Dean and Sam were then walking around until they had then found a private room. They were then knocking on the door. A tall woman with brown hair came to the door. She stood there giving them a smile.

"Hi, um we were wondering. Oh I see you like dolls as well. Well my brother here has a big collection back at home." Dean was then telling woman as he was trying to get them inside.

"Well this is not a good time." She started to tell Dean and Sam, when he stopped her.

"My brother has been on the road for months and he misses his dolls. He would dress them up and everything." Dean told her when Sam gave him a nasty oh really look.

"Fine. Real quick." She was telling them as she was letting them into the room.

The room was filled with lots of different kinds of dolls. Dean was checking them all out. Sam had seen a very tall doll house.

"Is this the replica of the Hotel?" Sam was asking her as he was amazed by it. He was checking it out.

"Before my husband died, he made it for Maddie." She was saying when her daughter came into the room.

"Mommy, Margie wont share." Maddie told her Mother when she stood there with a sad face.

"Well tell Margie to share." Her Mother told her when she gave her daughter a look.

Dean and Sam were then leaving since the young woman needed to get back to work.

"Thank you-." Dean was saying while he was trying to find out her name.

"Sara." She told them both.

"This is my brother Sam. I'm Dean. " He was then telling her when he flashed her a smile.

She was then walking away. Dean stood there shocked. A girl would never pass him up.

"Come on, lets see what Lexi has found." Sam was suggesting to Dean as they were looking for me.

When they couldn't find me, they were starting to worry. Sam was then trying to call my cell. With that I was coming around the one hallway when I saw her brothers.

"Hey guys. Anything?" I asked my brother's when I saw them in the hallway.

"Nothing really." My brother Sam said to me.

We were then heading back to our room to figure out what the next step was. When we got to our room, I didn't feel right. I stood there giving my brother's a look.

"Lexi what is it?" Dean stood there asking me when he saw the look on my face.

"Something is NOT right." I was telling my brothers. I was the holding my head again.

Sam was then opening up our Hotel room when we were then heading inside. I was sitting on the one bed.

"Lex." Sam was saying when he was coming by me and Dean whipped his head my way.

"Hey you ok?" Dean asked me when he was kneeling in front of me.

"Yeah fine." I told my brother so they would stop worrying about me. We had to solve this.

"Sure?" Sam and Dean were then asking me.

"Ok so what do we have so far?" I was then asking my brother's when I was trying to understand everything.

"Ok so we have a few death in one week. "Sam was saying since he was filling me in of what was going on.

"Nothing too weird about that." I told my brother's when I thought of something.

"Ok you have that look, what?" Sam was then asking me when I was getting up.

"I remember seeing something. I will be back." I told my brothers as I than ran out of the room before my brothers were able to stop me.

"Your sister." Dean started to say to Sam when he gave a confused look to Dean.

"My sister." Sam said as he pointed to himself. "Why my sister and not yours?"

"She is stubborn like you." Dean told Sam when he was getting back to cleaning his gun.

"Hey Mac." I said to the man who does many jobs in this Hotel.

"Not Mac. Miller." The man said to me when I rolled my eyes of whatever.

"What can you tell me about these photos?" I was then asking Mr. Miller when I was pointing to the photos.

"That is Rose and her sister Margie." He said to me as he was explaining.

"Wait. Rose? Margie? Who are they?" I was then asking him as I was confused.

"Rose is Sara's Mom. " He said as he was telling me.

"This is an old photo of Margie?" I asked him when I so confused.

"Yes." He said so me.

I stood there looking at the photo of Margie and remembering the girl I saw, they looked like. Was I see Margie or another little girl who looked like Margie? Mr. Miller had then left me in a room filled with old photos. It was making me thinking of my brother's. I would die without them. I was getting up to head back to our room, when the door shut and locked me in this room with all these photos. I tried opening it but nothing. I was then calling from my brothers.

"DEAN! Let me out! SAMMY!" I tried calling as I was trying everything to open the door.

I didn't like being in this room. The photos looked a little scary to me. I knew I had to get out but alive.