if you hear me out, you won't have to worry about it sinking!"

"Aw, here we go again." Bobby whimpered. "I...don't think they're going to get along any time soon." Logan declared. "You can say that again." Bobby responded.

"Why can't they like, get along for just a few seconds?" Kitty said, becoming flustered with the fact that Scott and Pietro were constantly at odds.

"You know what Pietro, you're so arrogant and stubborn that you think everything that everybody else does is useless while you stand high and mighty on a pedestal that you think is untouchable!" Scott argued. "Well maybe I am on a pedestal because my way is faster. We fix this thing and have it back in the air!" Pietro argued back.

Scott bit down on his teeth. "There is no way we're going to be able to fix this air craft in time before it sinks!" Scott doubted. "Yes we can! Especially since you have someone as fast as me. Which reminds me, it wouldn't matter how long it takes because we won't sink! Not from what I have in mind!"

"So, who's idea are we going with?" Bobby asked. "You're going with mine okay, now get started on making the boat!" Scott demanded.

"Don't listen to that idiot! He doesn't know what he's talking about. Besides, do you want to get there faster? Or waste your time paddling for an eternity?" Pietro yelled quickly. "Well I do want to get there faster, so I guess I'll go with your plan." Bobby voted Pietro. "Great!" anyone else on board." Pietro exclaimed.

"Don't listen to him Bobby. This guy doesn't even know what he's doing. And in case you haven't noticed, why would you want to vote for someone who just recently came from a team that hardly wins?! Better yet, never wins anything?! Pietro's just talking a game of lies. He doesn't even know what he's doing. He hasn't been in any situations like this!" Scott rebutted hostile.

"Cyclops has a point." Logan said. "I guess I'll go along with him since he has a lot of experiences in survival situations." "Ha!" Scott boasted in Pietro's face.

Pietro was scarlet red with anger. "Don't think you won shades, because that's one vote for the both of us, which means..." He turned his attention to Kitty as did everyone else.

"Kitty come on, you've known me for a long time. You know I would never let you down." Scott said trying his best to win her over. "I know but...I—I..." "Think about it! Pietro has only been here for two days. I doubt that he knows what to do in circumstances like this." "Well," Kitty staggered in discombobulation.

Pietro cut her off before she could finish. "Listen Katherine, you were the first person in this group to really trust me. I'm asking you to trust me now because I know my way will get us where we need to go. There's not much damage in the wing of the jet and can be repaired. Think about it, everyone here had some kind of chance before they proved themselves they were capable of doing things. Let me prove myself okay."

Bobby empathized, "Pietro's right. After all, I had to do what I could to prove myself so, why not?" Scott was becoming red with anger. "Are you really trying to Win Kitty's vote over with a sad story?! That's low! The only thing you proved yourself with being good at is embezzlement. You're a crook who will do anything just to have things going your way. You're not honest at all are you?"

"Zip it shades! There's no need for getting jealous. And I'm not embezzling anyone! I'm just trying to save us the trouble from rowing our lives away. By the time we reach land, Magneto would have turned the whole world into mutants by then."

"Alright! Since you're idea is so special, then tell us what this stupendous plan is." "Don't worry yourself in a grave because you'll find out as soon as I win the votes." He said with narcissism. Once again they all looked at kitty, waiting for her to make a decision.

Kitty stood there, horrified that she had to choose between Scott and Pietro. She was hoping that she chose the right person with the best interest. This is almost like gambling. It's either all or nothing. She thought to herself. Aw man, what am I gonna do. I don't want to make Pietro mad by choosing Scott. But then again, Pietro's right, everyone does deserve a chance once in their lives. But then there's Scott, he always know what to do. Oh man, this is like, so hard. Not only am I the only girl in this group, but the only tie breaker.