I had then took my cell out and was trying to get a hold of one of my brothers. I guess Dean was still busy and Sam well I guess he either found a girl or something. I started to walk back to where I first was when I was with Dean. As I was walking I kept hearing the voices.

"Who's there?" I asked out loud, but no answered me.

I had my hand on my pocket for my knife. I was walking back up to the house.

"Hey, are you alone?" A tall College boy was asking me.

"Um, no not really." I said to him when I was able to smell the alcohol on him.

"Well I can keep you company and pretty girl like you should not be alone. Here take a sip." He said to me when he was trying to hand me over a bottle of alcohol.

"Look I need to go." I was telling him when I was trying walk away.

"Maybe I don't want you to leave." He said to me when he held onto my arm real tight.

"Cass please I need Sam." I was said when I was praying.

Meantime Sam was talking among some people when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Cass." Sam said when he was surprised.

"Listen to me. Your sister needs to like now." Cass told him when he grabbed Sam's hand and disappeared.

Cass brought Sam to where Lexi was trying to get away from a drunk College student.

"Please let me go. I need to go." She kept telling him, while she was trying to get away.

"Hey! Hey!" Sam called out when Lexi was glad to see her brother

"Look, dude she is mine so buzz off." The tall guy was telling Sam.

"If you don't let go of her right now, you wont be standing on your legs anymore." Sam said when he was threatening him.

The guy took me and brought me closer to him. I was trying to push him off.

"Hey, grease ball, get your paws off of her now." Dean's voice was heard when he was coming closer.

I could tell my brothers were going to get into some fight. So I since I was shorter I took my knee and got him real good where the sun don't shine. He went down in pain. When I was able to I run over to Sam. He had then grabbed me by my arms.

"Come on." Sam said to me while we were then walking away.

"How did you know where I was, Dean?" I asked my brother.

"Cass came to me and said that I needed to see you." He said to me with a smile.

"So I had my strong tall brothers to rescue me. So lucky." I said when I saw them both smiling from ear to ear.

We were walking back to the party. I knew we still didn't crack the case yet.

"So dear brothers we need to find out bout those voices." I said to them when they nodded.

"Well lets head back in and see what we can find out." Dean said when we agreed.

We all walked into the house party. I stood there. I was getting this weird feeling. Like I was able to hear voices. I thought someone was telling me something. Dean then grabbed me by the arm.

"Lex. What?" He asked me when I could not move.

"Dean I hear those voices." I said to him when I was starting to freak out.

"Ok. What are you hearing?" He was asking me.

"Its telling me to do something and go out back." I said when I started to walk out back.

Dean grabbed a hold of Sam while they were then following me out back. Dean was explaining to Sam what was going on. They both had their guns drawn.

"Its here." I said to them when I just stopped.

"What's here Lexi ?" Asked Sam when he was wondering.

"The voice." I said to them slowly.

Dean and Sam gave each other a confusing look. They were staying by me.

"Its so clear." I kept telling my brothers.

Sam was then coming by me. I could feel his hands in my pocket.

"Whatcha doin?" I asked him when I looked up towards him.

When he pulled his hand out, he had found something in my pocket. When Dean saw he ran over to me and covered my face and ears while Sam shot at it. I must of jumped.

"Its ok." I heard Dean whisper to me.

Then voices had then stopped. It was like being pulled out of a trans or something. It was weird.

"Lets get out of here." Dean said when the three of us left.