"This is ridiculous!"

"No it isn't. Just hust up and do as I say, alright?"

"FINE! Yes, whatever. Let's go."

Harry allowed himself to be guided through the hallways with his eyes covered by a scarf. Scarred and calloused hands held his own, gently tugging in whichever direction he needed to be led. The whole time though he told himself that the whole situation was silly and that he had been more than happy laying about in bed and cuddling.

But no, here he was. Out of bed. Not cuddling. Going somewhere...

...he also told himself to trust his guide, for he had never been steered (literally and figuratively) wrong before.

"Alright, we're here."

Reaching up, Harry pulled the scarf from his eyes. He squinted carefully, his eyes having to readjust to the light. And there was a lot of light. So much light in fact if Harry didn't know better...

There was a city burning.

Spinning around, Harry stared at his companion.

From behind his welding googles, Richard B. Riddick stared back at Harry. A sinister smirk pulled at his face. The man reached forward and carefully turned Harry back around to the sight before them.

"Look familiar," Riddick's rough voice asked teasingly.

Harry stared at the burning city. It did look familiar. He was almost sure that far off to the right was Big Ben. The London Eye was a steaming pile of metal, glass and plastic. And among the streets Necromongers chased muggles, wizards and witches alike.

This was his country. This was his planet. These were the people he had been raised by and grew up with.

...and all of it was being destroyed before his very eyes.

Behind him, Riddick leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist. The taller male nuzzled behind his ear gently before pressing a small kiss. "Happy Birthday, Harry. Make a wish."

Harry stared at the ravaged city below him.

And smiled.

End of Story.

This is, obviously, a one-shot. It's a what-if. What if Harry didn't part on such good terms with the wizarding world. What if he ran into Riddick and they fell in love. What if, what if, what if... Let your imaginations run away. :D

Happy Birthday, Harry.