The way the lights flickered across the roof in the morning could only be appreciated by two types of people in the world. The homeless and the early-risers.

He was the latter.

He watched the sun rise, his eyes half-closed, letting his turquoise irises wander over the world around him. His blue-hair was in a natural disarray and falling just over his brows. He rested his chin on his hands and his hands on his knees while he sat on the roof of his and his partner's condo. A light breeze forced him to blink.

His eyes flashed down in the direction of the window he'd climbed out of. His ears twitched at a sound only a highly trained assassin could hear. He let out a sigh. His time up here was limited.

Then a light smile graced his face. His time below was here. He stood up, taking a deep breath of the morning air and grinned.

"Today's gonna be good."

"Black Star?" He crawled over the side of the roof and swung in through his window, landing on his mat. He got up and walked over to the door just as his weapon began to open it. She stuck her head in and smiled. "Hi. Good morning Black Star, I'll have breakfast ready in five minutes."

He grinned and raised his thumbs. "Awesome! I'll be out in ten!"

"Um... We don't have that long, Black Star." She said pulling her eyebrows together.

"Well duh, I meant seconds!" He rushed over to his closet and began pulling off his tee rapidly.

She giggled and pulled away from the door, closing it silently. She walked over to their kitchen area shaking her head slightly. "That boy..."

She pulled the tea from the stove and poured herself a cup, then setting it back on the burner and lowering the temperature to keep it warm. She pulled a strand of hair from her face and cracked two eggs she'd pulled out from the fridge. When she finished cooking the eggs, she pulled them to sit on a slice of toast and set the plate on their table, only grabbing a container of fruit from the fridge for herself. She didn't particularly enjoy eggs, but she enjoyed the grin on her friend's face when he ate them.

"Hey Tsubaki, I forgot to ask. How'd you sleep?" Black Star asked as he strolled into the kitchen.

She smiled at him. "I slept well, thank you. How did you sleep Black Star?"

"Eh, not too good, but only cause someone as big as me has a lot of energy. It's no problem." Black Star said, shrugging and leaving a large grin on his face as he sat down to eat. "You're eggs are awesome, Tsu. I bet if you didn't have me as your partner, you'd be a chef or somethin'."

She smiled with pride at his compliment and the unusual nickname. "Thank you, Black Star. That's sweet."

He finished up his food quickly and leaned back, letting his arms stretch contentedly. He stood up and smiled at his partner who'd just finished her own food. "Kay, let's go Tsubaki. It's time for your god to bless others with his presence!"

She stifled a giggle and picked up his plate, placing it in the sink to clean up later. "Okay Black Star, let's go."

They left their home, walking side-by-side as they made their way to their way to their academy. Subtly, Black Star let his right hand touch her left one. Her eyes widened and she looked over at him from the corner of her eye, a light blush gracing her face. He let his gaze stay straight, but she noticed him biting his lower lip. She let her gaze wander in front of her and reached her let hand over to touch his right. They didn't hold hands, but it was nice enough.

They walked side-by-side, letting their hands touch discreetly, and smiling to themselves.

It was nice enough.