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Chapter 1

Voldemort's reign of terror was now over thanks to one of the bravest people Hermione knew. Harry Potter was the one to end this war and died in the final battle. The connection was not as broken as everyone thought. It seems that Harry and Voldemort were connected in more ways than just by the horcux that even if Harry excepted his fate to in the forbidden forest at the hands of Voldemort he had only destroyed the horcux inside him and that wasn't enough he hadn't severed the connection between them. So when Voldemort spread into pieces and died Harry died as well but he had a little time before he did so when he caught sight of Hermione he beckoned her over with his pleading eyes.

Hermione just looking at the dirty, and exhausted man lying on the ground a few feet away from her. She knew this meant it was the end of the time they had together, he was leaving her and this time for good. Hermione knelt down on the ground put her arms around him and cried. She cried for the time they had together and the time they wouldn't have together.

They had started dating early in their sixth year after confessing that they have loved each other since they rescued Sirius in their third year. Harry had confessed that he was going to ask Hermione to the Yule Ball but he hadn't had the courage at first, but when he did she was already going with Viktor Krum.

In fifth year with everyone thinking Harry was crazy over how Voldemort was back and how Cedric Diggory died. Harry didn't have time to think about his crush on Hermione. On top of that the Minister's Secretary had come to Hogwarts to take over the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. She basically undermined all of the stuff they learned in the last four years by making them learn from books instead of learning defensive spells that would have been more useful against Voldemort so Hermione decided that she would get Harry to teach the students what Umbridge wouldn't. Reluctantly he agreed and became Dumbledore's Army. In the end of that year in the Department of Mysteries Harry lost his Godfather Sirius Black because Bellatrix Lestrange used the killing curse on him and in doing so sent him into the veil to the afterlife.

Harry took Sirius' death really hard so against Dumbledore wishes she wrote to him and gave him the comfort he needed because Merlin knew he wasn't getting it at his place of summer residence with those people he lived with. Dumbledore said Harry needed time to heal on his own. Hermione loved Harry too much to let him suffer on his own though.

On the train back to school for their sixth year Harry had plucked up the courage to ask Hermione to be his girlfriend, she of course excepted and they dated for a year and a half.

While they were on the hunt for the Horcuxes after Ron abandoned them Harry asked Hermione to marry him and she said yes without a second thought. They had told Ron when he came back but he didn't seem to thrilled for them but he did congratulate them all the same Neither one knew they would never have wedding.

"Hermione, I love you with all my heart, don't forget that and I want you to live a long and happy life," Harry said softly.

"Harry, how you expect me to live my life without you? You can't leave me alone I won't let you," Hermione said. She was near hysterics she couldn't the love of her life was leaving her.

"Mione, you know if I could stay with you, I would but I can't. I will ask you this though as a last request. Will you Hermione Granger take my last name as you know I would married you," Harry tried to comfort his love.

"Alright Harry, I will, I love you," Hermione said through her tears and with a smile on his face Harry Potter took his last breath and died his love's arms.


That was five months ago and Hermione Potter nee Granger still thought about her lost love all the time. She still couldn't believe he was gone. She didn't know it but at the time she was four months pregnant with his baby. She found out a week after the final battle. After she had been sick for a week she went see Madame Poppy Pomfrey the Hogwarts school healer and the only healer she knew Harry trusted with anything.

When Poppy, as she told Hermione to call her as she wasn't a student anymore, told her she was pregnant she was filled with both joy and sorrow. Joy because she was going to have Harry's baby and have the one thing he wanted a family which is why it was also sorrowful. She cried on Poppy's shoulder saying that Harry would never get to see the child grow up. She went and told Ron and something in his voice told her that he was upset about the whole situation so she hadn't talked to him for a while until he calmed down.

She was overjoyed though that at her next monthly appointment she found out she was having a boy. She knew in her heart that she would love this baby as much as she loved Harry and she would devote her life to raising this baby to be just like his father.


Five months ago in San Francisco Chris Perry was sitting on top of the Golden Gate bridge thinking. He was confused because Piper should be about four months pregnant with him or so he thought. Chris never told the Charmed Ones who he was. He was still here so she must be but she didn't look like she was pregnant at all so what was going on? Why was he still here? He couldn't understand it. Wasn't he Piper and Leo's son? He spent his entire life believing that but now it didn't seem so. If he wasn't their son why did they keep him? No wonder Leo hated him in his time but one question still remained. Whose son was he?


In the Wizard World five months later Hermione was about to put food in the oven when she felt a contraction so she dropped the food that she had in her hand and let it pass and when it did she ran right over to the fire place and dropped some flew powder in the fire and called to school infirmary.

When Poppy's head came into view she said, "Poppy it's time."

Poppy then stepped aside and told Hermione to step through. When she did Poppy ushered her to a bed that was closed off to the rest of the infirmary and had Hermione put on a gown and then Poppy told her to get into the bed. She with some difficulty when another contraction came on. Poppy helped her lie down and started to preparation for the labor.

After twelve hours six of which were monitoring the contractions and the other six were devoted to actually delivering the baby. Hermione was exhausted after the labor but she wanted to hold the little miracle that Harry had left with her. The baby had thin hair it looked like it was dark brown. The shade between her hair and Harry's hair. She saw that he had blue-green eyes so she assumed that he would get Harry's eyes when his true shade came in.

When Poppy asked for the name of the baby Hermione gladly said, "Christopher James Potter." She had chosen Christopher for her grandfather and James for Harry's father and also she wanted him to have the same middle name as his father.

Poppy wrote the name on the birth certificate and sent it to the ministry by spell. She then took the baby from Hermione so she get some rest after she fed him. Poppy took him to her office so she could check him over after she did she brought him to sleep in the basinet next to Hermione's bed.

Unknown to both the nurse and the young mother someone cloaked came to Hermione's bed, picked up the baby and took him. Without a sound he left the infirmary carrying the infant. This was his personal revenge on the parents even though Harry was dead he would be rolling in his grave . If he wasn't keeping his secret he would have laughed at the thought of that.

The next morning when Hermione woke she noticed that the bassinet was empty. She assumed that Poppy had Christopher but when Poppy came in she had a questioning look on her face and Hermione knew then that someone had taken her baby she broke down and cried right then.

Poppy gathered the crying Hermione in her arms. Poppy swore that she would be there for this woman that she saw as a daughter. She also cursed the scoundrel that took that baby.


Up in the heavens a woman with auburn hair and green eyes looked down sadly at the scene in the infirmary of Hogwarts. She couldn't believe that her grandson was taken from his mother, her daughter-in-law. She would find the scoundrel and make him pay for separating a family.

To Be Continued…

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