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"Words" – speech

"Words" – thought speech

'Words' - thoughts

Chapter 1: The bloody message

From last chapter:

Harry found himself at King's cross station once more. "How ironic…" He whispered, walking forward. A hooded figure met him there, a scythe on its bony hand.

It took off its hood and before him was an old friend before the raids began, before the war with the Furies became personal. "Hello Harry…" Luna whispered, walking towards Harry and wrapping her arms around him.

"Welcome to the same thing you might have seen when Tom cast the killing curse at you." Luna said, looking up into Harry's eyes "I think I'm right, since Albus did help prepare this one for a few laughs at his next great adventure."

Harry nodded and tightened his hug with Luna, burying his face in her hair. "It was accurate to the last detail, thank you."

After what felt like years, Luna pulled away from the hug and the scythe reappeared on her right hand. "But you're not going there yet. We have a job to do." Luna remarked, her hands back to what Harry used to remember when he accidentally looked at Luna's hands. "That's why I greeted you here and not your folks or Sirius. Not after what happened down there. You do remember how I died right?"

Harry's eyes narrowed and closed it for a moment, calming himself down before nodding. "Death himself has a task for me isn't it?"

Luna merely smiled and nodded. "But you have to hear my story and why I'm coming back with you." She declared with a snap of her fingers and the black cloak disappearing and becoming a summer dress. "It's time to tell you everything you need to know."


It was a cold, rainy night and Luna was on her way to surprise Harry. Since she was only one of the few people keyed in to the wards, she let herself in, thinking there was nobody there.

When she arrived, she heard Ginny conversing with two other men heatedly. "The Somnium shipments are coming along nicely, but there's the matter of the Aurors increasing their efforts against us. Your husband is especially troublesome." One of the men said.

"If you did your job cleanly, they would never have discovered us, Tony." Ginny said, who also let out a purr of delight in between the conversation.

"We have all the inside information we need, isn't that right, my firestorm?" the third voice said, whom Luna recognized as Zacharias Smith.

Luna wordlessly cast a disillusionment spell and took a peek inside, her wand at ready. For the past few weeks, she had read the more accurate news about Somnium and what it does to people addicted to it. At first, they experience extreme euphoria then suddenly fall in a deep coma. Some come back from the coma, lusting to have another go while others die from it. It was giving the entire Auror corps the hardest time since the rebuilding of Hogwarts.

"And we'll work that insider information to our advantage. All we need is for Harry to lead the drug bust to one of our largest warehouses and we'll take him down there. I'll be the 'hostage' and either one of us will take him down." Zach recommended with a smirk on his face.

Ginny caressed Zach's arms and kissed his chin. "Finally, we can bring down Harry and our plans to rule England will come to pass. Just like what we all planned out during Hogwarts." She then looked at Luna's direction for a moment then shrugged it off.

Luna heard all of this and her eyes narrowed, 'Ginny betrayed Harry for all this time? After I went away for her sake? Harry must be warned.' To her alarm, Anthony Goldstein, Zacharias Smith and Ginny Weasley-Potter took out their wands and looked around. Ginny's eyes fixed on her position.

"It's nice of you to join us for this evening, Luna. We knew you were there the entire time. This is my house as well after all." Ginny calmly said, the magic of the Potter mansion unraveling Luna's disillusionment. "Let's cut the loose end then."

Just before the anti-apparition wards went up, Luna apparated away, leaving a chain of her most deadly hexes flew out of her wand. Ginny deflected the Bombardment, Tony banished a coffee table towards the path of the lightning and Zach caught the acid spell with his bare hand encased in glowing white magic then flung it to the ground. With that, the chase was afoot.

The Furies chased Luna around, a trace of the Potter Mansion's magic being their guide to Luna's location. They chased her all around England, from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade, going as far out as Dublin to Manchester and Southampton, each one leaving a lot of damage at its wake.

By the time Luna got to Dover, she was exhausted. She had been badly bruised, bleeding on one leg and nursing a broken rib. Quickly drawing a circle, she carved runes in the ground, pouring all her intent to harm her pursuers into the runes. After she was done, she stepped in the circle and powering it, channeling all the magic on Dover's cliffs into her wand. 'Chew on my ace card, amateurs' She thought, seeing the Furies in dark cloaks, unscathed.

"Loony, an Egyptian rune scheme with an alchemical circle of power is interesting but not enough to take any of us down." Anthony said, his wand pointed at her.

"Care to bet on that, Goldstein?" Luna challenged, pointing her wand at Ginny. "She's the power behind your group, the seventh child, the first witch in seven generations."

Ginny merely smirked defiantly and said "Do it Luna. I know I took Harry from you after all these years. You're literally excited to be rid of me."

Luna glared at Ginny and whispered "That's why I left, you whore." She then released a dark blue stream of light towards Ginny, all her intent to maim and hurt in that stream.

Ginny pointed her wand at her left hand and the same white magic encased her hand. "It's a little known spell on the Potter library. Possessor Valuerit!" She explained, holding the raging power of the spell. For a moment, she smirked in glee at the seemingly effortless handling of power then she felt the strain of the spell.

The dark blue stream of light intensified as Luna's eyes glared all her bottled up hatred into that one spell. Since she was so focused on that one spell, she didn't dodge the two Crucios that came at her. At the moment the Crucios landed, the white magic on Ginny's hand shattered, which caused a backlash and flung Ginny away.

Ginny's left arm was burning in blackish flame and she did her best to heal them, but it left a pitch black mark from her shoulder to her wrist. It was unbearably painful, so she numbed it down for now, and added a Crucio on Luna.

"It's time to send a message to my 'husband' and put our plan to action." Ginny muttered angrily. The screams lasted throughout the night, in chorus with the waves that crashed the cliffs.

And when it was over, a body sized box was delivered to Harry, bearing a bloodied and dying Luna Lovegood, the last word she was about to say was "Ginny" but she failed.

*End of Flashback*

"So that's why I ended up becoming the Furies' bait for your righteous anger, which led you to be killed." Luna ended, her stern blue eyes looking into Harry's own eyes. There was a hint of disappointment in her voice, but her façade showed the same dream-like quality that he was very familiar with when they were younger.

"Thus, I'm giving you a boon, master of my Hallows." A third voice uttered calmly, showing herself to be a young teenage girl with a silver ankh on her necklace. She was dressed in goth clothes and her black silky hair flowed freely. "I want you to return and finish off The Furies, with Luna of course."

"Mistress Death" Luna whispered, bowing at the girl.

Death nodded and looked back calmly at Harry. "They will disrupt the balance once more like Tom did before. And this time succeed to tear the world asunder with their greed, unless you step forth in my behalf." She then let out a soft smile and added "I didn't think you'd be a fan of Neil Gaiman, Mr. Potter."

"And I didn't realize you'd take that form, Ms. Death." Harry replied with a respectful tone.

"I've decided to mess up with Destiny because you apparently had too much of him in your life." Death whispered, and waved her right hand to the air.

The three found themselves in a tea party and Luna took up a butter cookie while sipping her tea. She was observing how the exchange was about to go, because she gave Death the right button to push Harry into wielding the Hallows once more.

"Let me get this straight, you want me to go back to England and finish the three who were responsible for my death because if they are left unchecked, they will eventually destroy the world." Harry remarked, not touching the earl grey tea in front of him.

Death merely nodded then replied "But I leave you a choice this time. You may go beyond already, leaving the world below destroyed, which will be reborn as it has been for millions of years. It isn't your responsibility to save everyone, it is only an offer. Or you could go back with Luna, fix the problems down there caused by the Furies and save Sophie Dearborn and Victoria Austen. It will take three days of fleeing endlessly before they are caught separately. Sophie is now hiding in Manchester while Victoria is going through Drumstrang's forest. Again, the choice is yours."

Harry's eyes glared at Death, which she merely responded with a shrug and drank her Jasmine tea. The seasoned Auror then felt a hand on his shoulder and it was Albus Dumbledore who smiled at him.

"The next great adventure is an experience all to itself, Harry. I've personally wanted to apologize for leaving you unprepared for such horrors during the siege of Hogwarts." Albus said, while being accompanied by an older Arianna. "Do not go back if your intention is only to seek vengeance. Go back only if your heart tells you it's the right thing to do." The Headmaster squeezed Harry's shoulder for a bit then faded from Harry's sight.

Luna tapped Harry's left hand and looked at him coldly. "I will to come back for vengeance Harry, because she stole the three of the most important things to me. My time, my forgiving heart and…" She paused for a moment, composing herself and adding "You, Harry James Evans Potter. The only man I've ever loved. The only one who could call me up to raise my wand in defiance to everything dark and nasty in that world."

Luna took a quick glance of Death, which in her eyes was the typical hooded one now. She took a moment and looked back at Harry. "My soul was not at peace when I passed away, knowing I couldn't warn you about Ginerva in time. I fought my urge to rest, willing every bit of my magic to lengthen my stay in the mortal coil, but that wasn't enough. And now, you're dead." She gripped Harry's hand tightly and gritted her teeth being stuck in Limbo and not being able to see her mother and father yet.

Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes, grasping the hand that gripped his, whispering "I'll go back, so your soul will be at peace, Luna."

With those words, Death gave Harry two things, which were the Invisibility Cloak and the Resurrection stone. "The Deathstick is still in Potter House." Harry whispered, looking at Death and saying "Why didn't you retrieve it?"

Death replied "Simply because its wielder is not you, it's Victoria. You and Luna will come with me to the island of Siquijor, to where a group of Followers have called me. Are you ready?"

Luna stood up, her reaping scythe in her hand and cloak worn, responding with "I'm ready."

Harry sat there for a moment more and took the two Hallows with him, wearing the Resurrection stone in his right ring finger and the Invisibility Cloak as well. "I'm ready." And with those words, they went back to the Mortal world.