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KaggyAlucardSesh: Its the magic of the staff. The shots are designed to cause pain but its also mixing with her magic which are fighting-causing it to hurt worse than it would otherwise.


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This chapter will be only Steve's POV, starting right before Angela collapses.

Steve's POV

The red and gold suit of armor's weapons disappear back into the suit and the masculine voice says, "Good move."

I give him the slightest of nods in thanks, "Mr. Stark."

The man doesn't even have the decency to look at me, but does say, "Captain." Well, at least he acknowledged me.

Simultaneously, we turn to look at the young girl beside us. She has copper auburn hair thats in a complicated looking braid keeping the hair out of her face. Her eyes are an emerald green that seems to glow, but unlike Loki's, not with electricity. Her clothes seem to be made out of the same material as my suit and are a bit dusty, like she fell. She has rather tight looking black pants (please note his blush as she sees this) tucked into tiny black combat boots. The girl for some reason had a gun strapped to one leg and several knives to another-who the heck would allow children weapons? She also wore gloves that covered up to her knuckles and her black shirt only went to mid forearm.

The girl looked up at us and sent a small smirk, then she yelped. The mischief in her eyes turned into pain and she clutches her stomach.

Its only now that I realize she's hurt. It seems that while I was fighting Loki, one of his shots I deflected hit her-its my fault she got hurt. I can only watch while she stumbles backwards and falls to her back.

I turn to see her glazed over eyes blink several times. While behind me, I hear Stark's suit scrap against the other pieces as he walks towards Loki-probably to secure him.

I step closer to the fallen girl and lean over her. Its only when I consider the possibility of her passing out, that she does. And when she does, I get a better view at the wound, and I cannot help but wonder how she hadn't brought attention to it sooner. It wasn't bleeding-much-but the wound is about the size of my hand. The edges are burnt black and as was much of the inside-kind of looks like the heat burned the veins shut. Where it is not black it is either gray and chard like ash or bright, burning red where you see the muscle and flash. Just outside of the black edges, her skin is bubbling. It reminds me of the burn wounds I saw soldiers get after being hit by flying shrapnel from a bomb-to see a wound like that on such a small child makes me sick to my stomach.

Not even thinking, I pick up the child bridal style and start carrying her to the Quinjet. I guess Stark saw the wound as well, because he did not complain, but followed quickly with Loki. Ms. Romanov stood at the back hatch of the jet, and stared at the girl in my arms, before giving me a look, clearly wanting answers.

"She got hit by one of the shots I deflected, and passed out after Loki surrendered. I could not just leave her there," I finished as I laid the mystery girl down on the seats across from where Stark placed "god". I walk over to the cabinet I was earlier told held a first-aid kit, and grab it.

Natasha gave me one more look before turn to the pilot seat to start the jet. "I would have had her come along anyways. Conscious, hurt, or otherwise."

"Why?" Stark asked as he took off his face plate, revealing a man very similar to my long dead friend.

"Because she's Shield, and she could definitely help with our situation."

I turn and look at the unconscious girl appraisingly. She does look well built, fit-and that would explain the weapons she's carrying. Walking back over to her, I say, "A little young to be an agent, don't you think."

Natasha suddenly turns to glares at me before her face becomes emotionless, and says, "You have no idea."

Glancing at Stark, I see him trying not to laugh. Sending him a questioning look, he just shakes head and looks at Natasha. "Not that I don't love seeing another guy digging his own grave, I must ask what makes her good enough to run with the big dogs."

"I am not at the liberty to discuss this with you at this time, but I can tell you she's Shadow, one of Shields top agents." She doesn't even look at us as she says this, but keeps her eyes glued to the skies, raking thru the clouds.

I open up the first-aid kit, and take out a pad large enough to cover the wound and some tap. Setting the pad on the burn, I wrap the tap around her small stomach, making sure the pad would not fall off. After cutting the tap, I stand up and look at my work. It may be crude, but its all I can do, and since Natasha and Stark have not done anything, that is all we can do until we get back to the Helicarrier.

Stark and I turn from the now identified girl, to Loki-who seemed to be staring at the ground in front of Shadow.

Some hours later

After a long ride, and an interesting side trip, we arrive back at the Hellicarrier. As the Quinjet lands and the back hatch opens eight armed Shield agents climb onto the ship and take Loki into their custody. I watch Thor as he looks to follow, but hesitates and waits.

I pick up Shadow and go to leave, but am stopped when two medics run onto the jet with a stretcher. Knowing I cannot do anything to help, I set the young girl on the stretcher, and watch as they run off with her.

"Thor, Rogers, follow me."

Turning, I see Thor following Natasha, who spoke, and do as instructed. While leaving, I see Stark go thru another door-probably to take off the suit, I think to myself.

Several minutes later, we arrive at the brig, and walk over to a large table. I see Banner and Agent Hill standing nearby.

After introducing Thor to the two others at the table, Natasha and I take a seat, while Thor remains standing. Agent Hill taps the table, and suddenly several screens appear in the table. I blink a few times from intentional shock, but after everything that happened earlier today, this is nothing.

Looking closer at the screens in front of me, I see Loki standing in the middle of a glass cell? in one, and Director Fury walking in a door and over to some mechanism.

"In case it's unclear, you try to escape, you so much as scratch that glass." He pauses as he presses a button, and we can hear the wind and see a large hole appear under Loki's cell. "Thirty thousand feet, straight down in a steel trap. You get how that works? Ant." Fury point at Loki, then presses the button again, making the whole closes up. "Boot."

Loki laughs and admires the cell while taking a few steps back. "It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me."

"Built for something a lot stronger than you."

"Oh, I've heard." Loki turns, looks to the camera and it feels as if he can see us thru the camera. Natasha and I look up and see Banner mildly uncomfortable, but that is all I can see. "The mindless beast, makes play to be the man."

Turning from the camera, Loki looks back at Director Fury, "How desperate are you? You call on these lost creatures to defend you."

"How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war. You steal a force you can't hope to control. You talk about peace and you kill cause it's fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did." While he spoke, The Director walks forward, closer to the glass cell.

"Ooh. It burns you to come so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power." After stepping back a few feet while talking he turns back to look at the camera once more. "And for what? A warm light for all mankind to share," Loki glances back towards Fury and continues " . . and then to be reminded what real power is."

After giving Loki a hard look, Fury smirks before beginning to walk away, "Yeah, well, you let me know if Real Power wants a magazine or something." and the screens turn off.

"He really grows on you, doesn't he?" says Banner after a few seconds on silence.

Let's figure out what he doing, I think. "Loki's gonna drag this out. So, Thor, what's his play?"

"He has an army called the Chitauri, that none of Asgard nor any world know. He means to lead them against your people. They will win him the earth. Return, I suspect, for the Tesseract." As he spoke, he had walked closer to the table.

"An army, from outer space," I say exasperated.

Banner takes off his glasses and plays with them in his hands while speaking. "So he's building another portal. That's what he needs Erik Selvig for."

"Selvig" Thor asks, sounding concerned.

"He's an astrophysicist," Banner informs him.

"He's a friend."

Natasha turns to Thor, "Loki has him under some kind of spell, along with one of ours." She looks away, clearly concerned for her comrade.

"I wanna know why Loki let us take him. He's not leading an army from here."

I turn towards Banner as he speaks. "I don't think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy's brain is a bag full of cats, you could smell crazy on him." I see his point, or at least some of it.

"Have care how you speak. Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard, and he's my brother."

Natasha looks at him sternly, "He killed eighty people in two days."

"He's adopted," is Thor's only reply, unsure what else to say.

Possibly just to change the subject, Banner speaks. "I think its about the mechanics. Iridium, what did they need the Iridium for?"

"It's a stabilizing agent." Stark, when did he get here. I see him walk farther into the room, while Agent Coulson goes to stand by the wall. "Means the portal won't collapse on itself, like it did at SHIELD." As he walks passed Thor he pats his arm and says, "No hard feelings Point Break, you've got a mean swing." Once at the monitors, he's, thankfully, back to business. "Also, it means the portal can open as wide, and stay open as long, as Loki wants." After saying some gibberish to the crew, Stark suddenly points to a man on a computer an says, "That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn't notice, but we did." Looking at the monitors in front of him, he puts his hand over his left eye. "How does Fury see these?"

"He turns," answers Agent Hill, clearly unimpressed.

"Sounds exhausting," Stark snarked back.

Turning to a monitor, Stark starts to touch and tap at it, bringing up different things, then getting rid of them-all the while he speaks. "The rest of the raw materials, Agent Barton can get his hands on pretty easily. The only major component he still needs is a power source of high energy density. Something to kick start the Cube," he finishes as he does some snap/clap thing spinning to see us.

"When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?" Agent Hill questions.

"Last night." Stark continues after seeing Hill's curious glance. "The packet, Selvig's notes, the extraction theory papers. Am I the only one who did the reading?"

"Does Loki need any particular kind of power source?" I question, try to get this conversation to go somewhere.

"He would have to heat the Cube to 130-million Kelvin to break through the coulomb barrier," Banner explains, still playing with his glasses.

"Unless Selvig figured out how to stabilize the quantum tunneling affect."

"Well, if he could do that, he could achieve heavy ion fusion at any reactor on the planet."

"Finally, someone who speaks English," declares Stark, pointing his arm at Banner.

"Overloaded on information I brought upon myself, I question the circumstances, "Is that what just happened?"

"It's good to meet you, Dr. Banner. Your work on anti-electron collision is unparalleled. And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into a giant green ragemonster."

Banner looks a bit uncomfortable, but replies, "Thanks."

Without warning, Fury enters the room and corrects Stark's mistake, saying, "Dr. Banner is only here to track the Cube. I was hoping you might join him."

"I would start with that stick of his. It may be magical, but it works an awful lot like a HYDRA weapon." Knowing this was the only thing we can do right now, other than keep Loki contained-I put my input in.

"I don't know about that, but it is powered by the Cube. And I would like to know how Loki used it to turn two of the sharpest men I know into his personal flying monkey." Abruptly, Fury glances at the ceiling. "And would you get down here, and meet your team."

Confused, we all look up and watch as a grate from one of the vents moves out of the way and see a small, clearly feminine, figure fall out of the hole.

I go to help her, but can only watch as she flips several times during her thirty foot fall, before she lands calmly on the floor in front of Fury with her back to us.

"Dictator Fury, why must you ruin my fun?" the clearly young girl sighs, before she turns around to face us. Revealing herself to be . . . Shadow?, completely . . . fine?

"Oh, and Dr. Banner, Selvig would have to heat the Cube to 120-million Kelvin. 130-million would cause an overload, resulting in an explosion that would make the Little Boy in Hiroshima seem minute, and almost pleasant. Though, you were quite close, and you cannot take all of the blame, Stark didn't correct you. But I don't blame him either-I mean, he did say he just learn this all last night. Oh, and I'm Umbra Mortis, you may call me Shadow."


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