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. Missing Scene: Was there a scene on an episode that you wished was different? Did the end of an episode leave you wanting more? Write a tag or a missing scene, for an episode. For spoiler reasons you may only use episodes 1-5 of season 8. Anyone using an episode after "Dead Air" will be made to re-write their story (in other words, you may use any episode from season 1-7 and only the first 5 episodes from season 8). Word count may not exceed 1500.

Flesh and Blood the next day in the bullpen

Tony sits at his desk thinking about the events of the day before. First that crazy prince trying to kill his brother because of his western ways and ends up killing his best friend only to get sent home scot-free and then to make matters worse his father Senior shows up out of the blue and he knows the prince's family. I mean did he have to put his nose in this, really, even after I told him to butt out. Then, again does he ever listen to me, answer NO.

Then, then he goes around telling anyone who would listen at NCIS that he is the "real" Tony DiNozzo. More like a real pain in the ass. I mean that guy just loves to cause me trouble. So much so, I didn't even keep my head in the game worrying what they guy would do next and now I am grounded until Gibbs says otherwise. What happened to that understanding guy I had cowboy steaks with last night.

Looking at the stacks of paperwork waiting to be done, I mean did he have to ground me like some kid who stole cookies from the cookie jar or came home late from a date.

Damn, damn, damn! Then the hotel incident was just the icing on the cake for Gibbs, with that crazy spoiled brat prince wanting to party it up, even though we were trying to protect his ass. Gibbs just won't listen that I had to find some way to rein the guy in. So we had a few girls in the room, seriously, it was better than him gallivanting about the DC Club scene. How stupid was I to think we could get away with it or that Gibbs might even listen to reason. Not!

It was just like Gibbs has to show up just in time to see me getting a massage from the yoga instructor. Why me!

As I stare off in to space again, I feel a hand connect with the back of my head ouch. "Back to work DiNozzo, or I will add another two weeks of desk duty."

"Yes Boss, back to work boss" sighing picking up another folder of paperwork.