This chapter will began at when Loki was in Stuttgart, Germany, right after he took that guy's eye out.

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24 years later

Angela's POV

Why is it always me?

That's all I could think as I ran out of the building with the rest of the crowd. No, not screaming and yelling like an idiot, but calmly and swiftly. Keeping pace with the crowd so that I'm not trampled. Once outside, I look around, taking in the scene.

I notice that most of the people in the crowd in the plaza are from the gala, dressed to enjoy the artwork, hear the speeches, not running. A few people in ordinary clothes, clearly dress for a casual night out, are mixed into the crowd. There was a government plane, Shield maybe?, heading in our direction from the west, but its still a few mile away.

Glancing down, I know I wasn't ready for this. I'm in a floor length deep green cocktail dress and matching three inch heels, not exactly fighting wear. So I slip off my shoe-just incase. Thank God, I decided to bring my purse. Yeah, some of you are probably like, "What the flying fuck is a purse going to do?" Well, it holds almost everything I own thanks to the Undetectable Expansion Charm I placed on it and returns to me after 30 seconds if I drop it or its taken from me, because of the Repossession Charm-which I invented and patented, Beat that Bitch!(AKA Hermione) Anyway, yeah, its a good thing I have my purse.

Looking around again, I decide to play innocent. Better to learn more about the enemy before running into something like an idiot-stupid hero complex.

Up at the entrance of the building the gala was in, I see the dude that attacked the speaker come out. The dude just strolling out like he owns the place. And before my eyes, his clothes began to change. His walking stick becomes a 6 foot gold staff, that's looks pretty intricate on the top with a glowing blue ball in the middle. On his head, over his shoulder length greasy looking black hair is this headdress with gold . . . horns? Kinda like those of a bull from those Tom and Jerry cartoons, weird. He had this green cloak and underneath it some futuristic gold, green and black armor that seems to be part metal and part . . . dragon skin. What the fuck is he wearing? He looks like some Auror from space.

A police car comes blaring around the corner, siren screaming, but when it gets about 20 yards from the man-he just flicks his staff and shots something blue at the car. It doesn't explode but it does flip forward onto the hood and slide forward until it stops. Lets just say the crowd doesn't react well to this and looks for a way to leave, while he continues to walk forward.

Glancing around I notice another of the man, like a clone-like someone took the Polyjuice Potion with his hairs-exactly like him. And then he spoke, his voice loud enough, but I couldn't hear what he said over the panicking people. Suddenly, there were four of this man, all of them lift their staffs and he speaks again while the staffs glow electric blue.

"I said KNEEL!"

Before he yells the last word all of them slam their staffs down on the ground. Needless to say everybody in the crowd kneels before him-except me.

No, I am not standing up to be defiant, not yet. I'm trying to get a good view of the man and considering I'm just 4'3"-yeah, I've only grown three inches in 20 some years-and around a bunch of tall people, it doesn't look like I'm being brave or anything. Thankfully, nobody is paying attention to me, and I slip my wand out of my purse and my shoes in. I turn back to the original man, whom is walking forward yet again-kinda like he has something important to say.

"Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble of power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel." Wow, typical evil dude speech-blah blah you weak blah me better blah blah etc.

Hmmm. I still don't know his name-I dub thy E.D.-for Evil Dude. Yeah its not really creative but he'll probably say his name, or what he wants to be called, soon.

Abruptly this older man stands up-like an awesome grandfather old man and you can tell he's seen stuff, my level stuff. "Not to men like you." Wow, Gramps be careful.

E.D smirks at him-kinda looks like if Dumbles and Severus had a kid, ya know 'All-knowing' and sneering-and says, "There are no man like me." Dude, yeah there are lets see; Tommy-boy, Dumbledork, FudgeFucker, need I go on.

"There are always men like you." Woohoo! Score one for Gramps with the awesome German accent.

While everybody was distracted by the two men, I wave my wand and change my clothes to something more fitting for a fight. Now i'm wearing black Kevlar jegging like pants with black combat boots, matching black Kevlar shirt with three-quarter sleeves and knuckle gloves. On my right thigh I have my own gun strapped to it, and on my left are a few of my knives. My purse is now a small dark gray backpack, which blends into my clothes and is easily defended. My hair is in a complex braid that will keep it out of my face and out of the way. Thank God, the Revamp spell is quick, so nobody around me notices the changes and I can get back to the conversation.

E.D. is raising and aims his staff, which is glowing brighter, and says, "Look to your elder people, let him be an example."

Before he does anything, and without thinking, I wave my wand, yelling, "Confringo!" My spell hits his staff, but doesn't seem to do much damage. All it did was turn his attention to me.

Steve's POV

I see Loki aim his staff at this old man, but before I can do anything, I hear a young girl's voice yell, "Confringo!" Some sort of light hits his staff, its not damaged, but Loki turns towards the culprit.

It appears to be a young girl, with some stick in her hand.

Who is she? What did she do? What does she think she's doing?

All I do know is she's on our side and can probably be trusted.

Angela's POV

I step into his line of sight and feel all eyes on me. Oh great, just what I wanted.

"Didn't your parents ever tell you to respect your elders, for they know the past which will effect the future." I look him in the eye as I say this, they were blue, electric blue like his staff-hmm, whats up with that. Though my main focus it him, I see some of the people around us trying to get a view of me.

I ignore them and break the stare down to make sure Gramps is alright. Catching his eye, I smile at him, and he sends back his own in thanks. Right, Gramps is good, back to the threat.

Turning back, I see E.D. looking at me with an appraising eye. Like he knows what I am, or he thinks he does. Then he gaze changes to over my head, he sneers, and I hear a voice behind me.

"You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing." Swiveling on my heels, I see this man-no THE man-in red, white and blue and his iconic shield walking up behind me. And all I can think is-Wow, its The Fucking Captain America. He gives me a tiny nod and I understand-he knows were on the same team, but he just doesn't know how to react about the way I look-understandable, I mean I looks about eleven. I give him another tiny nod in response, telling him I understand, and turn back to E.D.

"Ah, the soldier. The man out of time." Well da dude, of course he's the man out of time-he was frozen in ICE for seventy some years!

"I'm not the one who's out of time," Cap says, and the plane that had been heading in out direction is now over head. And guess what, I was right, it's Shield. It hovers above and this huge-ass gun comes out of the bottom, and a woman's voice comes out of a speaker, echoing around the plaza, "Loki, drop the weapon and stand down."

E.D.-now Loki-shots the same blue . . . thing at the plane as he did the police car, but the pilot dodges the shot.

Captain America and I share another look, and I nod. He'll take Loki and I'll get all of the innocents out of the plaza. I don't pay much attention to their fight while I help get the people to safety, but I do feel when one of Loki's deflected shot hit me in the stomach and pushes me to the ground. "Fuck!" I yell, as I check it quickly. It's bleeding a bit, and stings a lot, but it's not as bad as other injuries I've had and it doesn't seem life threatening, I just stand up and continue herding the people away.

Once everybody is a good distance away, I turn to see Cap on the ground, when I hear a song blasting out of the Shield plane's-which I now realize is a Quinjet-AP system. I recognize it to be some song by an American Rock Band while I look up to see Ironman fly down towards to plaza and shot Loki in the chest before landing. Standing up, the man's in armor begins to open up and reveal several different weapon including the repulsers on his hands-all aimed at Loki, who landed on his back and is now sitting on some step holding his stomach, staff out of reach.

While Captain and I join him, a voice comes out of the suit, slightly distorted by static, "Make your move Reindeer Games." I would have laughed if this wasn't so serious and my stomach hurt.

Loki holds up his hands slowly, and glows gold as his clothes change into a less threatening version of what he had just been wearing.

Ironman's weapons go back into his suit as he says, "Good move."

Captain America gives him a tiny nod and says, "Mr. Stark."

Ironman doesn't even look at him as he says, "Captain."

Both look at me, and receive a small smirk, which turns into a yelp as the pain of the burn picks up tenfold.

I stumble back a few step, before landing on my behind. My vision turns fuzzy, but I am able to see Captain turn towards me and step forward as Ironman gets a firm grip on Loki.

The last thing I see before things go black, is Cap staring down at me, frowning with concern.

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