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'Its over.'

'Its finally over,' was all Angela Potter could think as she watched Voldemort fall. 'The war . . . and all of the deaths its caused, is over.'

Looking up from the fallen Dark Lord's body she expected to see her friends smiling and running to give her a hug, glad its over as well, but what she saw turned her insides cold.

Ron and Hermione were glaring at her. Glaring like they did at Voldemort and Bellatrix. But as soon as they saw her looking at them, they cleared the rage from their faces and smiled at her.

Smiles that didn't reach their eyes.

The same smiles Mrs Weasley and Ginny wore.

Angela knew for sure what the twins had said earlier that year was true. They didn't care what happened to her as long as they got money-HER money-because of HER death. They wanted Voldemort to kill her.

Turning to, who she knew were her real friends, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Susan Bones, and the depressed George and Percy Weasley. THEY were the ones that screamed with joy and tackled her to the ground with a group hug.

Laughing, Angela stood up feeling weightless with joy and freedom, but knew she had to speak to her friends and favorite professors about something.

Something life changing.

Standing on her tiptoes, which didn't help much considering how short she was, and looked around for the Lion's Head of House. Catching the older woman's eye, Angela led McGonagall and her friends to the Headmaster's office.

"Password," the ever bored gargoyle asked.

"Snakes,"Angela answered with a knowing smirk. Calmly, the group climbed onto the slow moving stairs. Once reaching the door she opened it quietly and was greeted with silence, that soon was replaced with cheers and applause. A few of the old headmasters were dancing, and even Phineas Nigellus was smiling and gave Angela a wink.

And then there was Dumbledork, the old fart had this grandfatherly proudness, and that goddamn twinkle in his eye, but Angela saw thru the whole thing and smiled at her TRUE favorite professor and Headmaster, Severus Snape.

'I know, who would have thought,' Angela said in her head as she smiled genuinely at the portrait of the man she 'hated' for almost seven years. "Professor."

"Ms Potter," was his reply. Much to the surprise of almost all the portraits and Professor McGonagall, it was laking his usual sneer, smirk, and greasiness. It was almost . . . fatherly. No, closer to an uncle talking to his favorite niece.

"I'm going to find them," was all she said.

"As you should."

"What, my dear, are you talking about?" Dumbledore asked in his 'All-knowing Grandfatherly' voice.

"Oh, nothing. Just that I'm going to find my parent," Angela snarled. "My birth parents."

"Ms Potter, what are you talking about. Your parents are dead," McGonagall asked sharply. Not trying to be rude, but wondering if her student's latest dangerous encounter had finally made her crack.

"No, Professor, my ADOPTIVE parents are dead." Angela remarked quietly, still trying to get over the fact that what she believed all of her life was a complete lie, made by a manipulative old bastard. "You know how nobody remembers Lily being pregnant."

"Of course not, they were in America for a year, trying to gain forces from the American Ministry to fight Voldemort," McGonagall snapped back.

"Yet both of my adoptive parents were infertile," Angela said rather softly in a hurt tone.

"But . . . how is this possible?" the older woman was at a lose for words.

"Sirius told me it happened during a battle shortly before they departed to America. They only told three other people; Sirius, Lupin, and Dumbles. And the old git happened upon a baby, me, while in America when he was checking in on them during their last month. He told them he "found me" on the top step of an orphanage with a letter in my hand saying my parents died in a car crash(Oh, the irony). He said he was walking past to the candy store nearby when he heard me crying and thought of them," she said with venom dripping with every word. "With my auburn hair and of course Lily's eyes, I could have easily been their child. And they were grateful and accepted, cause they were going to adopt a child soon anyways. When they arrived back to England they announced me as their child, and nobody knew otherwise, except a few. They were going to blood adopt me on my second birthday, . . . they never got a chance," she ended with a whisper as a single tear raced down her cheek.

"Oh, dear," McGonagall said as she gathered the girl in her arms. "It is too bad, both pairs of your parents are dead."

"No, thats not the thing," Angela whimpered as she leaned into the hug. "They ARE alive. Dumbledore took me from my actual family." She broke down into a heartbroken sob. "I was kidnapped."

"But how could you possibly know you were kidnapped," Professor McGonagall questioned. She was overwhelmed with the possibility the leader of the Light would do something like kidnapping. "It's not like if Dumbledore did this, he would then tell you."

"Oh, but he would tell his spy what he did for the 'Greater Good'." Snape said, smirk and sneer back in place. When he glanced at Angela, his face softened, but turning back to Dumbledork, it hardened into a glare. "He came back from America gloating and bragging about he was making the prophecy come true and finding the perfect lamb for slaughter."

"How does Ms Potter know all of this though? I was under the impression that you hated each other from the second she entered the castle." The Lion's Head of House was exasperated, and now knew Dumbledore was as bad as Voldemort.

"Before I died, I gave her my memories, the ones that would be most important to help her live. Such as, more on my secret friendships with Lily, James, Sirius and Remus. My 'groveling' at the old farts feet, her kidnapping and most importantly, the Horcrux in her head. Along with almost anything else I saw that was important. As for hating her, we couldn't let the old git, who did not know of my old friendships, know we knew each other. So we pretended to hate one another, much like Angela did with Draco most of their schooling." Snape concluded with his 'Uncle' voice back in place.

"Now, my boy, I have no idea where y-" Dumbles began.

"Silenco," Susan snarled at the portrait, wand out. Though quiet and respectful, the young Hufflepuff had enough of the old man's lies. Turning back to the girl she became friends with back in second year, she saw the possibility of her starting a new. They became close during second year and the attacks. Most of Susan's housemates thought it was Angela, but Susan knew that if it was her she would be overjoyed with how the attacks were going, not depressed. So Susan took the initiative and talked to Angela. Learning the truth, she soon was showing off her Hufflepuff loyalty whenever she saw anyone insulting her friend when she was in the room. "I there any possibility of us finding your real parents, Ang?"

"Yes, actually, Ms Bones," Snape replied instead when he saw that the young woman in question was still overwhelmed. "The old git was nice enough to say that her last name was Coulson and she lived somewhere in the State New York. Oh, and she has a twin brother."

"Twin?" Angela ask quietly, having now become physically and emotionally exhausted.


"Then we must find them. No twin can live without knowing he other," announced George. After Fred's abrupt death, he felt like he had nothing left to live for. Now knowing that Angela didn't get the chance to grow up with her twin brother like himself, George promised himself he'll help search for her's until they succeed and come face to face. Thinking about it, he saw hope. He knew he will miss Fred, probably for the rest of his life, 'But I have other brothers to take care of as well,' he thought looking behind him at Percy.

Seeing his brother's searching look, Percy placed his hand on George's shoulder and nodded his head, knowing what his brother was thinking. Though many wouldn't believe it, he was the one that steered the twins into pranks and mischief. In his later years at Hogwarts he became a stickler because he, like a few others, knew that Voldemort was coming back. And when he did, he wanted to be in the Ministry, to know whats going on and inform those trustworthy of it as well. Because Percy knew that at first people would refuse to believe it, and when they finally do, it will be too late, and the Ministry will be taken over. He knew it would be good to have somebody on the inside-much like Snape. Thinking about it, it was probably on of the most dangerous things Percy had done, because only their tightly knit group-the twins, Angela, Susan, Neville, Draco, Luna and Severus-knew the truth. Looking closer at his little brother, he knew he was going to get back to pranking once again and help the progress of Weasley Wizard Wheezes. "Indeed, every twin should have the chance to meet its equivalent. We will help find your family."

"Agreed," Luna said dreamily, grabbing hold of Neville's hand. Despite going to the Yule Ball with Angela back in fourth year, Neville had a crush on the blonde Ravenclaw since she joined their group back in his third year. He finally gained the courage to ask her out his fifth, the day after they returned from breaking into the Ministry of Magic. Nodding his head to agree, Neville said, "Yeah Ang, can't have my little sister running around without protection."

"Couldn't have said it better myself Longbottom," Draco jokingly said with a drawl. He had been friends with Angela since they met at Madam Malkin's. But because of the obvious problem of being the son of a Death Eater, they kept it a secret from almost everybody. The only adults that knew were Remus, Sirius, Severus, and Narcissa. Yeah, turns out she was forced into the wedding and loathes Lucius with all of her being. "We all know how trouble follows her like a love sick puppy."

"What If they don't like me. I mean, look at me." Angela demanded, stepping away from McGonagall giving everybody in the room the perfect view of her. She stood on her flat feet four foot even. Her coppery auburn hair fell to her lower back while in a braid with no bangs. Her emerald eyes so similar to Lily's, yet the people that knew them both had to admit Angela's were much brighter, almost glowing with magic. Her facial structure was soft and round, much like a young child's. Adding to the fact that her stomach still had a slight pudginess to it despite it being lean from Quittitch and her year on the run. Angela looked like an eight year old. "How will they react to my mutation. I mean, I look ten years younger than I actually am!" She exclaimed, on the edge of hysteria.

"Oh, dear not again." McGonagall stepped forward and pulled the girl into another hug. They were soon joined by everybody else as they all tried to comfort the young emotional woman. "There is absolutely no reason that they shouldn't love you. And if they don't, well, then they are not your actual family."

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