"Oh, what a day." Said an exhausted Logan, steering the blackbird. "Tell me about it. I still can't believe I was possessed by a woman." Scott said feeling a bit embarrassed. Bobby and Pietro snickered in the background.

"Can we stop somewhere and eat before we take out the rest of the satellites?" Bobby asked. "Where do you think we're going? Hunger camp?" Pietro teased. "I've never heard of a hunger camp Pietro." Said a vexed Bobby. "When you go to the brotherhood, you'll see what I mean." He joked.

Kitty was sitting next to Scott, checking on his temperature level every now and then. "Does anyone know what time it is back at home?" Asked Kitty. "Well the clock is still in eastern time so, it's 9: 23 P.M." Logan replied.

"I hope everyone back at home isn't too worried." Bobby stressed. "I'm pretty sure they're dealing with it." Kitty insinuated. Right after she said that, the phone rang. "Or maybe not." She recanted.

"Logan." Said Logan as he answered the phone. "Oh thank goodness. We were beginning to worry about you all. We've been trying to contact you for hours. Is everything okay?" Storm asked with a bit of a panic.

Logan looked around and saw everyone looking fine and healthy. "Yeah. Just peachy. Nothing to worry about." he replied calmly. "Excellent. Have you finished your mission yet?" she asked. "Just about there Storm. We should be back home in another 2 ½ hours. Give or take." "Well I guess we should see you soon then. Farewell."

The X Mansion

"So how was your trip?" Said professor Xavier as he greeted them from the blackbird. All were sleep except for Rogue, Remy, Jean and Storm. "We were on point from the start. But we had a major set back." Logan replied.

"What kind of a set back?" Asked Jean as she ended her embrace with Scott. "Oh you wouldn't believe it Jean!" Kitty stated with enthusiasm. "First, there was a plane that crashed into us and we got stranded in the ocean.

Then we were stuck voting whether or not we row to shore in an ice boat of fix the jet. After we fixed the jet, we checked the plane that crashed into us." She gossiped. "Do you have to go over this right now?!" Pietro exclaimed quickly. "Duh, if they want to know what happened." She reimbursed.

Pietro scoffed at her and she dusted him off. "So anyway, we like ran into another mutant. An evil mutant named Malice. She kept..." Remy cut her off. "Did ya say, Malice? As in, Malice the mutant that possesses ya?" he said with a look of surprise.

"Are ya sayin' ya know that mutant?" Rogue asked with surprise. "Yeah. We used to be in a group called the marauders. That's all in the past though. But that woman sure knows how to hold a grudge."

"Well it seems like you two are pretty well acquainted so I guess you all can just guess what happened because I really don't like hearing the same story over and over again." Said Pietro.

"So I take it that you all had a pretty rough trip." The professor gathered. "But how did you manage to fix the blackbird in the middle of the ocean?" he concluded with a question. "Well I don't mind hearing this one again." Pietro admitted.

Kitty whacked him in the shoulder. "You're so conceited!" she yelled. "You're going to stop hitting me Pryde. You just better be lucky that I'm not going to return the favor." He scorned. "You weren't going to do anything anyway." Kitty replied. "Whatever." Pietro said tuning his nose at her. Kitty could take no more of his odious behavior so she stomped off. Scott and Jean left as well.

"Maybe you can tell us what happened in the morning. I know you all must be tired from your adventure." Storm empathized. She soon retired from the jet room.

"Hey Professor. Thanks for sending me along. Pietro really helped me prove myself today." Bobby said gratefully. "I'm glad to hear it Bobby." Xavier accepted his thanks. Bobby left afterward.

"I guess Ah'm gonna be turnin' in myself." Rogue said with a yawn. "Same here." Remy said after her. They both left at the same time. All was left was Logan, Xavier, and Pietro.

"I know I've already offered you this once quicksilver, but you're welcomed to stay here with us at any given time." Xavier assured. "Yeah, I know." Pietro said with a lazy tone. "So's tonight a bad start?" he asked afterward. "Of course not. We have an extra room here. It's all yours if you want it." Xavier said warmly.

Logan lead Pietro to the room Xavier was talking about. "Don't be surprised if you have a rough night here." Logan advised. "Are you kidding. Try sleeping with the brotherhood. By the time you spend a week with them, there'll be bags under your eyes big enough to sleep in." he joked.

"From what I've seen today, you're pretty cool. And I don't just say that to anyone either." Logan admitted. As soon as Logan left, Pietro made a call to his parents to let tem know where he would be for the next few...who knows. All he knew was that he had made another turn for the best and was getting better at it along the way.

He couldn't prognosticate his fate, but he knew one thing for sure, and that was focusing on getting his sister back.

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