After Leo introduced Harry to Piper as Chris' new Whitelighter he told to Harry to go meet him. Piper told Harry told him where Chris was and he left.

After Harry was gone Piper rounded on Leo. Leo knew what Piper was thinking. She was sure Harry was too young to be able to guide her son. Then again Leo was young when he died as well and he turned out to be a great guide for her and her sisters.

"Is he the Whitelighter you were talking about earlier?" Piper asked.

"No Piper, but he is her son," Leo stated .

"Her son?" Piper asked.

"Yes, you see he's been a Whitelighter for seven years but he has never gotten a charge until I assigned him to Chris," Leo said.

Piper couldn't believe it. Those damned Elders waited seven years to assign the man that was to be her son's Whitelighter. The Elders as a whole didn't even assign Harry a charge it was just Leo that did.

"Why the hell did they wait so long?" Piper demanded.

"Because he is a wizard and the Elders don't trust wizards as Whitelighter but they could not over look the good he has done in his life especially right before he died," Leo explained.

"What has he done before he died?" Piper asked.

"I am only telling you because you are my wife but you CANNOT tell your sisters as this surely put Chris in danger," Leo explained.

"I won't tell them," Piper agreed.

"Harry killed one of most dangerous wizards alive," Leo said. Piper was in shock she couldn't believe that Harry who looked so young killed and evil wizard.

"That is not what you don't want me to tell Paige and Phoebe is it?" Piper questioned as she easily read the look on Leo's face.

"No, I wanted to tell you that the Whitelighter that I mentioned is Chris' biological grandmother and she has been watching over Chris for some time and thought it was time to have someone to guide Chris into using his powers," Leo explained.

Piper was speechless for a moment before she spoke."That would mean that that-" She couldn't finish her sentence.

"Yes, Harry is Chris' father but he doesn't know so let keep it a secret and let him find out on his own," Leo said seriously.

"Yea but what if he does find out and thinks we kidnapped him?" Piper said worriedly.

"We will just have to show him the letter that Chris came with and hope he sees that we didn't do anything to jeopardize his family," Leo said.


Harry walked down the hall to the room Piper said Chris was in. He saw two boys and a little girl in the room . He smiled as he watched the three children play and he knocked on the door frame to get the kids' attention.

Chris was the first to look up from the game. What he saw shocked him. It was the same Whitelighter that helped him in the park earlier.

"You're the same Whitelighter. I saw in the park why are you here?" Chris asked curiously. Wyatt and Melinda looked up at the door to see who Chris was speaking to.

"I am here to help you Chris, to learn how to control your powers," Harry said simply.

"You know how to help me? I didn't think Whitelighter knew about these powers I have," Chris said disbelievingly. Wyatt sensing this was a private conservation got up, took Melinda's hand and left the room with her.

"Chris, I have the same powers that you do. I can help you learn how to control them," Harry said

"What is your name?" Chris asked curiously unsure if he should have asked the question so forwardly.

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry said.

"Nice to meet you Harry. I am glad that they don't think I am a freak and want to help me," Chris said shyly.

Harry was startled by Chris's statement. It reminded him so much of how the Dursley's thought he was a freak as well.

"Oh Chris, you are NOT a freak. You are just different. Don't ever think of yourself that way," Harry said softly.

"Well sometimes I feel like that because my family has different powers than me. Sometimes I think that they aren't my real family and that my real family didn't want me at all," Chris said sadly. Harry then surprised Chris by hugging him.

Little did the two know that Piper and Leo heard everything Chris had said. They looked at each other and made a vow that when they decided it was time and safe to tell the father and son about each other they would make sure Chris knew that his parents wanted and loved him very much just as much as they did.


A couple of months after school began Ron Weasley was walking to Hermione's room in hopes of getting her to go out with him. He had decided to let her settle into her routine first. He thought it was about time he tried to ask her again. He had given her six years after she lost Harry and her child. Granted he was the one who took the child but he only did it to ease her pain over losing Harry. At least that was what she was going to her if she ever found out.

He knocked on the portrait that was the entry way to her quarters, After about a minute she answered. She smiled at Ron and let him in,

"What can I do for you Ron? I am busy grading essays," Hermione stated as she motioned to the pile on the table behind her.

"I was wondering if you would want to take a break this weekend and go out with me this weekend?" Ron asked faking his nervousness. He was sure she would say yes.

"Ron I am flattered but I told you years ago I am not interested in you that way. I love Harry and even though he is gone I still want to remain faithful to him and I am in the middle of a search so I don't even had time to date," Hermione said.

Ron started to get angry but kept his voice level as he said, "What are you searching for?"

"My son, I know he is out there somewhere I just have keep looking." Hermione said, a determined light shone in her eyes.

"Hermione, why can't you accept the fact that after all these years he might be dead as well and move on?" Ron said heatedly, anger coloring his words.

"RON! How can you say that to me? He is my child and I will not stop believing he is alive. Chris is all I have left of Harry and will not stop looking until I find him," Hermione screamed out angrily as tears began to fall from her eyes." GET OUT GET OUT!"

Ron left though the portrait and said. "I can't believe it. That kid is ruining my life and he isn't even here."

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