So this has been kicking around my brain for a few days now, and I decided to finally put it down. So yeah.
Have a Vakama character piece for no reason.

Once, he had been a force to be reckoned with.

With the elemental power of fire and the Kanohi power of invisibility at his command, he had once led a team of heroes in a war against evil. Once, he had taken on the face of evil and won. Once, he had had his mind and body warped, poisoned by both venom and pretty words, confronted his own inner darkness, and come out the other side stronger thanks to the help of his dearest friend. Once, he had helped to save the friends and allies who no longer remembered him, but that didn't matter, what mattered was that they were safe. Once, he had forged an artefact so powerful that it could bend Time itself to its owner's will.

Once, he had been a hero.

Now, he was old, and frail, and aching, and tired. Now, he was simply a village elder, keeping things in his small village running smoothly. Now, he had just arrived at the island of his birth, the land he'd once sworn to protect. Now, he had told the new heroes all they would need to know to save their people once more.

He was surprised to find that he envied them.

True, he was old, and frail, and aching, and tired. But he had been a hero long before these Toa had ever set foot on their island, and he was also the keeper of old legends, knowledge that the Toa would surely need on their journey. There were trials awaiting them, trials that he had little knowledge of, but he still possessed that need to lead, to help.

But it was time to face facts: there was nothing he could do.

The once proud, strong Toa could do nothing as he watched the Toa Nuva enter their canisters and set off for unchartered territory. He could do nothing but watch.

He had never felt so useless.

Not when he'd been just a rookie, still learning the ropes. Not when he'd been mutated, forced by the primal forces that had taken over his mind to attack his friends. Not even when confronted by both the Shadowed One and Makuta at the same time.

He'd been told this would happen. A vision while he was still a Toa told him that one day he would have to send heroes to their likely demise and be able to do nothing. What the vision hadn't said was that it would pain him like nothing else.

Once, he would've been able to justify going with them. Once, he would have made them take him. Now, he would rather go and die in their stead then send them on a suicidal mission with stakes as high as they were. But now, he was old, and with that age came wisdom, and he knew that if he were to go with them he would be even more useless there than here.

Once, he could have done something, anything.

Now, all he could do was feel helpless and think about "once."