Disclaimer: This story takes place near the end of Season 1 of Once Upon a Time, right after Mary Margaret is proven innocent of Kathryn's "death". So sometime after "The Return". It also takes place around the middle of Season 5 of Supernatural. I own neither show nor their characters, though I have put my own spin on the story. Thank you for finding your way here and I hope you stay!

The Impala

"Dude, there's nothing out here! I'm telling you, I just got this map last week and I've looked over the coordinates like a hundred times and there's nothing but forest," Dean Winchester said with his knuckles gripping the steering wheel tight. His brother, Sam, could tell he was frustrated; he'd never handle Baby this way if he wasn't.

"That's not what the email said. There's a town and someone needs our help."

Dean sighed, finally loosening his grip on the wheel and turning the station until he heard the opening to Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. His mood instantly lightened up as his head started to bob to the music.

"Alright, alright. Just tell me the story, man. Where'd this guy come from?"

Sam took out his lap top and opened it up. The email was already up on his screen. "Ok, well you remember those two goons Harry and Ed who made that web series Ghostfacers? Well they're pretty popular in the supernatural internet culture, surprisingly. I just try to keep an eye on them every now and then and see what they're up too. Making sure they're not getting into too much trouble or getting in over their heads. Anyway, I was watching one of their live videos and this guy messaged them asking if they could connect him to Sam and Dean. Ed barely got through reading the message before he stopped and proclaimed that they didn't have anything to do with those 'Winchester douchnozzels' anymore," Sam smiled. "Yeah, I think they're still sore from that little stunt you pulled erasing their footage from the Morton House case a couple years ago."

Dean's smiled widened as he thought about the electromagnet he'd planted which ended up erasing their hard drive of their pilot episode. He chuckled, "Ha! I bet. We saved their asses and taught them a lot. They should be thankful. So anyway, we got a distress call through the geeks, but did they ever get to what the guy wanted?"

Sam huffed, "Obviously, or we wouldn't be here."

Dean hated sarcastic Sam. "Bitch."

"Jerk… Yeah, I called them and forced them to send me the email."

"And by force you mean threatened?" Dean said with a smirk.

"Right. The email was from a henrymills815 with the subject 'Operation Cobra'. He said that there's a curse on his town that only he is aware of. He's heard of us and figured we were his best chance of helping break it. He said there's a lot more information but he would rather talk about it in person. From the tone of it there seems to be some kind of time limit and they're running out of it."

Dean thought it over. "Ok, so an entire town is cursed. That's pretty unusual. You think we're dealing with a cursed object or something? But that usually doesn't affect an entire town, just the person or building. Are we sure this is even our kind of thing? Maybe the guy has been watching too many Ghostfacer episodes."

"That's what I thought. But get this, when I tried to do some research on the town, I found nothing."

Dean's brow creased. "What do you mean, nothing?"

"I mean, according to every map and satellite and census – there is no town."

"See! I told you there's nothing wrong with my maps. So we're driving out to some town that doesn't even exist?"

"Well, not exactly. I dug a little deeper and found an article from the 80's about a little boy who claimed that his dad was stolen by the mayor of a town by the same name. He told the cops that he and his dad were camping in the forest in the middle of nowhere when an electrical storm hit their camp. The next morning they found themselves in the wooded area of a town that wasn't there the day before. He said it was as if the town just landed there over night."

Dean paused Sam's speech, "Wait, electrical storm. Doesn't that sound very demon-esc to you?"

Sam continued speaking. "The boy says that they went into town and stayed for a few days while their truck was at the mechanics. They had lunch with the mayor one night and the next day when they tried to leave, his father said that the mayor was doing some kind of magic and made the sheriff arrest his father for drunk driving. The boy continued saying that his father and him tried to escape, but they were chased by the mayor and sheriff. When they got to the city line, the sheriff cut them off and got his father, forcing him into his car. The boy said he ran away, but not before the mayor tried to persuade him to stay with them. Now, here's the interesting part -"

"What, and that whole chase scene and magic wasn't interesting enough?" Dean said, trying to wrap his brain around everything Sam was saying. Now there were a lot of things Dean believed in. Hell, he fought the boogeyman on the weekends. But magic? Sure he's dealt with witches and dark supernatural forces – but he refused to call any of it magic. There was always an explanation.

Sam shushed Dean and went on with his story. "When the boy finally found the police and told them his story, they took him back to the place where the boy claimed the town to be. But when they got there – nothing. No town, no buildings. Not a house for miles. Just a road surrounded by forest; just as it was when the boy and his dad first arrived."

"So, naturally the cops called the boy crazy and dismissed the entire case?" Dean asked, already knowing the answer.

Sam nodded, "Exactly. The only reason this article is even out there is because some hokey x-files-like newspaper picked it up when the kid got older and wouldn't stop talking about it."

"So, what are we thinking here? Guy gets held hostage about 20 years ago in a cursed, invisible town with magic. But now some other guy, or maybe even the same guy, from the town is reaching out for help because some time limit is about to expire that has to do with the curse. And somehow we're going to be able to get into this place with this guy's help and fix the town. Sounds like a breeze."

Sam just sat quietly and nodded his head, aware of the sarcasm in his brother's voice. He, too, was having doubts about this whole scheme. What if they got there and there wasn't even anything around? What if they couldn't get into the town? What if this guy was setting them up on a trap? The angels had been on their case lately about this whole apocalypse thing. Or maybe there really was a town and a guy who needed their help. This was their job. Saving people, hunting things.

Dean sighed, "So what's the name of this magical town anyway?"


"Storybrooke? Seriously?" Dean reached over and picked up the paper with the coordinates on it. "Alright, Storybrooke. You can't hide forever." He slammed on the acceleration and drove down the empty road while Van Halen blared over the speakers.