"So tell me, who exactly is this Malice chick?" Logan asked the woman. "Malice is a mutant. No one knows who she is or where she came from." She explained.

"So how did you end up with her?" He asked out of curiosity. "There were many reports going around about possessings in Washington. Calls were being poured into the police department and many claims that something had taken control over a friend or loved one." She reminisced.

"The calls were taken as prank calls, but suspicion began to rise as each case was reported exactly the same every time by different people at different times. They reported that something would possess their friends or relatives and a black choker would for around the neck that was centered with a blue jewel.

The situation became very believable when the news broadcast mutants for the first time. The police figured that it could have very well been a mutant that was possessing those people. They went back to investigate the earlier reports.

Each report site was leading a trail all the way to the airport. They prognosticated that the mutant was going to strike again moving further west. They finally caught up to the mutant by locating the well described choker and jewel.

But Malice didn't go down without a fight. She nearly took out the entire squad so they called my corporation for back up." She told. "And who are you exactly?" Logan asked. "My name is Abigail Brand. I'm a pilot and agent for an organization that branched off of Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D called S.W.O.R.D. We're in charge of the planets defense and anything involving Extraterrestrial activity.

We helped with the fight against Malice, but she seemed to be unstoppable since we couldn't tell who she was about to body jump to next. I just so happened to be near the engine in my plane when Malice seemed to be drawn to the magnetic field used to rotate the propellers.

So we constructed a little Magnetic chamber to imprison the Mutant. We were to deliver back to our database to determine Malice's origins. Just to make sure she wasn't of any intergalactic threat." "So what are you doing all the way out her in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?" Logan inquired again.

"I don't know what happened with the electromagnetic chamber. But somehow it must have powered down and Malice escaped. Before I knew what was going on, Malice had taken me over. I tried to fight her off, but I couldn't.

I guess it's because of my mutant abilities to make fire because fire gives off lots of energy. Malice is very attracted to energy. It might have given her a boost to keep control over my body." She explained further. "Are you saying you're a mutant too?" Logan asked in surprise.

"Yeah well We're all mutants." Pietro called out, still creating a massive field of static electricity. "Let's just hope the other two mutants can hurry up with that magnet because I can't do this forever you know." He said with agitation.

"I'm pretty sure they're on it Quicksilver. Just be patient." Logan advised. "Right, patience." he mocked under his voice.

Malice tried with her might to break away from the electric field. "Curse you, you speeding devil." She yelled. "Correction. The term is 'Speed Demon' thank you." Pietro shot back.

Meanwhile, Kitty and Bobby reached the cargo that held the electromagnetic field generator. It wasn't very big, but was still capable of retaining Malice. Bobby froze the machine so it could float from the ground like an ice cube. As it floated upward, Kitty phased it up and out.

"I hope Malice didn't take over Pietro. Because if she did, then we'd have a huge problem." Bobby worried. "I'm pretty sure Pietro had some kind of an idea. I just hope it wasn't too bad." Kitty replied with more optimism.

They phased the machine all the way to the top of the plane. Kitty then phased it out of the ice and Bobby froze it in place. While he was freezing it in place, he noticed that the ice platform the jet was sitting on was melting and drifting away slowly.

"Man, we need to hurry up before we lose sight of the jet." He panicked a little. "I have an idea." Kitty suggested. "So do I." Bobby declared. He made an ice bridge from the slow-sinking plane all the way over to the jet.

"That should do it. That platform isn't going anywhere now." He said happily. "That's exactly what I had in mind." Kitty said proudly. After their feat, they went back into the plane and ran to where they last saw Pietro, Scott and Logan.

"Alright we're back!" Bobby shouted. "Good what took you so long?!" Pietro said, feeling very well vexed. "We got lost for a moment. We had a hard time finding the cargo." He explained. "Excuses, excuses." Pietro said nonchalant.

"Uh oh." Kitty cried out. "Uh oh? What do you mean uh oh?" Said Abigail. "We sort of forgot to turn on the machine." she said sheepishly.

"YOU WHAT?!" Pietro yelled out. "How could you forget to turn on the machine?" Abigail cried out. "No time for questions, because the polyester is wearing down and so is the static electricity!" Pietro yelled to them.

What he said was true. Malice was beginning to break free of the temporary electric field. "Ugh! You'll all pay, you reluctant brats!" she screeched. Finally, the last bit of polyester was worn down and the electric energy ceased.

She was now free. "Remind me to knock you out when we're through with this!" Pietro yelled to Bobby. "Wasn't my fault!" He yelled back. Scott was coming to at the last minute. He was freezing, but he was able to hear what was going on.

When he tried to pen his eyes, he accidentally shot an optic blast. "Ugh, my visors." He said upon shutting his eyes back closed.

Malice set her eyes on Kitty again. "Come here little girl!" Kitty stammered back onto a weak spot in the ice and fell through. Malice went in after her.

Logan was rushing after them. "Looks like I have to get wet again." he grunted. "No!" cried out Abigail. "What do you mean 'no'?" He asked with perplexity. We need to get to the magnet. Anything that releases that much energy will draw Malice out." She admonished. "But what about..." "right now we have to focus on what's best for the entire scenario." She said cutting him off. "Fine. Hey iceman, Lead us to the Machine." he commanded.

"Yes sir. Hey, where's Pietro?" he asked noting his sudden absence.

After Kitty fell through, Pietro went in after her. Now that they were both underwater, the water was able to make an outline of Malice so they were able to see her now.

Pietro is a very fast swimmer, since everything he does if fast. He knew Malice was after Kitty so he kept Kitty out of reach of Malice. But Malice, being full of malice, knew that they were going to have to come up for air sometime soon. So she haunted the upper levels of the water, keeping them at bay.

It was really no loss for Pietro since he could hold his breath underwater for a very long time. Kitty on the other hand could hold her breath for a long time since she's used to doing it when she phases. But the only problem was that she couldn't hold her breath as long as Pietro.

Malice knew they were going to have to give up sooner or later. But she didn't want them to lose their lives just yet. Malice was trying to decide whether or not to possess Kitty or Pietro. Kitty, because she would be untouchable and would be able to destroy the magnet.

Or Pietro since he was the one who was able to dodge her well enough underwater. It was a hard decision between two mutants who would accommodate her needs. She finally made up her mind to possess Pietro.

Not only would she be fast, but she would also be able to run clean across the ocean to her destination. And she would be able to evade everyone else. Her overzealous anxiety made her forget that she was supposed to be preventing them from getting air.

She swam after Pietro in hopes of getting into his body. Kitty could tell that Malice was now targeting Pietro by the way the shape in the water was positioned. She wanted to tell him, but she was almost out of breath. The only thing she could do was tap his shoulder and point upward, letting him know it was okay to reach the surface again.

Malice managed to get an inch away from Pietro. Luckily for him he was able to move out of her way in time. They came out of the water from the same spot that gave in a few moments earlier. "Ah! That water is freezing!" Pietro yelled as he came up.

"Pietro you have to get out of here! For some reason she's going after you now!" Kitty told him. From behind, they heard the splashing of the water as Malice surfaced as well. "Maybe we should get back in the water." Pietro suggested.

They inhaled a deep breath and phased back through the ice. "Erg. You cant' allude me forever petulant brats!" She shrieked and went back under. Pietro knew they had a better chance at getting away from her in the water since it protruded her shape of energy.

They continued to haul her off as much as they could. The down side was they were beginning to develop a case of hypothermia.

Meanwhile at the top of the plane, Abigail, Bobby and Logan were starting up the machine. Abigail warmed it up with her pyrokinetic powers to evaporate whatever water was on the inside. "Alright, it should be ready." she informed.

While they were powering up the machine, Malice was sick and tired of beating around the bush. She needed to get inside of a body, no matter who it was. Her wish was granted when she saw a silhouette of Scott's low animated body above the ice.

She shot out of the water and entered Scott again. "Oh come on how many times is she going to do this?!" Pietro shouted frustrated. "I don't know. But I don't think I can take going underwater again." Kitty said dizzily.

Malice, through Scott's body, released an optic blast at the pair. Pietro was trying to get out of the way, but the ice was slippery because of the water that was newly frozen when they emerged the first time.

The blast hit both of them and they hit the cold metal wall. After Malice hit them with the blast, Scott began to struggle, trying to fight Malice out of him. "No!...no...you can't...do this!" Scott grimaced in agony. Kitty finally realized how to get Malice out.

When she heard that Scott was suffering from hypothermia, she was doing everything in her power to make sure he was okay. Now that Malice threatened to hurt her, Scott began to fight Malice off. "Scott listen to me!" she yelled with pain lingering in her voice.

"Scott, you have to get over your anger with Pietro! If you don't then Malice will never leave you!" She pleaded. "What makes you think he's going to get over his anger with me just like that?" Pietro asked. "By not doing that!" She yelled at him.

"What is 'That' Pryde?" "That narcissistic attitude. That's what. Now think of something that Scott was right about on this trip. I know he was right about something because not all of us are too perfect or too imperfect." She argued albeit pleading.

Pietro knew he was going to shoot down his pride if he told Scott that he made a better decision. "Alright fine!"

Scott was still struggling to get rid of Malice. Malice was trying to cling to him a little longer. Long enough to gain more of his negative energy. "Look shades, you were right about taking precautions. I guess I should have listened to you when you told me to be careful. So there." Just saying those words pierced Pietro's heart like a dagger.

"That's not good enough! Keep trying for all of our sake!" Kitty argued still. "Aren't they done with that magnet yet?!" he wanted know so he wouldn't have to down his pride any longer. "I don't know. But you better do something quick because if we lose Scott to Malice, You'll never hear the end of it Pietro!" She threatened.

"Alright look, if you can hear me shades then I apologize that I was better than you in so many ways." He started off boasting. Kitty slapped his shoulder as hard as she could. "Ow! ….But...I'm pretty sure there's a lot of other things that you're good at. Maybe like being able to locate a problem or something."

Kitty was proud that Pietro was setting aside his large ego to help release Scott. "Tell me, why am I doing this again?" he asked Kitty. "If Scott doesn't think any bad thoughts, the more chance he'll have to escape Malice's grip!" "Well I hope what I said was good enough because I'm going to kill myself when we get done with all of this." he said in a low tone so Scott wouldn't hear.

But Pietro's words seemed to have helped a lot. Scott only halfway forgave Pietro, sensing some kind of doubt in his words. But as long as they came out of Pietro's mouth, it was good enough for him. He was able to force Malice out of him.

"Fools! You are all fools!" she cried out after she was forced to abdicate Scott's body. The incorporeal mutant was heading for Pietro full force. By the time she was halfway to where he was standing, the magnet was activated and the energy from it pulled her where the machine was located.

She was screaming and making a huge fuss as she was being pulled away from her only chances of escaping that plane. "I'll be back! You haven't heard the last of me! I will get to Wundagore Mountain if it's the last thing I do!"

Those were her last words before her presence vanished from the upper part of the plane. Kitty ran over to Scott and hugged him. "Scott! Like, I'm so glad you're okay." She said happily and weakly. "Thanks. For a moment, I thought I was going to be wiped out of existence with her inside of me like that." he expressed.

Pietro was standing on the far left of them with his arms folded. "Hey Pietro!" Scott called to him. "Thanks for the apology and all. But I guess I owe you one too." he admitted. "Save the touchy moment shades. We still got business to take care of. And if I have to stay another minute in this lousy, frozen hunk of metal, I'm going to lose it." He said subtly irritated.

He left them to themselves while he surfaced above the plane. "Maybe I should just hold on to the apology." Scott said with a little bit of anger towards Pietro. "Come on Scott. You can't really blame him. After all, I'm kind of tired of being in this weird ghost ship too." she confessed. Scott had to agree with them on that.

It was dark out as they had been doing a lot while stranded out in the ocean. "So do you need a lift?" Logan asked Abigail. The rest of the mutants were standing behind Abigail and they were beckoning to Logan not to let her and Malice board the jet.

Abigail didn't have to hear them to decide her answer. "No thanks. I sent a distress call to S.W.O.R.D. They should be coming any minute now." she said. "Thank you all for your help. Wherever Malice came from, she a threat anyway. Extraterrestrial or not." She concluded with a smiled.

"Good now that we're done here, can we get a move on? We got satellites to destroy." Pietro said becoming impatient again. "Yeah, I could really use some food right about now. I'm starving." Bobby complained. Everyone agreed in unison.

"Well I guess we'll be on our way." Logan ended the conversation and departed along with the rest of the mutants across the ice bridge. "Until next time." Abigail said under her breath as an aircraft from S.W.O.R.D arrived.